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Analysis of manufacturing of component by elastoforming technology
Lorenc, Tomáš ; Řiháček, Jan (referee) ; Peterková, Eva (advisor)
In this thesis, processed within the master's degree is the analysis and proposals for modification of production stagnation ribs aircraft L-410. The part is made of aluminum alloy D16. More specifically, it is a 0.8 mm thickness sheet, which after the milling of the blank molded in the basic non-rigid tool by Guerin. After analyzing the entire manufacturing process and the determination of the critical points due to a series of tests carried out were evaluated possible variants production innovation. Proposed changes and their optimization can reduce the labor intensity deleting some time being necessary preparatory and finishing operations manual. It also increases the repeatability and streamline current production panels.
Reflection in period newspapers of Czech directors of the sixties in the time of their return after the enforced work break
Jílková, Alžběta ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Novotný, David Jan (referee)
The thesis finds out the manner and the range of reviewing comeback of directors and their new films after enforced work break during the Czechoslovak normalization. For the purpose of the research were chosen articles published in 4 daily newspapers, concerning Rudé právo, Mladá fronta, Lidová demokracie a Zemědělské noviny, and 3 special film periodicals Záběr, Kino and Film a doba. These periodicals were examined in period from 1974 to 1979, in the period of comeback of all chosen directors, starting with Věra Chytilová, Jiří Menzel, Hynek Bočan and ending with Juraj Jakubisko and František Vláčil. These daily newspapers occasionally publish the critics, by contrast the film periodicals review Czech and Slovak films very often wit reportages, critics, interview or short reporting. The evaluation of directors and their films depended on several aspects: first of all on the behavior of directors and attitude to socialistic state and politics, on the author of literature artwork (in case of novels for example), on characteristic of socialistic society presented by films and also on the author of certain critic. The best evaluation gets Menzel's film which was talking about socialistic workers and Vláčil's film, an adaptation of national socialistic writer Bohumil Říha's novel. The smallest review gets...
Loyal Guard in years 1946 to 1948, a weekly magazine of the Association of the Czechs from Volhynia
Buchtová, Martina ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Krejcar, Robert (referee)
This disertation called "Loyal Guard in years 1946 to 1948, a weekly magazine of the Association of the Czechs from Volhynia" describes the development of the interest magazine of the Czechs from Volhynia in its first three years. The paper shortly portrays the history of the Czech from Volhynia - departure from the czech country, their lives in Volhynian part of the Ukraine a postwar re-emigration to the Czechoslovakia. Main part of the disertation centers on establishing nonpolitical and nonparty organisation called the Association of the Czech from Volhynia and its official magazine as a reaction to the topical problems of the Czechs who returned after the World War Two. It focuses on the content of the magazine, the profile of its regular sections, the most important subjects it printed (re-emigration, settlement a adaptation) and major anniversaries of the Czech from Volhynia (the burn-out of Český Malín, the battle of Dukla). The paper emphasized its irreplaceable part as a source of important news in the lives of the Czechs From Volhynia. It follows the how Loyal Guard informed on the subject of the oncoming eletions in 1948 and the stand it took after the events in February 1948. It also tries to outline the topical changes that ocurred during the year of 1948. The disertation also shortly...
A journalist in regional dailies as a specific journalistic profession on the example of the Ústí region
Kalouš, Pavel ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Šoltys, Otakar (referee)
Diploma thesis "The journalist in regional newspapers as a specific journalistic profession in Ústí region" deals with the working and status differences of regional journalists, whose occupation is believed as a specific kind of journalism. This thesis is mainly concentrated on the area of getting information and working with them, it is also focused on problems and difficulties of regional journalism, the role of journalists, their relationship to the local area and as well their moral level. Last, but not least this thesis brings the sociological profile of regional journalists in Ústí region. On the basis of a research which consists of disinterested observation and a research via questioning in seven newsrooms of Vltava-Labe-Press company newspapers, it shows the picture of margin journalists who have to fight with bad reputation in a long term. One part o this thesis is also a historical divagation to the development of regional press in the Czech Republic in the area of Ústí region and the stormy property changes which happened in the 90's of 20th century as well.
One topic, two responses? Jews and Shoah in Czechoslovakian and Austrian cultural memory in the context of the Eichmann-trial
Heroldová, Karolína ; Konrád, Ota (advisor) ; Mikulová, Soňa (referee)
The thesis follows up the subject of Jews and Shoah in Czechoslovakia and Austria and their representation at the beginning of the 60s. By this time, the Eichmann-trial took place in Jerusalem. Finding out, how and how much did the trial influence the presentation of Jews and Jewish victims in cultural memories or rather policy of past of both societies in comparison is aim of the thesis. On this basis, it is possible to reveal both differences and similarities between the two societies. Even if they seem to be completely different because of being sepparated by the Iron Curtain. The thesis devides into two parts. First part deals with the situation in post-war Czechoslovakia and Austria till the beginning of the 60s. It shows, how were the societies "set" when the Eichmann-trial came - what were the "prejudices", what was the policy of past dealing with. Second part includes the analysis of press-articles taken from different Austrian and Czechoslovakian newspaper and magazines (daily, weekly and monthly). From general to concrete is the way of the analysis which enables to show as the wider frame of the reaction as answers to the concrete questions. Outcomes are evaluated as continuously, as in the final conclusion.
Free(lance) journalist Franta Kocourek
Jiřička, Jan ; Končelík, Jakub (advisor) ; Suk, Pavel (referee)
This diploma thesis "Freelance journalist Franta Kocourek" deals with the life and career of Franta Kocourek, the important Czechoslovak journalist in the 20. century. Diploma focuses especially on his working in the press media - prestigious periodicals of the First Czechoslovak Republic weekly magazine Přítomnost and daily newspaper Lidové noviny, not too much successful weekly magazine Groš, leaded by himself, and daily newspaper Slovenský hlas. Kocourek especially had concentrated on reportages, but he was also very universial in styles and issues. He had been writing profound reportages about growing influence of nacism besides surveys about people living at the edge of society, expert studies about the cinemotagraphy or essayes. This diploma describes Kocourek as a omnifarious personality, who had been occupying by literature, movies or public lectures except his working in media. There is also mentioned his working in the radio, where he had been improving among the best reporters at the turn of the 1930s and the 1940s, who had been going along with the Czechoslovak people during last period of the First Czechoslovak Republic, short time of the Second Czechoslovak Republic and the nazi ocupation. Diploma puts near Kocourek not only as a top, well-educated and much-travelled journalist, but...
Yugoslavia at the crossroads. Reflection of the Yugoslav press in the beginning of 1990
Moskovič, Boris ; Pelikán, Jan (advisor) ; Vojtěchovský, Ondřej (referee)
Thesis analyzes activity of two daily newspapers of Yugoslavia, namely zagrebian Vjesnik and belgradian Politika at the beggining of the year 1990 before SFRY desintegrated. It outlines stance that these periodics adpoted on three selected events and problems prevailing in January 1990 on yugoslavian political and social scene. Among them are economical reforms started by federation prime minister Ante Marković, the rise of croatian and serbian nationalism during assembly of HDZ and SNO parties and dissolution of the Communist League of Yugoslavia at its 14th Congress. All these events are put into context of domestic politics development of Yugoslavian Federation. Keywords: press, reflection, Yugoslavia, Communist Party, economic reform
Intertextuality in the Genre of Newspaper Commentary
Matějková, Michaela ; Schneiderová, Soňa (advisor) ; Chejnová, Pavla (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals with Intertextuality in the genre of newspaper commentary. The theoretical part describes the concept of Intertextuality in various Czech language guides and its interpretation. Further I clarify the genre of analytical style of journalism - the commentary - its basic features and distinctive position in journalistic style. Material for the practical part I excerpted from the daily press in its electronic form, in the period from August 2012 to March 2014. Specifically, I focused on the daily Mladá fronta Dnes and Lidové noviny. An analysis of the material revealed that the authors of very frequent use of intertextuality apply their general knowledge, give this genre a strong distinctive character, expressing a subjective evaluation and gaining the attention of the recipient. Intertextual links in comments across all topics usually appear already in the headline of comments. The most common forms are allusions, quotations or paraphrases. Serves as a source pretext original literary, film, music, as well as sayings and proverbs or biblical references.

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