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Training of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in hospital - preparation of the simulation scenarios
Presented thesis deals with the topic of training of cardiopulmonary resuscitation at hospital and preparation of the simulation scenarios. It contains theoretical and empirical part. The objective of the thesis was to find out about the process of the training for nurses at hospital. To analyze their readiness for providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation based on training they absolve. And then to map missing elements within cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. Three research questions were focused on these objectives. In which way current training of cardiopulmonary resuscitation at hospital takes place? To what extent are nurses ready to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation to a patient at their workplace? Which shortcoming contain trainings of cardiopulmonary resuscitation at hospital to this point? For gathering the necessary information, qualitative research was chosen. The technique of semi-structured interviews and observation was chosen. The research sample was made up of 11 probands, meaning nurses working at chirurgical and intern standard department and chirurgical and internal intensive care unit at the same hospital. The condition of the same workplace was chosen so all nurses will have absolved the same trainings. The results of the research shown that training does not involve simulation training, but nurses would welcome this option. Training takes place at prepared mannequins, not within a simulation scenario and authentic situation at a department. Also, mostly on the basis of absolved trainings they feel prepared to provide CPR at their department but mostly because they know that they are not alone at the department. Among the most common shortcomings of the training they rank aids to CPR - real mannequins, real situation but also training room. The thesis will be beneficial to development of CPR training for nurses but also for students getting ready for the profession of general nurse. And that mostly because of simulation scenarios creation which are output of the thesis and is based on research in which we tried to find out opinions and needs of nurses connected with training.
Preparation of radiopharmaceuticals at the department of nuclear medicine
The bachelor thesis deals with the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for the department of nuclear medicine. The theoretical part describes the basic terminology related to radiopharmaceuticals, their production, acquisition, methods of preparation or dosage forms in which they are applied. Part of the work is also devoted to no less important effects of ionizing radiation and protection against it, which is related to the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. The theoretical part is processed from professional publications, articles and websites in the form of literary review. The aim of this thesis was to describe the preparation of most used individual radiopharmaceuticals for certain examinations at the Department of Nuclear Medicine of the Hospital of České Budějovice, a.s. This aim was fulfilled in the practical part, where were described the individual radiopharmaceuticals, the detailed procedure of their preparation and the principles of their storage. The practical part also includes requirements for workplace equipment, cleanliness of the operational environment (clean room construction, cleanliness classes, air conditioning, requirements for workers and their work, which is based on aseptic work procedures and the principles of radiation protection. The work contributes to the knowledge of the operation and equipment of the workplace and the requirements placed on it, as well as to the understanding of the preparation of individual radiopharmaceuticals at the department of preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. The work is conceived as an educational text especially for students and staff of the field of radiology assistant. I also focused on outlining the operation and layout of the OPR, the requirements for work in this department, which is based on aseptic work and protection against ionizing radiation. Both research questions were fullfiled by this. This work can be, in my opinion, used as an educational text especially for students and staff of the field of radiology assistant.
Preparatory exercises for sports gymnastics usable in teaching physical education at primary schools
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to create a reservoir of preparatory exercises for gymnastics, which could be used in teaching physical education in primary schools. The partial goals are to process theoretical knowledge from the areas of sports training, gymnastics, physical exercises, and physical education. Furthermore, the use of modern means for awareness of body position, speed, pace, development of strength, reflections, jumps and flexibility, proper orientation in space, timing of movement and kinesthetic awareness. These exercises require only a minimum of tools and space. The synthetic part contains a set of selected preparatory exercises verified at primary school. Unfortunately, due to covid-19, the practical verification could not be carried out in practice and was replaced only by a questionnaire. A class (mixed group of seventh grade students) was selected for monitoring and evaluation.
The preparation of children from foster homes for a self-reliant life
The author in her bachelor's thesis will map whether and how children from children's homes are being prepared for their own lives. In the theoretical section, basic theoretical knowledge about the importance of the family for socializing and the proper development of the child and confronted with a situation where the family resigns from childcare and the state assumes this role, will be processed. Legislation on surrogacy will be also described here. The practical part of the work will be a case study of the children's home, the aim will be to deeply examine and show how children are prepared for independent life and eventually compare whether these practices are differed from the past. The methods of inquiry and data analysis are used for data collection. The facultative sample will consist both children and employees of a specific children´s home.
Návrh přípravku k testování utužení půdy na univerzálním zkušebním stroji
The aim of the work was to produce a functional fixture for soil compaction testing on a universal testing machine. Above all, the question was whether the testing fixture could withstand the forces acting on the soil on a testing machine.In the theoretical part of the thesis is generally described soil compaction and how to prevent it. Further, there are described other instruments by which we can determine the soil firmness, from a simple spade test to more complex electronic instruments. This section also describes the universal testing machine.The practical part describes the production of the soil compaction test and the production costs are recorded in the table. The device is shown in the drawings for a better idea. The course of the experiment, individual measurements and repetitions are described. The results for better clarity are shown in the graphs.
Crossfit as a fitness training for ice hockey players
Jobek, Ondřej ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Chvostek, Lukáš (referee)
TITLE Crossfit as a fitness training for ice hockey players AUTHOR Ondřej Jobek DEPARTMENT Department of physical education SUPERVISOR PaedDr. Ladislav Pokorný ABSTRACT This work deals with a relatively new sport, which is called crossfit. Specifically, how to combine crossfit with fitness training in ice hockey. The first part of this work contains an overview of the necessary theoretical background. From the basic information concerning the fitness training of ice hockey players to the introduction of the current fitness phenomenon, which is called crossfit. The second part is a separate research. The research includes testing players according to Czech hockey fitness tests at the beginning of the training period without the use of crossfit exercises and at the end of the period, after the use of specific exercises. The results I obtained are then compared with the results from 2019. The result of this work was to determine whether it is appropriate to include crossfit in the pre-season training of ice hockey players. KEYWORDS Ice-hockey, crossfit, fitness training, motor skills, training unit, preparation period
Fabrication of plasmonic array of gold nanostructures for biomolecule detection
Tesák, Filip ; Fohlerová, Zdenka (referee) ; Lednický, Tomáš (advisor)
This work deals with the preparation of gold nanostructures for future usage in biomolecule detection. In this case, gold nanostructures specifically stand for gold nanowires, which are formed on the basis of electrical deposition of gold into porous templates. These templates can be prepared by anodic oxidation of aluminum, with particular emphasis on its purity.
Education of foster parents
Pobudová, Klára ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Kučerová, Olga (referee)
This thesis deals with foster care and fosters parent education. The main aim of the thesis is to evaluate whether foster carers are satisfied with the topics offered and the length of the mandatory continuing education. A sub-objective of the thesis is to describe the biggest problems of children in foster care related to school and school preparation and to highlight these problems by creating a case study. The theoretical part is divided into four chapters and is based on a study of the literature. The first chapter deals with the general topic of foster care and the application for foster care. The second chapter focuses more on the foster carer himself and his preparation. The third chapter focuses on the foster carers' training and the accompanying organizations. The fourth chapter deals with the characteristics of children in foster care and their school and educational problems. The practical section focuses on the research itself. In the empirical part, a research investigation was conducted with a combination of qualitative and quantitative elements. The data collection was carried out in the form of self-observation, questionnaire survey, and semi- structured interview. During the data analysis, it was found that foster carers with several years of experience would welcome it if the...

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