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Fabrication of plasmonic array of gold nanostructures for biomolecule detection
Tesák, Filip ; Fohlerová, Zdenka (referee) ; Lednický, Tomáš (advisor)
This work deals with the preparation of gold nanostructures for future usage in biomolecule detection. In this case, gold nanostructures specifically stand for gold nanowires, which are formed on the basis of electrical deposition of gold into porous templates. These templates can be prepared by anodic oxidation of aluminum, with particular emphasis on its purity.
Education of foster parents
Pobudová, Klára ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Kučerová, Olga (referee)
This thesis deals with foster care and fosters parent education. The main aim of the thesis is to evaluate whether foster carers are satisfied with the topics offered and the length of the mandatory continuing education. A sub-objective of the thesis is to describe the biggest problems of children in foster care related to school and school preparation and to highlight these problems by creating a case study. The theoretical part is divided into four chapters and is based on a study of the literature. The first chapter deals with the general topic of foster care and the application for foster care. The second chapter focuses more on the foster carer himself and his preparation. The third chapter focuses on the foster carers' training and the accompanying organizations. The fourth chapter deals with the characteristics of children in foster care and their school and educational problems. The practical section focuses on the research itself. In the empirical part, a research investigation was conducted with a combination of qualitative and quantitative elements. The data collection was carried out in the form of self-observation, questionnaire survey, and semi- structured interview. During the data analysis, it was found that foster carers with several years of experience would welcome it if the...
Preparation and Characterization of Biochar - the Effect of Pyrolysis Conditions and the Source of Used Biomass
Novotný, Maximilián ; Pořízka, Jaromír (referee) ; Kalina, Michal (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on preparation of biochar samples, which were characterized to reveal influence of preparation conditions on biochar properties physical-chemical properties. Preparation conditions covered temperature range of 400 °C to 700 °C and 2 different residence times were used. Biochars from each source biomass has its own characteristics, however the similiarities between biochars from different sources were found. Biochar yields were specified and the minimum yield was at least 24 %. Analysis on content revealed, that oat brans, mixed wood and corn residue contain a lot of organic matter, relatively, and also contains a lot of organic carbon. Results of structural analysis confirmed individual structural properties, porosity and content of function groups in particular. Influence of higher pyrolysis temperature results in slightly lower yields, however it provides products with higher content of organic carbon and higher surface area, in majority of cases. Subsequently, it was found out that short residence time of 10 minutes does not have to be enough for all used biomasses. On the basis of gained data, the preparation or production can be optimalized in effort to make usage of residue biomass more effective in different application, not only in agronomy sector.
Bodybuilding preparation for the competition - comparation category of competition and difference between theier preparation
Jirkovský, David ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
In the following theses, I would like to focus on bodybuilding preseason with competitive ambitions, describe the preparation in detail, explain the sequence, main attributes, synchronization, correct posing and common mistakes. In addition, I aim to compare variances of individual categories and particular competitions from amateur to professional level under the rules of IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness). My thesis might clash with rules and categories of other organizations such as NABBA (National Amateur Body-Builder's Association), INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) and others, therefore IFBB was purposefully mentioned. I searched thru publications, discussed the given topic with Czech bodybuilding and fitness stars, and utilized my personal experience which I collected as competitive bodybuilder and trainer in variation of bodybuilding categories. I wished to introduce the sport that has become my lifestyle to the wider audience.
Zoological preparation techniques in school practice
Odcházelová, Tereza ; Mourek, Jan (advisor) ; Šíma, Petr (referee)
This thesis consists of description of chosen methods of permanent macroscopic zoological preparations. I verified successfully all the methods in practice and in case of methodological difficulties I optimized them for use in the school environment. In this work I answered the questions that could come up throughout the preparation process, for example: how to preserve the animal correctly; where to acquire the animal legally; what is the best way to maintain the animal's natural colour; what materials to use for the preparation and so on. According to current approaches I created not only a text based version of the manual of all verified preparation methods, but also an online version in form of a web site. To clarify the methods I included video sequences, photographs and schemes. With this e- learning course a teacher will be able to extend the school collection with his own preparations and also will be able to recognize what significant characteristics to point out. As a part of my work I have done a questionnaire focused on using various types of equipment in biology lectures. I have asked primary school teachers and high school teachers from all regions in the Czech Republic. This questionnaire was sent online and 322 out of 1636 people responded. The answers tell us that teachers...
Problem of Preparation for Baptism
Matějovská, Alžběta ; Filipi, Pavel (advisor) ; Landová, Tabita (referee)
This thesis is called "The Problems of the Preparation for a Baptism". It deals with the theme of the preparation for a baptism in current practical-theoretical circumstances. Its main purpose is to study the conceptions, the emphasis and the fundamental aspects of the preparation for a baptism of se-lected representatives of Cristian churches: the Latin Church, the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren, and on the field of German Protestant churches. The work advances in five steps. At first the work deals with the question of a baptism, pre-baptismal prepa-ration and the baptism of children in the New Testament. Then it describes selected catechetical processes throughout history up to their extinction. In the third part it reflexes the procedures of the particular reformation movements. The fourth part of the work deals with concrete selected churches and their approach to the preparation for a baptism that are at first conceived from a the-oretical point. Later it is based on concrete authors and their rendition of the preparations for a baptism. In the fifth part there is a conclusion of those par- ticular preparations, their basic aspects and their classification into several thematic areas. Powered by TCPDF (
Evaluation of tooth preparation using Er: YAG laser in comparison with other preparation methods
Bučková, Michaela ; Dostálová, Taťjana (advisor) ; Racek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Mazánek, Jiří (referee) ; Smrčka, Pavel (referee)
Er: YAG laser is a new method of preparation that promises gentler and more accurate dental treatment. Its specific characteristics is large absorption of the beam in the water and a small absorption in the tissue without the thermal effect. Therefore the treatment is safer and effectiver. The research has the aim in its theoretical - cognitive part to assess its advantages in comparison with treaditional treatment method - drill. As an essential element will be evaluation of caries lesion in vitro and in vivo. The size of the cavity will be judged on, the shape of developing a smear layer and retention surface in relation to the filling and the . The extracted teeth will be scanned in electronic microscope to assess the formation of contact and non-contact preparation, focusing on the shape and size of the prepared lesion in relation to modern filling materials - low viscosity composites. Extensive research supported by the Ministry of Health (IGA : 9991-4 and 13351-4) that focuses on the the use of various therapeutic methods in the treatment of special needs patients. Dental treatment of a special needs patients is expensive and time-consuming than conventional dental treatment. Therefore, clinical application of theoretical cognitive part will create a electronical support system for the...
Preparation and use of dogs in IZS units
Konvalinka, Martin ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: Preparation and usage of dogs in Integrated Rescue System (IRS) Objectives: The goal of bachelor thesis is describe dog training methods and compare these methods with methods used by dog handlers who used their dogs for professional or rescue purposes. Methods: In the thesis will be used structured interview with its evaluation. It will be questioned only dog handlers who represent each category of IRS Results: There will be description of dog training methods for professional or rescue purpose. Keywords: Safety, preparation, dog, ingredients, use

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