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The effect of experience and floral traits on preferences and flower constancy in Eristalis tenax
Haveldová, Alice ; Janovský, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Mikát, Michael (referee)
Intraspecific pollen transfer is crucial for ensuring successful pollination and subsequent reproduction of many plant species. Mechanisms directly influenced by plants, that can increase the proportion of intraspecific pollen through their flower form (individual floral traits) are preferences and constancy of pollinators. The proportion of intraspecific pollen transfer increases with higher preferences or constancy of the pollinator. Pollinator preferences and constancy tend to change over its lifetime based on experience with the flowers they have visited. Very few studies have examined the effect of experience on preferences and especially constancy in relation to multiple floral traits in hoverflies (Syrphidae, Diptera), which are an important pollinator group. In this study, I investigated the degree of preference and constancy of common drone fly Eristalis tenax L (Syrphidae) as a function of two floral traits, colour and size, and as a function of experience. I did so by monitoring visits and flights in arrays of artificial flowers. The hoverflies were of two origins: naïve (reared under laboratory conditions, with no previous experience of visiting flowers) and experienced (captured in the wild with previous experience). Naïve individuals made decisions primarily based on colour, with size...
Mathematical methods in some ranking models
Pažourek, Lubomír ; Kureš, Miroslav (referee) ; Čermák, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the mathematical essence of some ranking methods. Their unifying element is the so-called Perron-Frobenius theorem for non-negative and irreducible matrices, which formulates the conditions for the existence of a positive eigenvalue and a positive eigenvector of the given matrix. The goal of the thesis consists in providing an overview of the necessary theoretical results, explaining their application within some ranking methods and performing simulations during the evaluation of some competitions.
Perception of cultural and natural values and visitor's preferences in a northeastern part of PLA Třeboňsko: former deer park Jemčina and her importance for cycling tourism
The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of perception of cultural and natural values and visitors preferences in the northeastern part of the Třeboňsko PLA, the thesis is focused on a specific area of the former Jemčina domain. In addition to visitor preferences related to the perception of natural and cultural in the studied area, the importace the importace of the field for cycling tourism i salso addressed in the work. The aim of the Works to find out, using a questionnaire survey, which values in the given area the respondents prefer, whether the naturalor cultural values in the area of Jemčina are highlighted for the respondents, as well as the fact how the respondents perceive the quality of rous suitable for cycling in Jemčina. The research is focused only for respondents who have already visited Jemčina or were physically present in the studied area at the time of the research. The results of the questionnaire survey served to define specific proposals for improving not only the rous for cyclint in Jemčina, but also for incerasing the number of visitors and further development of the area.
Preference boxové řady v závislosti na aktuální mléčné užitkovosti dojnic holštýnského plemene
Trněná, Iva
The aim of this study was to clarify the preference of the pit row based on the current milk yield of cows of Holstein breed. Experiment took place in a particular breeding station in winter and summer. The factors included: current milk yield (kg milk), order of lactation (n) and stage of lactation (days). The object of observation was one section with 59 pits arranged in two rows. Row 1 - closer to the feeding table (n = 29), row 2 - situated closer to the perimeter wall of the stable (n = 30). Dairy cows located in pits were monitored for frequency of standing and lying down. Lying dairy cows, were then monitored for the preferences of lying on the left or right side (laterality). Entry was done during a direct monitoring of dairy cows to a precise diagram of the section by group photoshots. The results demonstrated statistically high probative value that all cows most filled the row located closest to the feeding table. Furthermore, it was found that cows with the yield of 30.1 - 40 kg of milk preferred the row that was closer to the perimeter wall of the stable (P <0.01). For cows with milk yield below 15 kg and over 45 kg of milk was then observed balanced preference of both rows. The order of lactation had statistically significant effect on the preference of the pit row when the row 1was preferred by a greater extent by the cows at first, second and third lactation. On the contrary cows in 5th lactation occupied this row the least. Dairy cows above the 90 days of lactation prefered statistically higher the row closest to the feeding table and the least a row located closer to the perimeter wall of the stable (P < 0,01). Next, in all studied factors (efficiency, order and stage of lactation) was detected a higher prioritization ratio to lay down on the right side (P < 0,01).
Preference of fermented dairy products in selected groups of consumers
The aim of the diploma thesis was to assess the influence of selected demographic factors on the preferences of fermented dairy products. For this purpose, a question-naire survey was created, which was attended by 278 respondents (128 men and 150 women). The questionnaire survey revealed that the most frequently consumed prod-ucts are semi-hard and natural cheeses and yoghurts, while the most popular yoghurt is classic white yoghurt with more than 3% fat. The group of older respondents pre-ferred semi-fat cheeses, while the fatness of the cheeses was not essential for the group of younger respondents. The most preferred dairy company was Madeta (50% of respondents). When choosing a product, consumers were most often influenced by price and flavour, while the price influenced more men, and the flavour influenced more women. The results of the diploma thesis can be beneficial for better infor-mation about the frequency of consumption and preference of fermented dairy prod-ucts among Czech consumers.
Concentrated dairy products and their application in food and feed industry
The aim of the thesis was to evaluate the use and preferences concentrated and dried milk products. A questionnaire survey focused on the use and preferences of food products was attended by 172 respondents (consumers) of various ages (men 21%; women 79%), a survey focused on feed products by 87 respondents (farmers). The first survey showed that sweetened concentrated dairy products prefer younger age groups, while middle and older age groups prefer milk powder and unsweetened concentrated dairy products. The second survey showed that farmers use mainly milk products containing dried whey, and consider their composition and safetyas main advantages of feeding. The results showed that concentrated dairy products are rela-tively widely used and consumers have a good overview of their offer.
An ideal teacher from the point of view of pupils
The bachelor thesis focuses on the view of the ideal teacher. It examines the key characteristics of the ideal teacher from the point of view of fifth and ninth grade primary school pupils and whether their perspective differs. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts, the theoretical and practical part - research. The theoretical part contains the definition of the teaching profession, the requirements for teachers and their professional competences. The information on the relevant development periods of the surveyed respondents, are provided further. The practical part focuses on research and hierarchy of the key characteristics of the teacher according to the answers of the questioned pupils. The classification was based on the results of the questionary investigation. The questionary was based on the knowledge obtained in the theoretical part, in particular from the competences of the teacher. In the practical part it is further evaluated whether the view of the ideal teacher differs between the individual age categories that were examined.
Laboratorní test disasortativního párování u hraboše polního - literární rešerše
BÍLKOVÁ, Pavlína
Petrásková P. (2019): Laboratorní test disasortativního párování u hraboše polního - literární rešerše [Laboratory test of disassortative pairing in the common vole - literature search. Bc. Thesis in Czech]-49 pp. , Faculty of Sciences, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, Czech Republic. The aim of this work is to use the literature research to map current knowledge about the effect of odour preference on reproductive success in mammals focusing on voles. As assortative pairing is referred to each form of non-random pairing. Most of the time is meant a situation in which individuals who have similar phenotypes pair more often. The opposite is the situation where individuals with different phenotypes pair more often. This is sometimes referred to as negative assortative or disassortative pairing. In particular, this study deals with non-random pairing among to body odour . These are mainly linked to genes for the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) in animals, which play a key role in the immune system. MHC gene products found in various body secretions form the specific odour of each individual. In the research part were searched question for following questions: How is the breeding partner chosen? Is Assortative or Disassortative Pairing More Frequent? What information does body odour convey? What channels is the odour information transmitted and received? How is odour preference testing solved in laboratory conditions? In the practical part, a plan of the experiment is presented in which T-labyrinth will play the main role in determining the odour preference. Under laboratory conditions, voles will have plenty of time to complete the process
The relation of laterality and selection of rotation direction in U12 figure skaters
Hájková, Klára ; Sedláčková, Marie (advisor) ; Musálek, Martin (referee)
Title: The relation of laterality and selection of rotation direction in figure skating at children in preschool and younger school age Objectives: The aim of the thesis is to construct a test battery on the ice surface, to assess the laterality, i. e. the preferred lower limb and the preferred side of rotation and turning, for beginning figure skaters in preschool and younger school age. Subsequently, individual items of this test battery are examined with items from the standardized test battery for the child population aged 8-10 years, according to Musálek (2013). The relationships of individual test items are determined in order to determine whether the individual test items on the ice surface can be used to represent a relatively reliable tool for determining the rotation direction of a beginning figure skater. Methods: We use testing by standardized battery of tests according to Musálek (2013) for the diagnosis of motor manifestations of laterality for children aged 8-10. Next is used testing by created test battery on the ice surface, which should fulfill the purpose of demonstrate the preferred lower limb, or the preferred side of rotation and turning. Results: Test battery created for use on the ice surface shows some reliability only for test items that are designed to express the...

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