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Let’s go to Bohemka!
Hasníková, Gabriella ; Svobodová, Šárka (referee) ; Kubíková, Zuzana (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor's thesis is focused on the demise of the glass industry in the Czech Republic; specifically in the Vysočina region. What was the impact of the glasswork industry and its subsequent closure on the inhabitants and employees in the suburban part of Jihlava city — Antonínův Důl and what impact it had on the landscape in which the factories was located. The thesis further discusses the phenomenon of so-called non-places, which radically changed the urbanism of a city and its infrastructure, and yet over time lost its original function.
Nature as a sanctuary in selected poems of William Wordsworth
Roučková, Pavla ; Higgins, Bernadette (advisor) ; Topolovská, Tereza (referee)
This thesis deals with the theme of nature as a sanctuary in selected poems of William Wordsworth. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate such aspects of Wordsworth's writings that portray the outdoors as a shelter, where one can escape from the industrial, urbanised society in order to reach a tranquil state of mind and through meditation and introspection find wisdom. The main features of Wordsworth's interpretation of a sanctuary that this thesis discusses are nature as a source of serenity, nature as a teacher and the superiority of nature over the city. This thesis also provides a factual background and insight into the life of the poet in order to investigate the motivations behind the choice of nature as the main subject in his writings. The thesis begins with the introduction of the romantic movement as a whole. In this part of the document, romanticism will be introduced and discussed by commenting on and contrasting works of other writers of that era with the works of William Wordsworth with the primary focus being on the theme of nature in order to establish the poet's position within the movement. The theoretical part also deals with the childhood and adolescent life of Wordsworth as a primary motivator for portraying the topics mentioned above in his poetry through studying The...
The trend of changes in the recruitment process changes brought by industrial revolution 4.0
Agyeyev, Grygoriy
The fourth industrial revolution is a possibility for humanity to improve the quality of goods and services, possibility to treat ecology and sociology better. But at the same time, it is a range of potential dangers and changeable relations between people. As employees are the crucial factor for realization of business’s inputs, it is very important to see how human resource management changes with time and which skills and qualities can be useful for obtaining desired level of performance. Modern businesses can’t miss digitalization and digital tools since they potentially should make hiring more efficient and cost-effective. The issue of the thesis is to introduce the concept of digitalization, show its effect on the recruitment process and its results during past years, suggest ways for adjustment of this process in conditions of further development.
Framing of Industry 4.0 in the Czech media in the period 2013-2018
El Bournová, Hana ; Miessler, Jan (advisor) ; Nečas, Vlastimil (referee)
1 Annotation Industry 4.0, also known as "the fourth industrial revolution" consisting of the digitization and automation of industry, is a relatively new topic in the Czech media field. Not so new topic is digitization in general, which is a process of implementing digital technologies in various areas of production and society. Over time, the arguments of both academic sides, optimists and critics of digital progress were stabilized in two antagonistic paradigms, with both groups of arguments can be found in the media discourse. The work will also examine the neutral approach, which does not benefit from any of the extreme opposites. The thesis will examine the overall framing of the topic and the similarity between media presentation and academic literature. Participants in the academic debate on the digital age can be found, among others, among digital media theorists. They can in principle be divided into two main parties. Optimists (Negroponte, Jenkins, Mařík) in principle support the new possibilities that digitization brings, while critics (McChesney, Spitzer, Morozov) point out that digital progress is dangerous. On the one hand, digital progress and robotization is being showed as a benefit, but on the other hand, academics warn against the fall of society and the negative side of the digital age....
Cooperative as one of the possible tools of the economic concept of Steady-State
Dekastello, Petr ; Hájek, Jan (advisor) ; Vejchodská, Eliška (referee)
The thesis analyzes the theory of Steady-State Economy based on a research of literature as well as principles and starting points for its application in practice. The central question revolves around the viability of the theory. First, however, the thesis focuses on the context, i.e. the background and needs for the emergence of this theory. Thus, the research begins at a time of industrial revolution and the rise of modern economies. In the course of the research, the analysis also points out the phenomenon of cooperatives, which arise in the early days of industrialization, as examined at the start of the work. Later, after a comprehensive introduction of the steady-state economy theory, the thesis returns to cooperatives, as during the research certain parallels in both of the phenomena emerge. Consequently, the conclusion recapitulates and examines whether steady state economy has been proven to be viable, what could support its functioning and whether one of the answers might be cooperatives - considered they have been shown to realize certain assumptions of this economic theory in practice. After a review of criticism of both of the phenomena, a final evaluation and decision may be reached, i.e. the research questions may be answered.
Industry 4.0 in according Design and Application of Production Machines
Serykh, Pavel ; Szabari, Mikuláš (referee) ; Knoflíček, Radek (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis is focused on the theme of CNC manufacturing machines and their use in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0. The first part is a search of the current state in the field of the most frequently used CNC production machines in engineering according to their design and application. In the second part described principles, basic attributes and key technologies of Industry 4.0, defined concept. The last part is on top of the project conceptual workplace with CNC manufacturing machines in the premises of the technical high school VUTBR in accordance with the principles and tenets of Industry 4.0 and the evaluation of the results achieved.
Fatherhood and the perception of the roleplay of the father in a Prague parish
The thesis describes fatherhood from the antic age until now. It defines the role play of the father in each historical periods of time and describes sources of influence which formed this role. The study is also focused on the influence in the catholic church and analysis from the church point of view. Subject of the thesis practical part is views of men on their role as fathers in a Prague suburb parish. It attempts to capture their fatherhood experience and to analyse it in relation to the fathers' attitude to the education of their children and material security. It focuses on ways of spending leisure time with their children, their education and comprehension and passing faith on them. It also analyses ways of the fathers' involvement in their households and child care.
Urbanistic development of the town of Třeboň: a historico-geographical analysis.
NYIRI, Filip
The bachelor thesis deals with urbanistic, demographic, economic and historical evaluation of the town of Třeboň. The main goal of the thesis is to provide a comprehensive image of the town of Třeboň from its founding up to the present time; to monitor the function of individual parts of the town in the given time periods, to evaluate and generally compare individual indicators and to deduce from the statistical data the consequences that directly influenced the urbanistic development of the town. The rate of urbanization, migration, fertility, age structure of the population, population growth rate and others belong all among the relevant indicators. The results of the survey are focused on the establishment of conclusive determinants influencing the development of the town of Třeboň and they are also focused on the evaluation of the hypotheses stated in advance.
Rethinking the Role of Grey Literature in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Savić, Dobrica
This paper examines the potential impact of the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution on grey literature and the challenges it will bring to the information management profession. Based on analysis of the most prevalent current trends and developments, it appears we will need to rethink the defi nition of grey literature, its creation and types, processing, storage, sustainability and usability. Information professionals, including the grey literature ones, will require training and new knowledge.
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Industrial Revolution: efficiency of the project teaching compared to lecture method
Křivková, Anna ; Havlůjová, Hana (advisor) ; Mikeska, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis is aimed at two different teaching methods, which are compared not only from the viewpoint of their positives and negatives, but also their effectiveness is valuated. One thematic unit from the history curriculum at lower-secondary school is chosen and two different methods are applied, one is based on lecture method, the other one involves project teaching. The effectiveness of the methods is ascertained on the basis of applying these methods in two teaching classes of elementary school. The common thematic unit is Industrial Revolution. According to the number of points every pupil achieves in the didactical test, the class with project teaching turned out better, however the difference was not so prominent. Important is that the effectiveness of both methods cannot be measured based only on number of obtained points. For this reason the author uses another evaluation of methods based on the Bloom's Taxonomy of educational objectives. By analysing the pupil's answers it was ascertained, that the pupils using the project teaching achieved (apart from factual knowledge) also the procedural and conceptual knowledge, which was found in their answer formulations. These pupils have better understood the deeper relationships and the general context of the subject. In the class, where the...

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