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Odpovědnost koordinátora BOZP na staveništi za zajištění bezúrazového prostředí: právní limity
Výzkumný ústav bezpečnosti práce, v. v. i.
Publikace je výstupem výzkumného úkolu V12-S4 Analýza a hodnocení současného praktického a právního stavu oblasti BOZP na staveništích v České republice s akcentem na výkon činnosti koordinátora BOZP na staveništi s komparací stavu před a po novele č. 88/2016 Sb. zákona č. 309/2006 Sb., řešeného Výzkumným ústavem bezpečnosti práce, v. v. i., v letech 2019–2020, v rámci institucionální podpory Ministerstva práce a sociálních věcí.
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Ekonomické a právní aspekty zakázaných typů reklam
Kalinová, Petra
Kalinová P. Economic and legal aspects of prohibited advertisement types. Bache-lor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2018. The bachelor thesis is focused on prohibited advertisement types, characterizes the advertisement and describes its development. Particular attention is paid to the product placement and its perception by the public. The thesis is divided into two parts. In the search part the legal regulation concerning the given issue is elaborated. Additionally, the case law of the most well-known cases of prohibited advertisements are analysed. In the application part, the economic aspects of prohibited advertisement types are determined. A comparison of data obtained from my own research with predetermined hypotheses was performed. Based on questionnaire surveys and managed interviews, it was found that respondents perceived the creation and broadcasting of controversial advertisement as a so-phisticated marketing move by the manufacturer. Product placement is perceived positively only if it is included in the audio-visual work in a natural and non-violent form.
Development of economic-law information web-system
The first part of the thesis is about web applications, MVC architecture and web frameworks. Their role in application development is discussed and the advantages and disadvantages of their use are outlined. In the following part, the Symfony web framework 3.4 is discussed further. Specifically, this section develops its core components and functionality that it uses (structure, configuration files, controllers, entities, templates, models, security, etc.) The second part of the thesis is dedicated to the development of economic-legal information system EPIS Online, which was created by Symfony 3.4. Its three modules (security and user license structure, legislation and payment gateway) are described further. The specific processes in the system, actions of controllers, templates, services and many other components are explained in this part.
The District Action Committee of the National Front in Ostrava and Its Activities in the First Months after February 1948
Mentlík, Petr ; Kocian, Jiří (advisor) ; Kučera, Jaroslav (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with circumstances around the emergence of the District Action Committee of the National Front in Ostrava in February 1948 and its functioning in the first months after the Czechoslovakian Communist Party takeover. After brief information on the origin of Action Committees generally, their types and their agenda and analysis of then current legislation that gradually reflected their activities, the attention is paid to specific circumstances and events in the Ostrava District. The setup of District Action Committee is described along with its structure and agenda that was followed. The thesis also deals with activity of certain commissions of the District Action Committee, with main focus on the Sokol commission that has been best documented. The thesis also briefly mentions the role of the District Action Committee in suppression and distraction of political opposition of non- communist parties. With respect to the fact that these particular topics, with a few exceptions, have not been addressed in complex and in more details in literature, the thesis is mostly based on the primary research of archive sources identified in the funds of the Municipal Archive of Ostrava. In many respects, these archive sources are incomplete and fragmentary, and some partial agendas of...
Attitudes towards unmarried mothers and their children in the Czech lands from a historical perspective
Kuprová, Barbora ; Hamplová, Dana (advisor) ; Šubrt, Jiří (referee)
The intention of this study is to approximate the attitude to children born out of marriage and their mothers in the years 1750-1849. The nominal excerpts from parish registers were used to find numbers of births and proportion of illegitimate children at the manor of Škvorec, the area located at the eastern border of Prague. The proportion of children born out of marriage is compared with contemporaneous regulations that could influence attitudes and behavior of contemporary society. The study also investigates the social status of born children, their fathers and godfathers. The results show that the position of unmarried mothers and their children has improved in the followed period. The results suggest that many unmarried mothers already lived with their partners in the companienate marriage in that time.
Co-operation of kindergartens and school counselling service departments in the area of the postponement of compulsory school attendance
Stejskalová, Marta ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (advisor) ; Hladký, Jaromír (referee)
TITLE: Co-operation of kindergartens and school counselling service departments in the area of the postponement of compulsory school attendance AUTHOR: Marta Stejskalová DEPARTMENT: Centre Of School Management SUPERVISOR: RNDr. Jindřich Kitzberger ABSTRACT: Co-operation of kindergartens and school counselling service departments in the area of the postponement of compulsory school attendance is very important. Parents' decision whether the compulsory school attendance will be postponed or not, should never become a formal matter, whereas parents can cause their children considerable difficulties in the future education and subsequent life just through their unadvised approach. My final thesis consists of four chapters and is divided into theoretical and empirical parts. The theoretical part is based on the theoretical resources and the general characteristics of pre-primary education, school counselling service departments, also from the experiences of senior staff of kindergartens in the field of compulsory school attendance. It is based on the legal definitions of pre-primary education and school counselling service departments. The aim of the practical part of the final thesis was to map /through the quantitative research survey/ the problems of co-operation among the kindergarten, professional...
Most frequent deficiencies in the management of selected governmental organizations established by Středočeský kraj
Sajdlová, Šárka ; Zeman, Pavel (advisor) ; Marková, Jana (referee)
The Final Dissertation is oriented on economy of organisations established by District. The theoretical part describes control as one of the management tools, dividing of the public control to outside and inside part and legislative framework of the public budgetary control. The practical part of the Dissertation brings an overview of the most often and repeating faults in economy of the organisations established by the District of Central Bohemia (several types of schools and school type of organisations) based on research evaluation of the a audit documentation. The target of Dissertation is to draw attention to consequences of the fault operations which can be finding in organisations economy. There was found (by analysis and solution comparison of the single audit protocols) that most often faults were in areas of accounting, stocktaking, internal audit system, creating and using funds and internal directives. Generally there is possible to claim that there is no improvement in organisations economy during the analysed five years period and there are still the same long term faults. There are only a few areas where slight improvement is achieved. It implies a necessity to set up and keep internal control system, to monitor changes in legislation and continuously train the responsible employees.
Legal protection of soil and its application in the Czech Republic
Plocha, Lubor ; Jansa, Viktor (advisor) ; Uhlík, Milan (referee)
Soil is the basic means of production in agriculture and forestry and at the same time it represents an important component of the environment with a wide range of functions. However, it is compromised with a number of processes, on one hand natural ones, on the other hand those ones caused by human activity. The last mentioned group is regulated by laws which should protect it.

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