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Affirmative action or positive discrimination?
Buldrová, Andrea ; Dvořáková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Vymětal, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with the idea of affirmative action and its importance in the development of American society. The main goal is to analyze the effects of affirmative action and to evaluate its positive and negative impacts. The thesis has following structure. At first the theory and basic defenitions of affirmative action and other connected terms are explained. The second part is oriented on historical development of the fight against discrimination and for equal rights of minorities and women. Since 60's it focuses directly on affirmative action programs. At the same time the public stance is examined as well as the main influeces that were and are able to change it. That is why this work deals with some concrete Supreme Court cases which played an essential role in changing the focus and popularity of affirmative action. Particular Supreme Court sentences acted in both directions - there are some cases which were judged in favor of institutions practising affirmative policy or of a member of a group which had to face past discrimination. On the other hand, some sentences led to the end of such programs, especially in 80's when many conservative justices were nominated by president Ronald Reagan. The present situation and the future of affirmative action depend fundamentally on the stance of U.S. administration. The new one around president Barack Obama gives hope to affirmative policy and its supporters.

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