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Czech Agriculture Food Inspection Authority Annual Report 2020
Státní zemědělská a potravinářská inspekce
Annual report includes these chapters: introduction by Director General, control activities, laboratory activities, certification, legislation, cooperation with other public bodies and institutions in the Czech Republic, quality management systém, international relations, public relations, human resources, financial management report, conclusion.
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Nákupní chování seniorů na maloobchodním trhu s potravinami
Nohavicová, Lenka
The diploma thesis focuses on shopping behaviour of seniors when shopping for food. The aim was to identify their needs, detect barriers and problem areas. To determine these characteristics indepth interviews with elderly (n = 35) and observations in 8 grocery stores were conducted. Based on the findings, obstacles and problems of seniors in the food market were identified. Subsequently recommendations were drafted for producers and sellers aiming to increase customer comfort.
Vliv nákupního prostředí prodejen s potravinami na zákazníky v seniorském věku
Rečičárová, Denisa
The main goal of this diploma thesis is to evaluate the shopping environment of the grocery stores with respect to the needs of older consumers and to propose measures that will lead to greater seniors´ satisfaction when food shopping. The thesis describes factors that are important for the older consumers when choosing a grocery store and other matters that are related to the purchase. For the purpose of the thesis quantitative research through questionnaire survey (n = 229) was conducted. The questionnaire survey was supplemented with in-depth interviews with seniors (n = 40) and retailers (n = 2) and observation in grocery stores. The data were being collected in March and April 2017. The recommendations focused mainly on improving services and comfort for seniors when food shopping.
Potraviny pro zvláštní výživu - výživa pro kojence a malé děti
Svobodová, Lucie
This thesis deals with special nutrition groceries aimed at suckling and small babies. According to recommendation made by World Health Organization the baby should be breast fed mainly till the sixth month of age. After that non diary groceries should be added with continuation of breast feeding until the second year of age. This issue is dealt with by bill number 54/2004 Sb., which does not only divides special nutrition groceries into separate categories, but also claims requirements for its consistence, added substances, labelling and market placement. Microbiological quality is extremely important with dry suckling nutrition and it is dealt with in the next part. The most dangerous bacteria during initial and continual suckling nutrition is considered salmonella and Cronobacter sakazakii. Its content have to be controlled regularly according to the law and if the findings are positive it is necessary to take actions to ensure safety of these groceries. The end of the thesis deals with preventive measures which are to minimalize the contamination.
Rod Lactobacillus a jeho význam v potravinářství
Olbertová (roz. Groligová), Žaneta
This thesis characterizes the genus Lactobacillus, one of a series of lactic acid bacteria. It specifies the bacteria significant species in the food industry. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the occurrence and importance of lactobacilli, mainly in food but also in relation to the human organism, animals and plant materials. The thesis describes the positive influence of lactobacilli on the human organism. A negative impact is described too, primarily from the perspective of food spoilage. In the conclusion of the thesis the practical part focuses mainly on the determination of this genus in raw goat's and cow's milk and in acidified milk.
Významné patogeny v potravinách
Benešová, Jana
The bachelor thesis deals with summary of the most important pathogenic microorganisms in food, description of their characteristic and methods of detection in food. There are the most common bacterial agens of foodborne disease in the European Union in last 5 years. The thesis clearly describes common alimentary infections and alimentary poisoning, the impacts on human health and their present occurence. The final part is devoted to the basic rules to prevent the risk of these diseases. My bachelor thesis helps to raise awareness of this issues.
Chovanie spotrebiteľa pri online nákupe potravín
Vanková, Barbora
Bachelor thesis deals with consumer behaviour in online grocery shopping. Theoretical part defines the behaviour of consumers during the online shopping as well as the factors that influence it. For this thesis has been used the marketing research carried out in the form of an electronic questionnaire survey, which was attended by 452 respondents and contained closed and open questions. Based on the survey conducted, it was characterized the typical consumer buying food online and suggested recommendations for online food buyers.
Chovanie spotrebiteľa pri výbere nákupného miesta s potravinami v Brne
Kavoň, Filip
Kavoň, F. Consumer behavior when choosing a place for grocery shopping in Brno. Brno, 2019. Master thesis. Mendel university in Brno, Faculty of Business and Economics. The main subject of the thesis is the analysis of consumer behavior. The selected market for consumer behavior observation is the grocery market in Brno. The research uses two research methods, which include questionnaire, and focus groups. The result of this thesis is a proposal of marketing recommendations leading to sales promotion for entities operating in the selected market.
Ochrana trhu v ČR před importem zdravotně závadných potravin
Tošovská, Nikola
Tošovská, N. Protection of the Czech Republic market from import of health-conscious food. Brno 2018, bachelor thesis. Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Business and Economics. Thesis supervisor doc. JUDr. Ing. Oldřich Tvrdoň CSc. The thesis deals with the shortcomings of the Czech Republic's market protection against the import of health-conscious food. Outlines the results of the controls of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority and the State Veterinary Administration for 2016. It details the results of foreign trade for the entire economy and import of agrarian foodstuffs. Subsequently, checks are made, if any, of soluti-ons designed to minimize the identified shortcomings.

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