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Food Security and Machine Learning: Opportunities and Challenges
Hruška, Adam ; Špelda, Petr (advisor) ; Plattner, Simon Antonin (referee)
The emergence of the effects of global warming, as well as the ongoing depletion of fossil fuels and fertile soil pose a serious threat for the future of the agricultural industry. Alternatively, the continuous population growth mainly in the less developed regions highlights the future need of approximately 70-110 percent increase in the overall output of contemporary food production. While the current conventional agriculture deploys a multitude of technologies including the precision agriculture framework, the future needs of the population exceed the projected capabilities of the industry. Machine learning as the current fastest growing technology represents the potential remedy for the emerging issues, yet the extent of successful implementation remains uncertain. The thesis aims to uncover the potential future implications of implementation of machine learning based technology in agriculture through the use of the new scenario building methodology. The analysis builds on a varying set of empirical data, current state of art projects in machine learning and multiple future trend projections. Albeit the scenario building technique allows for a potentially endless number of constructed scenarios, the thesis concentrates on three main plot lines. First scenario tackles the more probable...
Vliv migrantů na změnu úrovně potravinové bezpečnosti - případová studie Demokratická republika Kongo
Pešičková, Kristýna
This Bachelors thesis deals with the changes of food safety in the Democratic republic of Congo, mainly in terms of ensuring sufficient food for the entire population of the country, including the new arrivals. The thesis is divided into a theoretical, an analytical and a proposal part. The theoretical part defines concepts related to migration, the dimension of food safety and other demographic and agricultural-economic indicators. The analytical part focuses on the analysis of selected indicators of food security influenced by the mechanical movement of the population and other demographic and agricultural-economic contexts. The proposal part contains possible solutions based on the research.
Potravinová bezpečnost v kontextu nutriční epidemiologie na území Angolské republiky
Jurčová, Anna
The aim of the thesis is to analyze food security in Angola and suggest recommendations for improving the level of nourishment. The thesis is divided into theoretical, analytical and proposal section. The first part is focused on measuring food security, nutritional epidemiology and malnutrition. The second part is an analysis of food security, demographic trends and development indicators. In the proposal section are introduced possible solutions to ensure adequate food security in Angola.
Potravinový odpad a potravinové ztráty v EU
Hlásná, Barbora
The bachelor thesis focuses on the problem of food losses and waste in the countries of the European Union. The paper defines the used concepts and methods for describing the amount of food losses and waste, giving attention to possible risks and inaccuracies in measurement and different approaches to data processing. The main part of the thesis is the analysis of data on the extent of food losses and waste. The paper examines how the economic level of the country affects its level of food losses and ascertains whether and how countries manage to reduce the extent of food losses.
Směry vývoje potravinové (ne)bezpečnosti - případová studie států Kambodža a Laos
Tlustá, Andrea
This Bachelor's thesis is concerning itself with the development of food safety in Cambodia and Laos. The thesis is divided into a theoretical, analytical and a projecting part. The theoretical part provides the definitions of basic demographic indicators, di-mensions, food security factors and adequate nourishment. The second part covers ana-lyses of birth rates, infant mortality, food security according to FAO indicators and ba-sic eating habits. The projecting part provides possible solutions based on the obtained information.
Potravinová bezpečnost v regionu Jižní Ameriky - případová studie Venezuela, region Apure
Štachová, Zuzana
Bachelor thesis analysis food security in the Venezuelan region Apure. Theoretical part is focused on definition and description of food security, pillars of food security, nutrition and malnutrition, Global food security index, Millennium development goals and FAO policy in Latin America. Analytical section characterises Venezuela and Apue region, economic crisis in Venezuela, analyses Global food security index in region and implementation of Millennium development goals. Last part suggest possible solutions of ensure food security.
Did food security in Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar-Vietnam countries improved after Millennial development goals?
Moserová, Veronika
MOSEROVÁ, V. Bc.: Did food security in Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar-Vietnam countries improved after Millennial development goals?, Diploma thesis Topic of the thesis is a scrutiny of food security in the Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam countries after Millennium development goal were set. The goal is to confirm or refuse the hypothesis of the improvement of food security in CLMV countries after Millennium development goals. The goal would be examined according to the results of the analysis of the data for the period 1990 to 2015. The analysis shall be done using the composite indicator and the trend will be also analysed. The purpose is to create a suggestion that would help improve the situation in this region.

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