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Kryokonzervace gamet a embryí v asistované reprodukci
Hanzelka, Zdeněk ; Pilka, Ladislav (advisor)
Kandidátská disertační práce z oblasti asistované reprodukce.
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Changing the image of maternity hospital in the system of maternity care in the Czech republic
Jeřábková, Julie ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Kodyšová, Eliška (referee)
This theses deals with leading change in the specific organization, gynecologycal obstetrician department. The main aim of this theses is to evaluate leading of this change from the manager point of view and also to evaluate its sustainibility in the organization. I was focused on the research of the proces and execution of this specific change. It was the change from the clasiccal model of obsetrics to the respectfull model of obstetrics with using alternative methods and support of the natural birth. I used the qualitative research methods, patricipating observation. I created the summary of the proces of the change and underlined the found problematic parts from the field notes, interview and analysis of social networks. I managed to answer all asked questions and evaluate the process of change and its sustainability. At the end I offered a practical guide of the specific change as a tool for other organizactions. Key words: Obestetrics, maternity center, perinatal care, concepts of leading birth, opinion differences, healthcare management, management of change, image change.
Psychological aspects of people management with a focus on leadership styles
Kuntová, Anna ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Furmaníková, Lada (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the psychological aspects of management focusing on the styles of leadership at the gynecological-obstetric department, specifically at the maternity hospital. The aim is to find out what kind of leadership is used by the senior and station nurses. This thesis explores how they interpret the management grid GRID and how they perceive themselves in terms of how midwives perform. For this research were choosen two hospitals, public and joint-stock company. That is why the objective was also to compare the interviews with midwives regarding their motivation, satisfaction and conflict occurance. Therefore the information was received that touched upon these topics and presented the perception of the workers in obstetrician. The theoretical part introduces the psychological aspects of leadership, so that the reader goes through chapters focusing on manager personality, management, leadership, work environment, work teams, motivation, workplace conflicts, stress, burnout syndrome, etc.. The empirical part is presented as part of the qualitative research, which presents the way of senior and station nurses with the help of the inspiration by design of the case study. Further a case study at the state hospital and a case study at joint-stock company are being developed with...
The possibilities of use of a psychologist in prenatal psychoprophylactic care
Sýkora, Jan ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Matoušová, Milada (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the possibilities of a psychologist in the process of psychoprophylactic care of the mother, or both expectant parents. The theoretical part is trying to define the term psychoprophylactic antenatal care and map the situation in terms of the important personalities in the field of antenatal psychoprophylactic care and in terms of its historical context. Furthermore, it attempts to define the tasks of antenatal psychoprophylactic care, introduce the structure of courses, and map the current situation in this field in the Czech Republic. The research project conducted examines the importance of the psychologist's role during the pregnancy of an expectant mother and in the field of the antenatal care for the foetus in a qualitative manner. It investigates both the needs and attitudes of pregnant women, especially in the third trimester, and experienced psychologists, concerned in the area by the selected method of the semi-structured interview.
Midwifery of Period Called Pobelohorska Infanticide
Surá, Alexandra ; Říhová, Milada (advisor) ; Čechura, Jaroslav (referee) ; Pařízek, Antonín (referee)
I initially explored historic figures of European accoucheur of the 17. and 18. century. Beyond this I focused on a period called "Pobělohorská" in Czech countries. I summarized the health conditions of the population during this period, and described medical professions, midwifery and emergency Christening ceremonies. One chapter discusses partnerships and considers women who hid their pregnancy to avoid the prospect of caring for their children in the future. For this reason I present questions relating to how women hid their pregnancy during the Early Modern period. In the next chapter I discuss aspects of the process of giving birth, the locations where women gave birth and the moments thereafter. I present the circumstances of the death of the baby and the possible causes of death. The process of investigation of the scene, an assessment of the body and the search for the mother of the baby (as a potential murderer) are all considered. The assessment of the body was in the hands of the regional physiciusurgeon and a midwife. In my work I describe how the body was assessed, how they judged the maturity of the newborn baby and if the baby was born dead or alive. Further chapters explain the treatment of the umbilical cord, the inquisition of the witnesses and the suspect, and the next steps of...
Nursing care of the patient with post-dural-puncture headache in obstetrics
Drahokoupilová, Milada ; Heczková, Jana (advisor) ; Kulhavá, Miluše (referee)
The topic of my thesis has been decided on the basis of my profession as an anesthesiology nurse at the Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics, in which I come into contact with pain of mothers very often. The effort of medical staff is to relieve women from the pain as much as possible. Pain relieving methods include the application of epidural analgesia for labor. In the Czech Republic, like in other countries in the world, we have experienced 20 years of a steady rise in the use of this method. However, regional analgesia has its complications. One of them is the post-dural-puncture headache, which is relatively frequent in obstetrics (about 1% of all neuroaxial methods). This complication can have serious consequences for patients without adequate treatment, nursing care, adequate communication and psychological support. My bachelor theses provides insight into this issue. The work consists of two main parts and is processed as a case report. The theoretical part is a review of methods of regional analgesia pain relieving. I describe the difference between epidural and spinal analgesia and possible complications. Most of the space is given to the main complication - post-dural-puncture headache. I will focus on specific psychological problems in the puerperium that is associated with complications...

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