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Obstetric violance in Czechia and Slovakia - collection of interviews
Kuzmíková, Kristína ; Osvaldová, Barbora (advisor) ; Macková, Veronika (referee)
Practical bachelor's thesis Behind the doors of maternity wards - collection of interviews about obstetric violence in Slovakia and the Czech Republic approaches obsteric violence from different perspectives. The theoretical part firstly briefly introduces the concept of obstetric violence. It deals with its definition, possible causes, and at the same time describes how the problem is perceived in society, specifically, why it is relatively accepted by public. Later, in the theoretical part, I work with the interview as a journalistic genre. In the chapters, I define interview, I present different types of interviews, I deal with the process of creating an interview from research to authorization, and I also briefly summarize its history. At the same time, in these chapters I also present my own method and how I proceeded ehile writing the interviews for the practical part. The practical part is a collection of seven journalistic interviews, which, thanks to diverse set of sources, present obstetric violence in a wider context and offer different views on the topic.
Outpatient births as seen by the general public
Fílová, Šárka ; Buryanek, Adam (advisor) ; Lukavec, Vojtěch (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with outpatient birth from the perspective of the general public. Outpatient birth is defined as a birth in the maternity ward after which the woman leaves at her own request sooner than 72 hours after hospitalization. This thesis is conceived as theoretical-practical. The theoretical part provides a complex overview about outpatient birth including its definition, legislation, preparation, phases, the process itself and a discussion about its advantages and disadvantages. The theoretical part also deals with potential complications in the puerperium. The practical part focuses on analyzing data obtained from an anonymous questionnaire which 212 people have completed. The main goal of the questionnaire was to find out the level of awareness and perception of outpatient birth by the general public. The results show that the majority of respondents have basic knowledge about outpatient births, but there still exists a significant number of people who came into contact with this concept for the first time through this questionnaire or they have insufficient information about the subject. Key words Outpatient birth, females, human, birth, gestation
Nursing care of the woman during stillbirth
Hlaviznová, Klára ; Slabá, Šárka (advisor) ; Čiháková, Karolína (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of nursing care of the woman during stillbirth. The thesis has a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the definition of the mentioned terminology. It explains the issue of managing the delivery of a dead foetus, mainly from a nursing perspective. Great emphasis is placed on the subsequent care of a woman after giving birth to a stillborn foetus and the importance of mementos in the subsequent experience of loss. Additionally, the theoretical portion encompass care for women during the initial six weeks postpartum. The last topic is the issue of grief and subsequent social care. The practical part of the bachelor thesis is conducted quantitatively. The research sample consists of women who have given birth to a stillborn foetus and are willing to share their experience. The questions for female respondents are focussed on the topic of time spent with the baby after giving birth and on the topic of mementos. Emphasis is placed on questions seeking, how influential were these events on the subsequent experience of loss. Part of the research is also deal with women's satisfaction with the staff at maternity hospitals and possibly what steps would help women cope better with this situation. Key words: stillbirth, perinatal loss,...
Utility and satisfaction of mothers with epidural analgesia during childbirth
Shánělová, Lucie ; Nosková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Šmatláková, Lenka (referee)
The bachelor thesis is devoted to the problems of epidural analgesia and is conceived as a theoretical-practical thesis. The theoretical part describes the physiology of labour pain, division of labour analgesia into non-pharmacological and pharmacological methods, information about epidural analgesia, its advantages, indications and contraindications, examinations performed before the application. It also describes the pharmaceuticals used, the anatomy of spine with a focus on the epidural space, technique of application, specifics of care for a woman who has used epidural analgesia, and the complications that may occur. It also includes a summary of the history of use in the Czech Republic. The practical part of the study is conducted using a printed anonymous questionnaire focused on satisfaction and use of epidural analgesia by women hospitalized in the six-week wards who gave birth at the Clinic of Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Neonatology of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and the General University Hospital in Prague from 1. 1. 2024 to 31. 3. 2024. The data obtained are processed with graphical evaluation. The practical part entails one main objective and four sub-objectives, all of which are fulfilled in the research investigation. The research data shows that on average,...
Endometriosis and its effect on a woman's quality of life, pregnancy and childbirth
Harris, Caroline Sarah ; Lukavec, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Buryanek, Adam (referee)
In my bachelor's thesis, I will focus on the topic of endometriosis and its impact on a woman's quality of life, pregnancy, and childbirth. Endometriosis is a gynecological condition characterized by the pathological presence of uterine lining, called endometrium, outside the uterine cavity. It can affect almost any organ in the human body, most commonly the adnexa or pelvic cavity. Ectopically located tissue is subject to cyclic hormonal changes and can form adhesions or cysts, which can be a source of severe pelvic pain. It is thus a chronic condition that affects a woman's daily life, especially her reproductive health. My work will consist of two parts - theoretical and research. The aim of the theoretical part will be to briefly describe and summarize current basic knowledge related to endometriosis, including the definition of the condition, its causes, symptoms, basic classification, and subsequently diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Lastly, I would mention the issue of conception in women with endometriosis and the impact of this disease on the quality of life. In the second part of the thesis, I will conduct research based on available data regarding women diagnosed with endometriosis who have become pregnant and subsequently given birth. I will focus on the course of pregnancy and...
To experience
Strohnerová, Tereza ; Stibitz, Bibiana (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Space for the birth of new life, providing women and their families with continuous care in an intimate and safe environment. This could be the first birthing center in the Czech Republic. A concept of care, tested over the years and through studies abroad, offering women the option to choose it as one of the birthplace options. In the thesis, a birthing center in the countryside is created using a model situation. It will be located in a calm and family-oriented environment, in connection with the Krnov maternity hospital.
Pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period from the men´s point of view.
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of men's perspectives on pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. It is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part characterizes the period of pregnancy, describing the changes in a woman's body that occur during this time, as well as the diagnosis of pregnancy. It lists and characterizes the examinations carried out in prenatal counseling. It discusses the care of a midwife and the role of men during pregnancy. The work then focuses on the various stages of childbirth and the care of a midwife for the laboring woman and accompanying man during childbirth. It also describes the postpartum period and what happens to women during this time. Lastly, the concept of bonding is mentioned and clarified. For the practical part of the thesis, a qualitative research study was chosen. The aim was to find out how men perceive the period of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum in their partners. Based on this aim, three research questions were established. The first question focuses on how men perceive the period of pregnancy in their partner. The second question explores how men perceive the period of childbirth in their partner. The final question addresses how men perceive the postpartum period in their partner. For data collection in the practical part of the bachelor's thesis, a semi-structured interview was used. The research sample consisted of 10 men who have experience with their partner's pregnancy and attended the birth. These men were informed about maintaining anonymity. For this reason, they are referred to as M1 to M10. The men verbally expressed their agreement to participate in the interview and data processing. They did not agree to have an audio recording made during the interview. Therefore, the data obtained was literally transcribed into a computer and subsequently analyzed using the method of coding and text coloring. Four basic and pre-prepared questions were asked to the men. Additional questions were asked if needed for clarification of information. The interviews took place in the informants' homes or in a café. After processing and evaluating the obtained data, a total of 3 categories and 17 subcategories were created. The subcategories provide detailed descriptions of the results and information obtained from the research survey. From the research, it was found that men felt good during their partner's pregnancy. The most common changes they noticed in their partners during this time were mood swings, fatigue, increased food consumption, as well as nausea or weight gain. Men did not come into contact with a midwife during their partner's pregnancy, as they did not accompany their partner to prenatal appointments or attend childbirth classes together. Therefore, they primarily obtained information about pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period from the internet. Surprisingly, not every man evaluated the approach and care provided by midwives to the mother and himself positively during childbirth. Additionally, men perceived the postpartum period as unproblematic. The results of this bachelor thesis can be used to improve the awareness of men, for example in antenatal classes.
Birth injuries and their impact on women
KROTKÁ, Eliška
The bachelor thesis is focused on the topic of birth injuries and their impact on women. The thesis includes a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis describes the types of birth injuries, the reasons for their occurrence and preventive methods. Attention is also given to the diagnosis and treatment of birth injuries and the care of a midwife for birth injuries during the six-week postpartum period. At the end of the theoretical part are summarized the most common impacts on women related to birth injuries. For the practical part of the bachelor thesis were established three objectives and four hypotheses. The first objective was to determine the most common problems women face in relation to third and fourth degree perineal tears. For this objective were determined two hypotheses. H1: Women with third and fourth degreee perineal tears have problems in their sex life. H2: More than 75% of women with third and fourth degree perineal tears experience unwanted gas leakage. The second objective of the bachelor thesis was to map out the role of a midwife in caring for birth injuries. One hypothesis was established for this objective: H3: The role of a midwife in caring for birth injuries involves educating women in this area. The purpose of the third objective was to determine women's awareness in caring for their birth injuries. For this objective was chosen one hypothesis: H4: Women obtain information regarding the care of birth injuries more from midwives than from doctor. The goals were achieved through quantitative research using online questionnaires. The questionnaire contained 18 questions: six closed questions, eleven semi-closed questions where multiple answers could be selected, including an "other" option, and one open-ended question. Statistical processing of all questionnaires was done in Microsoft Excel. The research sample consisted of 620 women who gave birth between March 2019 and January 2024, and who had third and fourth degree perineal tears or an episiotomy during childbirth. Out of the total of 620 respondents, birth injuries had an impact on 446 respondents, while 174 respondents did not experience any problems related to birth injuries. The research revealed that birth injuries (episiotomy and third and fourth degree perineal tears) had an impact on more than 70% of respondents. It was also found that almost 35% of respondents were not educated on the care of birth injuries during hospitalization. Out of the four hypotheses, hypotheses H1, H3 and H4 were confirmed, while hypothesis H2 was not confirmed.
Welcome to the world!
Synková, Veronika ; Kmošek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Childbirth as a natural part of life, where the woman giving birth has prime position and the option of choice. She should feel free and accepted - to be able to give birth physiologically (without unnecessary external interference). Physiological childbirth as the best for a woman, a baby and their relationship. Up to 80 % of women do not need a doctor to give birth, but only a "suitable environment". In my diploma thesis I propose a "maternity house". This concept is well-known abroad, in our country it is a new type of care. For this purpose, I use two existing houses, which are owned by the city of Blansko and stand next to the hospital.
Porovnání obtížnosti porodů u různých plemen skotu ve vybraném chovu
Kozlová, Eliška
This bachelor thesis examines the issue of difficult calving depending on breed affiliation and utility type. This work summarizes three basic breeds of different utility types that are bred in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, the work deals with the description of estrous cycle, methods of insemination, the period of gestation and the subsequent parturition. During parturition, emphasis is mainly placed on its progress. Therefore, the work also deals with internal and external factors. These factors aren’t always controllable, but some of them can be influenced by keeper or directly by breeding. Early detection of dead fetus is also important for calving. Whether the calving is assisted and whether any assistance is performed in an appropriate way has a relatively large influence on the course of calving itself. Depending on the extend to which assistance was required, the overall course of the birth is also evaluated. In this work was evaluated the calving process in Czech Fleckvieh and Charolais breeding. Both breeds were kept in the company ZEAS Lysice a.s., which is located in the South Moravian region. The results of the calving process were compared according to breed, year of calving and whether they were first-calf or older cows. The analysis of the data showed a significantly high incidence of the desired calving process in the Charolais breed, up to 99,28 %. Czech Fleckvieh showed a higher incidence of unwanted calving, which was 1,72 %. It also has been proven that older cows calving process was better than heifers. In the analysis of the year of calving, its influence on the course of calving wasn’t proven.

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