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Environmental security of the Russian Federation in the context of climate change
Samyltyrova, Madina ; Jelen, Libor (advisor) ; Frantál, Bohumil (referee)
The thesis examines the concept of environmental security in Russia from the perspectives of politics and law, the academic sphere, business entities, and media. The theoretical basis was built on the works of authors who contributed to expanding the security concept regarding environmental threats. The practical part consists of discourse, content, and thematic analysis. It was found that the concept of environmental security in Russia is currently under development and encompasses not only ecological but also political and economic aspects. The scientific community plays a key role in incorporating new threats into the concept of environmental security. While the government of the Russian Federation and the business sector acknowledge the importance of environmental security, their roles are somewhat limited. International standards and commitments in the field of climate change are crucial for the state and business entities. However, the state does not provide significant assistance to companies in this regard. The government responds well to events such as accidents or pollution resulting from private sector activities. However, the elimination of negative impacts on the environment does not always occur. Presumably, some companies operating within significant sectors in Russia can communicate...
Prioritization of the Chairman's Roles in the European Union: A Comparison of the Behaviour of the 2022 French and Czech Presidencies in the Field of Environmental Policy
Moserová, Natálie ; Karlas, Jan (advisor) ; Kučerová, Irah (referee)
The roles played by Council presidencies are a pertinent area to study, yet it has been insufficiently explored. The Czech Republic has recently experienced its second presidency in the Council which ended in December 2022. It has followed the French presidency, the first state of the same trio. This gives us a unique occasion to study the prioritization of chairman's roles by comparing the behaviour of these two members of one trio presidency presidencies at all levels of the Council for Environment. The legislative files in environmental area were intensively negotiated during the French and Czech presidencies, especially the "Fit for 55" package. Based on the theories on specific activities connected to each role of presidency (political leader, mediator, manager and representant), we analyse these roles and the way by which the consecutive French and Czech presidencies have played them in environmental field. We compare the role prioritization of these chairmen based on the weight attached to individual roles (except for the representant role) by the presidencies. A complementary part of the thesis investigates diverse factors derived from the rationalist approach (the power of the country, the approach to environmental policy, French presidential elections) and sociological approach...
The Study of Ecologic Project for Environment in Czech Republic
Jánský, David ; Tesař, Rostislav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The thesis focuses to approaching to actual trends and attitudes in sphere of environmental protection in relation to sustainable development. It describes present policy approach in Czech Republic at sphere of environmental and its cooperation with states of Europe. In the thesis is designed fractional ecologic project.
Ecological Study of the Project for Environmental Protection
Jánský, David ; Tesař, Rostislav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The thesis focuses to approaching to achal trends and attitudes in sphere of environmental protection in relation to sustainable development. It describes present policy approach in Czech Republic at sphere of environmental and its cooperation with states of Europe. In the thesis is designed fictional ecologic project.
Green growth in the Czech Republic selected indicators
Český statistický úřad
The publication consists of a text added by tables and graphs describing a set of indicators suitable for the assessment and description of "green growth" in the Czech Republic according to the following topics: socio-economic context, monitoring environmental and resource productivity/ intensity, natural asset base, environmental quality of life, economic opportunities and policy responses.
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Analysis of normative instruments of regulation within ecological policy on the example of EU Directive on industrial emissions.
Turková, Andrea ; Geuss, Erik (advisor) ; Branžovský, Antonín (referee)
Within the frame of the ecological policy, there exists a number of instruments for a protection of environment and to solve problems related to it. Single types of instruments are established on diferent principles which leads to long-lasting arguments of economists on fitness or unfitness for purpose. At the application of administrative instruments of regulation, as it is described by neoclassical economy theory, a question arises, if this strict solution is effective and practical in light of meeting targets of the environmental policy. Arguments which hold the view that the EU Directive on industrial emissions in the metallurgy sector implementation, as an above mentioned administrative instrument, is effective and practical can be displaced in case of comparison with well set alternative instrument - marketable emission licences.
EU´s Environmental Policy with focus on funding of endangered species protection and their return to the nature in the Strategy 2014-2020
Hudáková, Vendula
This diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of financing of EU`s environmental policy with focus on the field of endangered species protection. The evaluation of the present state of financing the environmental policy within EU is elaborated with the emphasis on the oncoming Strategy 2014-2020 and current expenses for environmental issues within EU financed from the EU`s budget. Based on the analysis of the current situation of funding of endangered species protection in EU, the proposal for funding on supranational level within EU was elaborated with further recommendation for management of policy of endangered species protection by common policy of EU member states in future.
Voluntary agreements in the environment - advantages and disadvantages
The diploma thesis topic is Voluntary agreements in the environment problems and advantages. The theoretical part describes how the attitude to the environment was developing, from the restrictive regulations to the first voluntary attitudes. The part of the thesis is devoted to the problems of the environment´s valuation because one of the tasks of the voluntary agreements is the effort to internalize externalities. For this the valuation of the environment is needed, which is problematic. At first the voluntary attitudes to the environmental protection are described in general and there are voluntary agreements that are described more in detail. The practical part is devoted to the problems of voluntary agreements in the Czech Republic. All voluntary agreements made in the Czech Republic are described. These particular agreements are assessed according to their results whether they fulfilled their purpose because of which they had been made. The component of the practical part is also a questionnaire which was to be filled in by companies which have been using some voluntary attitude, e.g. EMAS, ecolabeling or some voluntary agreement. In the conclusion the attitude of The Ministry of the Environment to the voluntary agreements is assessed as well as the effect of the voluntary agreements in the Czech Republic itself.
Posouzení účinnosti a efektivnosti postupu poskytování finančních prostředků v rámci programů PPK‚ revitalizace říčních systémů‚ ze SFŽP pro PPPP a projekty v rámci Fondu soudržnosti
Poradenství - organizace řízení a ekonomika, Komňa, Bojkovice ; Drgáč, Lubomír
Auditní a rozborová zpráva pro MŽP ČR odbor ekologie krajiny a lesa Rozbor stávajících postupů realizace uvedených dotačních programů z pohledu podobných osvědčených systémů (např. EN ISO 9001, EN 45011...), návrh postupu, který umožní snadnou pochopitelnost všemi uživateli a uživatelská vstřícnost programu, nezbytné náležitosti žádosti a příloh, optimalizace účinné vazby na právní předpisy vytvářející legislativní rámec fungování daného programu, procesní správnost, jednoduchost a průhlednost administrativního procesu, vhodné nastavení a evidence kritérií z hlediska posuzování, rozhodování a kontroly žádostí a zpětného vyhodnocování programu.

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