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Návrh kavárny s obytným podkrovím
Němečková, Monika
The aim of the final thesis is to design a café with attic flat for family with four members. Each of these flats have a separate entrance. The café is barrier free. The building is designed as detached house with the form of wooden frame structure with the gable roof. Composition of structures meets the requirements for low energy buildings. For the external constructions is done thermal assessment. The architectural design drawings are supplemented by the necessary detail drawings and manufacturings with technical descriptions. The thesis also includes the comparison of materials used for roofing.
Karolinka – Návrh obytného podkroví rodinného domu
Podešvová, Michaela
The main part of the thesis is to consider the use of the under-roof space of a particular single-storey detached house in Karolinka while respecting existing disposition restrictions such as fixed stairwells, roof pillars and chimneys. As a first step it was necessary to surveying the object which was followed by determining structures of the individual load-bearing structures. Considering founded facts, 5 individual studies of the layout and spatial design of the attic space were designed, which also solves the continuity in the 1st floor. After selecting the most suitable solution, the basic drawing documentation was prepared. Part of the thesis is the calculation of the thermal technical solution including calculations of the heat transfer coefficient for the perimeter wall and roof and the design of the individual compositions so the meet the requirements of the valid standard. At the end of the work are discussed natural variants of attic space lighting.
Dřevostavba rodinného domu s využitelným podkrovím
Dvořák, Martin
Bachelor thesis deals with the design of the family house with the main construction system made of wood. The proposed building does not relate to a particular plot, so it will be possible to implement it in any place that will meet the specified construction requirements. For the proposed family house individual alternatives are made, each one of these is selected and designed in detail. The selection takes into account both the author's opinion and the public's opinion as potential investors. For the proposed house drawing documentation with description of construction will be made. The realized construction will solve the usability of attic space for living.
Řešení úložného nábytkového systému v podkroví
Vrzalová, Iveta
Bachalor 's study is focusing for proposal, vizualization and especially for manufactu-ring of storage space in attic room. Manufacturing will be carry out by Truhlářství Jaro-slav Vlček which provide me special equipment, space and help. Goal of this study is manufacturing suitable storage system which satisfy requirements of owners and also fit into interier.Formula clause:yes
Detached house with a car workshop
Svoboda, Petr ; Osička, Jan (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with design of detached house with car workshop in Zhoř u Mladé Vožice. It consits of two detached buildings without cellar on a plain ground. The house is L-shaped with one ground floor and attic. This building is made as a one unit made for four family members with option of accomodation of guests. The house is designed as a single layer clay masonry without thermal insulation with a pitched purlin roof. The building of the car workshop has got only one ground floor and it has a rectangular shape. In the front section there is the car workshop and the back section is a base for workers. The building is designed from clay masonry with a additional thermal insulation. The roof is made from truss girders.
Detached house with a workshop
Márová, Aneta ; Jelínková, Barbora (referee) ; Jelínek, Petr (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor‘s thesis is processing of a project documentation of a new building of detached house with a workshop – design office with facilities. The building is located in the inner city of Hradec Králové on a flat plot. This detached house has no basement. There is ground floor and residential attic. Building has a irregular plan with the biggest proportions 14,32 m x 15,32 m with height of main ridge 7,66 m. This main roof truss covers double storey part of house and roof slope is 30°. Single storey part of house is covered by mono-pitched roof with roof slope 12°. At the southwest wall of building is huge terrace with a sitting. It is accesible from living room. Whole object surrounds by garden with new trees and bushes. Near to entering the building is a little pond. At the northeastern part of plot is a small parking place. Layout of house is adapted for four-membered family. An important part of the house is a design office enabling work from home. This building is middle size. There are rooms like living room, guest room, facilities and garage. Covered entrance to wind lobby is situated in the northeastern part of the plot. From this wind lobby is possible to acces to design office or staircase hall which is situated at ground floor in the center part of house. At the southeast part of house is situated guest room and utility room. At the southwest is a huge living room with dining area and kitchen which is center of social life of the familly. Northwest part of house is intended for facilities, pantry, registry, storage and garage. At attic is situated bedrooms with dressing rooms and sanitary facilities, gaming-room and storage.
Detached house with a workshop
Dubecký, Tomáš ; Jelínková, Barbora (referee) ; Jelínek, Petr (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to design and elaboration a project documentation for a family house with an establishment (travel agency), which is located on plot no. 240 in Rosice near Brno. The family house is designed as a two storey with residential attic. The first floor is used for work and the second floor is used as a relax zone. At the northwest side of the family house is designed the establishment - travel agency. Entrance to the family house and establishment is situated at the northeast side of the object, where is also a garage. Before the entrance there are two parking place for customers. Residential part of the building is at the east and the southeast side of the object. Establishment – travel agency is oriented at the northwest side. The selected land for this building is flat, detached and located on plot no. 240 in Rosice near Brno. The entrance to the family house and establishment - travel agency is designed as a barrier free. The building will be based on concrete foundation strips made of C16/20 concrete. The perimeter walls on the first floor and the second floor are designed by Ytong load-bearing masonry. Ceiling structures are ceramic ceilings from the Porotherm system. The roof over family house is designed as a saddle roof and the roof over garage is designed as a counter roof. The building is insulated by Isover contact insulation system.
Cathedral today
Kovář, Martin ; Mléčka, Jan (referee) ; Štěpán, Marek (advisor)
The content of the work is ideas solution for the roof of the Notre-Dame in Paris, after the destroying fire in 2019. Main idea is to create garret space for spiritual people, which used to meet, study and pray without the contact with the tourists and fill in the gap after the old tower above the crossing. Concept based on the original garret, which was only for service. The idea is coming especially from the simplicity and effectivity of the old garret and pointing on some of his elements. Space under the roof should be simple according to the first floor of the cathedral. The function is reflecting simplicity of the spaces with the respect to historical cathedral. Garret is designed for spiritual people, who are working in Notre-Dame and makes a space for them, which will be calm place for meditation. For this purpose are there cells for individual studying, library, common space and chapel. Connecting and meeting point in the same time between the ground, garett and higher power is sanctuary. This part is getting light to the ground floor.
Newly-built of boarding house in Velke Karlovice
Sedláček, Radek ; Nováková, Eva (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is a design of new building boarding house with attic flat in Velké Karlovice. House has eight flats and house is designed for temporary accommodation, the capacity is maximum 20 guests. The object is situated on a large and almost a flat land at parcel no. 3640/1. Pension is detached building. The main entrance and arrival is oriented in the northern part of the building. Plan dimensions of the house are 9,5×15 m and 10×15 m. Vertical constructions are made of ceramic bricks of Porotherm, ceiling construction is designed using technology of Spiroll. Stairs construction is a precast element. The building is roofed by saddle roof with purlins.

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