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Detection of plagiatorism in software projects in the BDS course
Szymutko, Marek ; Přinosil, Jiří (referee) ; Šeda, Pavel (advisor)
Plagiarism is a widespread problem, which can be fought by prevention or detection methods. This thesis contains a summary of plagiarism detection methods through automated means. To parse source code, an open-source abstract syntax tree compiler was employed. The functionality of this compiler was demonstrated in this thesis. To reduce the mutual visibility of students’ projects, a proposal for the submission process was created. GitLab cloud service was employed for this purpose. Initialization of these students’ spaces is performed via Bash scripts. Other scripts to archive and create spaces for groups of students in the GitLab service were also created. A similarity-detecting tool was created in Python programming language. This tool was specialized to be employed in the subject BPC-BDS for the detection of plagiarism in students’ assignments written in Java or Python. It can also be used in other subjects though. For similarity detection, numerical metrics and abstract syntax trees were used. The comparison output of the projects and their individual parts is represented with integer value and outputted into a tabular file of the format xlsx. This thesis also summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of the implemented solution and lists problems that were encountered in the process of implementation. A case study about plagiarism in the subject BDS in the academic year 2022/2023 is also included in this thesis.
Detection of Duplicates in Huge Web Databases
Sadloň, Vladimír ; Galamboš, Leo (advisor) ; Kopecký, Michal (referee)
This master thesis analyses the methods used for duplicity document detection and possibilities of their integration with a web search engine. It offers an overview of commonly used methods, from which it chooses the method of approximation of the Jaccard similarity measure in combination with shingling. The chosen method is adapted for implementation in the Egothor web search engine environment. The aim of the thesis is to present this implementation, describe its features, and find the most suitable parameters for the detection to run in real time. An important feature of the described method is also the possibility to make dynamic changes over the collection of indexed documents.
Rozpoznávání podobností zdrojových kódů v systému Anton
Všianský, Richard
The bachelor thesis deals with the implementation of an extension to the system Anton, which can recognize similarities across source codes in PHP. The basis for the extension is the algorithm Greedy String Tiling. The solution shows the results of comparison both numerically and graphically. The solution was tested on illustrative data as well as actual data from teaching.
Testování systémů pro detekci plagiátorství
Mudra, Jan
The content of the bachelor thesis is to test and evaluate the results of selected plagiarism detection systems. In the work, 17 plagiarism detection systems were tested over a test set in Czech in various forms of plagiarism and various camouflage practices. The bachelor thesis was part of the international project Testing Support Tools for Plagiarism Detection (TeSToP) which tests plagiarism detection systems in several languages.
Enhancing Academic Integrity
Höklová, Veronika
Academic Integrity is a serious topic that has been recently very much discussed. The most of the research that has been conducted comes mainly from English speaking countries. Literature research explains the notion of Academic Integrity and its forms that are most often violated. It also describes what changes can contribute to the fact that Academic Integrity is respected more. In the practical part I conducted a survey among Czech students for this research. The data I am describing in this thesis regard building Academic Integrity at Czech universities. I collected the total of 25O entries. Thanks to the questionnaire we can see how a student perceives the concept of Academic Integrity and what they have to say regarding this subject. In addition, we conducted a semi-structured questionnaire with eight academic staff members at the Faculty of Business Economics of Mendel University in Brno. This thesis shows us much more regarding the topic of Academic Integrity and how it is perceived. The last part analysed the current state at university and there is propose of a strategic plan for building Academic Integrity.
Využití explicitní sémantické analýzy pro detekci podobností ve zdrojových kódech
Všianský, Richard
This diploma thesis deals with using of explicit semantic analysis for detection similarities in source codes in the context of plagiarism. For building a semantic interpreter 40 829 Wikipedia articles were used and the analysis was tested on 25 specially created documents using plagiarism techniques and 5 downloaded documents. The dataset was consisted of five languages: Java, Javascript, PHP, C++ and Python. Another dataset of 15 documents was used for testing random matches. It was demonstrated that the analysis is capable for the given dataset do detect similarities among different languages. Greedy String Tiling algorithm was used to refine the results and together with the explicit semantic analysis is implemented in the system Anton.
Plagiarism in the opinions of FRDIS students
Herbočková, Lucie
In the last decade, plagiarism is a frequent form of misconduct in the academic environment in the Czech Republic. The aim of this study was to analyze the attitudes toward, perceptions of, and understanding of plagiarism among students of the Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies, Mendel University in Brno. The questionnaire was administered between May and July 2018 to 249 students enrolled in the Summer Semester 2017/2018 at the FRDIS, including students of Bachelor and Master Study programs. The findings indicated that citation literacy and awareness of plagiarism have been briefly discussed in the faculty’s curriculum. The knowledge and understanding of plagiarism among respondents were quite high; however, many students are still intentionally plagiarizing. One of the main problems is the lack of citation ethics education every study year, which brings a high level of uncertainty in students’ minds. The respondents lacked comprehensive information about and solutions for the issues of citation ethics and plagiarism. There is a need to introduce a plagiarism policy and its consequences as well as shedding more light on citation ethics in general. Moreover, it is crucial to create materials, including lectures, courses, and online manuals to help students feel more confident while referring to citation sources.
Detection of source code plagiarism
Bláhová, Barbora ; Harabiš, Vratislav (referee) ; Kašpar, Jakub (advisor)
The purpose of this thesis is to introduce the matters of plagiarism of source codes and to suggest methods, that will be used to create the original plagiarism detector. Theoretical part of the thesis states the definitions and the most common methods of plagiarism, both in general and in source codes. Furthermore it presents already existing types of the detectors and states principals, according to which the detection can be performed. Practical part deals with implementation of detecton and it´s testing.
Detection of similarity in program codes
Maťašová, Kristýna ; Vítek, Martin (referee) ; Kašpar, Jakub (advisor)
The Bachelor introduces the concept of plagiarism and possible kinds of plagiarism. It focuses on the problem of detecting the similarity of source codes, especially with graphical interfaces in the MATLAB environment. It also describes already existing detectors. The practical part of thesis is focused on finding appropriate flags for detection of similarity in source codes and introduces the metric of detected flags. It also describes the internal logic of created detector of similarity and discusses the results of its testing.
Plagiarism detection in programme codes
Skoupilová, Alena ; Vítek, Martin (referee) ; Kašpar, Jakub (advisor)
The main goal of this thesis is to introduce the meaning of plagiarism and its types and occuration in academic field in form of textual plagiarism and mainly source-code plagiarism. Thesis also introduces principals and types of source-code plagiarism detection and introduces existing detecting tools. A detector for computing source-code similarity based on detection and counting chosen attributes is being realized and described. Reability of the detector is tested within students’ projects database.

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