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Influence of plasma activated water on fungal diseases
Moskvina, Anastasia ; Krčma, František (referee) ; Kozáková, Zdenka (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on influence of plasma treated water on fungal diseases. The theoretical part is dedicated to plasma-liquid interactions, properties and application of plasma activated water and its influence on different microorganisms. Plasma activated water contains reactive oxygen species which cause inactivation of living cells, making it a potential sterilizer. The experimental part of this work compares the effectiveness of three plasma treated water preparation techniques. Dielectric barrier discharge system was used to activate water above its surface. For the under the surface activation, a two-electrode system of both alternating and direct current was used. Plasma treated water was then used to prepare a suspended mixture with Aspergillus niger spores. The latter was then cultivated on agar plates for 72 hours. The overall effect was evaluated in amounts of colony forming units. The experimentally obtained data was processed and discussed in the results and discussion section of the thesis. It was found that the underwater surface activation had more significant effect on mold deactivation, which corresponds with the information contained in the theoretical part. Although the effect of dielectric barrier discharge was not as promising, all three methods used led to a decrease of colony forming units in comparison to the non-treated control sample.
Vliv zkrmování mykotoxinů na histologii tenkého střeva potkanů
Zouharová, Marcela
This thesis is about study of effect mykotoxine on histology small intestine. Experiment was made on 3 groups with rats. This groups were feeding 28 days moldy feed about different concentration. After the end of the experiment were taken sample of duodenum, illeum and jejunum. From the samples taken, the villi height and width were measured in each part of the small intestine. Averages were calculated from the measured values and the results were plotted in graphs. The results show that feeding of mycotoxins leads to stimulation growth intestine villi in rats
The issue of biotic attack of ETICS
Těžká, Adéla ; Žák,, Antonín (referee) ; Žižková, Nikol (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of biotic attack of ETICS contact insulation systems. The theoretical part is focused on the individual components of ETICS, both from the point of view of materials and from the point of view of individual steps. In addition, there are organisms that cause biotic attack on facades. The practical part deals with the possibilities of testing the resistance of the surface treatment of ETICS against biotic attack, both in laboratory conditions and in the exterior.
Evaluation of actual structural and technical condition of the family house
Jarnot, Martin ; Láník, Jaromír (referee) ; Schmid, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the theoretical part by construction and technical research. In the practical part, a basic diagnostic survey is carried out on the object of the family house, identification and description of the defects and disorders found and their evaluation.
Probiotické mikroorganismy v masné výrobě
Zelinková, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis is about molded fermented meat products and the possibility to use the probiotic organisms on the surface of these products. The molds can form desirable and undesirable effects. One of the undesirable effect is the fact that the molds can form toxic second metabolites. The molds are used as a coverage on the fermented meat products to form specific sensory substances. Probiotics are microorganisms which confer health benefits to the digestive tract of their host. Any microorganism capable of surviving in the digestive tract of host, tolerate stres and keep such effect can be considered a candidate.
Organoleptické defekty vína zpôsobené plesňami
Peško, Jakub
This thesis dealt with the issue of an impact of mildew on wine quality. It clarifies the negative effects of mold which already occur in vineyard on grape bunches and the rest of the vine bush. It also explains that the mold is not getting into the wine only from mold infected grapes but also during the wine making and wine improving in cellar management. The thesis analyzes the characteristics and impacts of mold secondary metabolites and their wine quality affecting changes. It further describes a method of determination of certain substances that affect organoleptic wine characteristics and even threaten a human health.
Risk analysis of pest infestation of wooden structures
Brada, Stanislav ; Hunková,, Veronika (referee) ; Šebesta, Petr (advisor)
The thesis deals with risks of defect occurrences in a wood construction. Wood constructions and their parts are exposed to a number of negative factors influencing their lifetime. The aim of the thesis is to give an outline of risks of defect occurrences in a wood construction attacked by pests and propose measures for their elimination.. These steps are closely described in the individual parts and processes. Part of the thesis is the FMEA analysis, resulting in appropriate chemical protection, a factor considered before incorporation into the construction. The analysis and its outcomes are important for improvement of the wood construction lifetime.
Problems of flusing tank in terms of temperature and humidity
Vlach, František ; Gabzdyl, Milan ; Deutsch, Martin
The current theme of civil engineering is energy saving building and wholesomeness of internal spaces. This article deals with illustration the thermal processes in the tank flush. Part of the text contain measurement that gives idea of the studied element of plumbing.
HVAC systems for sustainable buildings
Švub, Oldřich ; Rubina, Aleš (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with relationship between the sustainability of buildings and indoor climate. The aim of the diploma thesis was to design the air conditioning system for operating theaters. In the experimental part the aim was to provide total microorganisms counts and total count of micromycetes on samples taken from filters. The work is divided into three parts: theoretical, design and experiment.
Assessement of reasons of facade attack with external thermal contact insulation system (etics)
Zvěřina, Aleš
The fasade biotic attack with external thermal contact insulation system (ETICS) can occure due to many different reasons. There are often reasons which relate to humidity in building construction, it determinatives for fungus grow. But often is dismiss, that spare of fungus are placed at nearest surroundings of assesmented ETICS and with humidity dotation attack overlying surface of ETICS in risk places of building. The goal of article is to show procedures and methods including diagnostics methods of assessement of concrete building which was insulated in 2010.

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