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Řízení zásob v rodinném pivovaru Hodonínský vojáček
Pančochářová, Nikola
PANČOCHÁŘOVÁ, N. Inventory management at the family brewery Hodonínský vojáček Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2016. This bachelor thesis deals with issues of inventory management at the family brewery calls Hodoníský vojáček. First part of this theses focuses on theoretical basis. It deals with the general theory of stocks and analysis of the whole process of inventory management with emphasis on the individual management systems and models. The second part deals with characteristics of a company and the current stocks. Using analysis of ABC, stock items are divided into three groups according to their importance. The model EOQ is applied to items A and it detects values of optimal quantities. Finally, the current and optimal values are compared, and the recommendations for effective inventory management of these items are suggested in the conclusion.
Vývoj pivovarnictví v Olomouckém kraji
Knosová, Lucie
This Bachelor's thesis deals with evolution of the beer industry in region of Olomouc. The purpose of this work is to characterize chosen breweries in this region and analyze their economic growth. Analyzed beer factories in this region are Zubr a.s., Litovel a.s. a Holba a.s. The focus of this analysis is aimed on ownership structure, technologies used in the production, final products and also on the economic analysis (profit, shareholder structure and selected financial ratios, etc.). I have also used model of financial distress prediction and economic comparison between mentioned beer factories. The final results have been evaluated based on two main criteria. Based on chosen criteria brewery Holba has been rewarded as most profitable company of all. Also, Holba has shown as one of the best in IN index.
Klíčové faktory výkonnosti podniku v odvětví pivovarnictví
Máčalová, Pavlína
The objective of this diploma thesis is to propose measures that will lead to a positive development of economic value added in the brewing industry. The literature review is focused on general issues of financial management and evaluation of company performance. The economic value added is specified in more detail. In the part of the sectoral analysis, the specifics of the brewing industry are discussed using selected methods. For the analytical part of the thesis, a research sample of enterprises from the brewing sector is chosen using a criterion selection. In the context of financial management, an analysis of selected ratio indicators is carried out. To identify the key factors influencing the economic value added, a panel regression analysis is selected, within which an EVA decomposition model is estimated and which also complements the model of selected ratio indicators. For the conclusion, recommendations based on the results of the analyses performed are formulated.
Marketingový mix vybraného minipivovaru
This bachelor thesis deals with an analysis of the marketing mix of Minibrewery U Stočesů. The work is divided into two parts - the theoretical and the practical part. In the theoretical part are knowledge from literary sources about brewing and basic information about the minibrewing industry are processed. It also describes the individually components of the 4P marketing mix and other possible marketing mix concepts. The practical part describes the introduction and characteristics of minibrewery U Stočesů and the analysis of its marketing mix. The aim of the work is to evaluate the individual components of the 4P marketing mix, compare with other minibreweries and propose changes for the future that would lead to improvements.
Assessment of the Current Marketing Communication of a Business Company
This diploma thesis is focused on the company DUDÁK - Měšťanský pivovar Strakonice a.s. The goal is to assess the current marketing communication of the business from a perspective of chosen factors and to propose prospective changes. Primary data was collected from an online-based questionnaire. It was a quantitative method of research with non-probability sampling. The questionnaire was made with beer drinkers in mind, thus persons older than 18. The questions were focused on marketing communication in general, some also concerning the Dudák brewery itself. Results of the collected questionnaires were used as a base for assessment of the brewery's current marketing communication. Based on this analysis, individual measures leading to improvement of market communication were proposed.
The town Rakovník economy during the first half of the 17th century
The thesis describe the income and outcome sources and their structure on the bases of the surviving town administration books and the burgomaster registers. It evaluates the chapters of the town Rakovník economy during the first half of the 17th century.
Trendy v českém pivovarnictví
This diploma thesis focuses on trends in Czech beer industry. Diploma thesis is divided in two parts: the literary research and the practical part. The literary research part deals with the history of beer industry in the world and in the Czech republic. Its also describes raw materials for beer production, different types of beer and the sociological methods for survey. The practical part analysis the provided data from the Samson brewery and it evaluates interview acquired from the responsible persons employed in surveyed breweries. In the end of this diploma thesis we summarized the results of survey and of the practical part.
Raw materials for beer production - history and present and their benefits for human health
NOHEJL, Vlastimil
This bachelor's thesis outlines the evolution of brewing from its outset to the present time. The aspects of production, processing, division, and composition of raw brewing materials are described in detail as well as the possibility of using alternative plant components to create non-traditional beers. The next chapter outlines the process of beer production with the emphasis on the individual technological operations and the importance of mashing temperatures. Since beer is a natural, nutritionally rich, fermented beverage, the final part of the thesis examines its health benefits.
The analyses of environment in brewing industry
MARŠÍK, Dominik
The bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of internal and external environment of two companies from brewing industry. The aim is to evaluate the current state of companies by using chosen analyses. The thesis is concretrated on the issue of strategic management and also gives a detailed description of used methods and analyses such as PESTLE analysis, Porter´s model of five forces, SWOT analysis and financial methods. Moreover it is based on describing these companies, theirs activities, history and using mentioned methods and analyses for the comparison these breweries. The information gained by analyses is applied for evaluating current strategies with suggestion of current strategies changes. In conclusion formulating new strategies for possible future development.
Small regional breweries (South Bohemian Region).
Brewing in the Czech Republic has a very long tradition and the Czech Republic rightly ranks among the world's most respected beer producers. In recent years, also due to the posi-tive economic situation and developed tourism, the popularity and the development of small craft breweries has been dynamically growing. Therefore, microbrewery is one of the most developing industries in the Czech Republic. This bachelor thesis focuses on small breweries in the South Bohemia, on their production and forms of distribution. The questionnaire survey in the practical part of this thesis focuses on obtaining basic information from the owners and head brewers about the management and production of breweries. Small breweries in the South Bohemia are presented individually. The second questionnaire survey focuses on the consumer's view and opinions regarding the production of small regional breweries, also in connection with tourism.

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