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Vývoj aktivních a pasivních bezpečnostních prvků osobních automobilů
Kubín, Tomáš
In my bachelor thesis I deal with issues of active and passive safety of cars. In the introductory part I deal with the historical development of the safety of motor vehicles and the basic division of security elements. In the second part I present requirements for compliance with homologation regulations in the field of vehicle safety. In the next part the bachelor thesis focuses on the current elements of active and passive security. In the last part of my work, I describe the trends in passive safety of cars.
Automated Design of Screwed Grating Made of Galvanized Pipes
Hůlka, Radek ; Mrázek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis is analyzing problematics of designing screwed grating made of galvanized pipes and fittings. The main goal is to study the problems of designing screwed grating and similar problems. Then continues with description of the algorithm design, its implementation and testing.
Overview and Utilization of Small Modular Reactors
Křeček, Tomáš ; Števanka, Kamil (referee) ; Katovský, Karel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with an auspicious type of new nuclear reactors – small modular reactors (SMR). It defines the basic qualities of SMR and their essential differences among large nuclear reactors, briefly evaluates the individual advantages and disadvantages. It summarizes the history and current direction of their development in the most active countries. In the bachelor's thesis are also discusses the most advanced propositions of SMR and the possibilities of their use. In the last part is analysis of the usability of SMR in the energy mixture and the possibilities of application in the Czechia.
Comprehensive System for Road Accident Analysis - Collision Between Vehicle and Motorcycle
Slepánek, Petr ; Kolíbal, Zdeněk (referee) ; Drahotský, Ivo (referee) ; Kropáč, František (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
This dissertation describes the issue of a complex system for analyzing the collision of a motorcycle with another vehicle and suggests a suitable methodology for solving this type of traffic accident. It summarizes the current knowledge in the field of motorcycle accidents withother vehicles, including their statistics and categorization. The author statistically evaluates accidents by their causes and proposes a methodology for solving individual types of motorcycle collisions with vehicles. To supplement and refine the input data for the analysis of road accidents involving motorcycles, a set of author’s own measurements made on different types of motorcycles is included. The thesis contains measurements of their acceleration, deceleration and avoidance maneuvers. Other actual contributions of the thesis are represented also by flowcharts, offering a comprehensive approach to solving individual types of colissions of motorcycles with other vehicles.
Effect of Velocity of Impact Loading to Stress, Deformation and Durability of Component of Fuel Car System
Dobeš, Martin ; Horyl, Petr (referee) ; Návrat, Tomáš (referee) ; Petruška, Jindřich (advisor)
Passive safety is a well-known term. This term can be further categorized into different topics of the car passive safety, restraint systems, safety assistants (ABS, ESP, ASR, etc.). One of these topics is passive safety of the fuel system. Safety and tightness of the fuel system must be guaranteed even under non-standard conditions, for example a collision against a fixed obstacle. This issue is not often mentioned in the field of car safety. It is considered a standard. Passive safety of the fuel system is often ensured using various interesting technical solutions and devices, usually patented ones. The development of these solutions is supported by numerical simulations in different stages of development process. The doctoral thesis deals with impact loading of the plastic components of the fuel system, in particular Fuel Supply Module (FSM), which is mounted inside the fuel tank. The flange is the most important part of the fuel supply module from the car safety point of view. The flange closes FSM on the external side of the fuel tank. The thesis focuses on the finite element analysis of the complete or partial FSM, and the flange itself during impact loading. The main objective of this thesis are numerical material models, taking into account important aspects of the mechanical behavior of polymer materials during impact loading. There are a lot of ad hoc invented or standardized experiments described in this thesis. These experiments are used for estimation of the material parameters or comparison of numerical analysis vs real conditions, or tests. The solver LS-DYNA was mainly used for numerical simulations. The final results of this thesis brings new quantified knowledge about behavior of the Typical Semi-Crystal Polymer (TSCP), not only for impact loading. The practical part of this thesis defines new methodology for the numerical simulation approach of impact loading for FSM. This methodology is directly usable for new product development. A lot of numerical material models were developed and tested. The best results were achieved using numerical material model *MAT_24 with combination of *MAT_ADD_EROSION card. The limits and parameters for this numerical material model was estimated empirically during conducting experiments. The numerical material model SAMP-1 was partly solved in this doctoral thesis, but more detail study will be given in future works.
Aktivní a pasivní bezpečnost automobilů
Dobiáš, Jan
The bachelor thesis deals with active and passive safety features of cars. In the first part describes the history of these safety features. The second part deals with the biomechanics related to vehicle safety. The third part describes the various active and passive safety features, with an emphasis on restraint systems. In the fourth part briefly introduces the methodology of evaluation of the safety car. And at the end indicates the expected future development of security features.
Passive safety of vehicles with a focus on incompatible impacts.
Tulach, Pavel ; Kovanda, Jan (advisor)
This dissertation describes in detail the issue of passive safety related to the biomechanics of injuries and crash tests processed as well. Statistics of accidents for the last 10 years, which show the maximum and minimum numbers of accidents and fatalities, are presented in the first chapter, "Overview of the current state of solved problematice. There is also briefly defined legislative relationship between the driver, as road users on the one hand and vulnerable pedestrians on the other hand. The issue of injury biomechanics and especially the serious injuries of body parts (organs) are elaborated in relevant chapter. Methodological part of the thesis described and analyzed data from previously crash tests and serve as a basis for comparison with other experimental tests. Other tests means tests performed on the shock chamber. After evaluation and processing of measured data is to identify and describe the limits of the load, which is the human body when exposed to incompatible impact.
Analysis of the electronic driving assistants
Vinecký, Radek ; Pexa, Martin (advisor) ; Pavlů, Jindřich (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with active and passive safety systems in the automotive industry. The thesis describes the individual components of active and passive vehicle safety. The individual chapter deeply analyzes the most commonly used electronic driving assistants with a description of the individual parts and principles of the operation systems and their influence on the behavior and performance of vehicle. It also describes some sensors cooperating with the driving safety assistants. At the end of this chapter is described a future electronic driving assistant. Within the statistic of the road safety was executed an analysis of the accidents in the years from 2000 to 2015 and evaluated a current trend of the accidents in relation with constantly increasing number of the registered vehicles. The conclusion evaluates the general view of road traffic safety.
Design of strain gauge devices for safety belts load measuring
Lontras, Martin ; Jebáček, Ivo (referee) ; Mališ, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design, produce and experimentally verified measuring device for measuring force in seatbelt, by using strain gages. First are discussed possibilities of measuring force by using device placed in between two parts of seat belt or in anchor point. These suggestions were not accepted for various reasons. Therefore is further described girder, which belt slightly deflected so that part of the load is transferred to the strain gauge measuring element. As default concept is choosen aluminum U-profile, in which is placed measuring mechanism. There are performed calculations of basic geometry and stress control. Then is described manufacturing and calibration on universal testing machine. In conclusion is realized measuring of the force in seat belt, which is loaded by shock force, occasioned by dropping weights from a certain height, which simulates the behavior of the belt and gauge during a crash test.
Comprehensive System for Road Accident Analysis - Collision Between Vehicle and Motorcycle
Slepánek, Petr ; Kolíbal, Zdeněk (referee) ; Drahotský, Ivo (referee) ; Kropáč, František (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
The thesis describes the problems of a complex system for analysis of road accidents, specifically the methodology for solving the collision between vehicle and motorcycle. There are statistics described motorcycle accidents, motorcycle safety features, the basic types of collision positions between vehicles and motorcycles, design methodology for solving with traffic accidents between vehicles and motorcycles. The work is performed a set of different measurements used to supplement and refine the input data for the analysis of road accidents involving motorcycles. The work contains data obtained from measurements.

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