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Zhodnocení možností zpracování přebytků manga na malých farmách v Ghaně
Ohnheiser, Michal
Ohnheiser, Michal. Evaluation of the possibilities of processing mango surpluses on small farms in Ghana. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2021. The presented bachelor thesis deals with the issue of mango wasting on a specific farm in the Greater Accra Region in a developing country, Ghana. In the theoretical part of the final thesis, the author defines the basic topics closely related to the issue. The reader is acquainted with the agricultural sector and its basic functions, agricultural markets, added value by agricultural crops and a description of the agricultural commodity mango. The practical part contains the basic economic, demographic and climatic characteristics of the Republic of Ghana. Central to this part is the draft business plan, which presents the possibilities of processing unused mango surpluses in the form of mango jam production and possible socio-economic impacts in the area of the production.
The impact of value addition to fresh mangoes on the Socio-economic development of small scale mango farmers in Ghana
Jašková, Ivana
This diploma thesis aims to analyse the possibilities of processing the mangoes that farmers in Ghana regularly discard. Furthermore, it demonstrates, that by adding a value to the mango processing industry, the income of a farmer in Ghana could be considerably increased, leading to higher standard of living. The practical part of the thesis is based on literature research and introduces a business plan for the mango jam production in the Eastern Region, using simple and technologically undemanding processes. The study also provides economic calculations and overall project assessment. The estimated socioeconomic impacts of processing the mango surplus on the farmer can be found at the end of the thesis.
Company Costs and Connection with the Labour Productivity
This bachelor's thesis focuses on analysis of costs development in relation to labour productivity. Calculations of the labour productivity are performed on the whole-company as well as on the production cost center base and results are given in-kind and in-cash. Based on the analysed development of labour productivity, the causes of year-on-year changes in personnel costs are identified. At the end of the work, possible solutions are proposed to increase the level of labour productivity and reduce costs in the monitored company.
Value Added - Accounts nad Economical Aspects
Intention of this work is to draw closer accounting and economic aspects of value added. Value added is the value, which has increased a given output by own activity of an enterprise in comparison to the previous level. Information about its extent gives accountancy. Value added is a criterion how top executives manage given resources. At the same time it serves as base for calculation of gross domestic product (GDP), which is measuring economic efficiency of a country.This project consists of three thematic parts. The first part deals with accountancy. There are accountant standards, final accounts and connected financial statements. Furthemore there is calculation of value added cleared up.The second part deals with internal structure of enterprise. For the best achieving effect of value added, besides suitable technology, there is also very important the price setting. On this account there is a chapter devoting to calculation making. The third part is focused on economic accountancy. It describes standards of national accountancy, system of national accounts and data acquisition needed for calculation of macro-economic index. Methods are named for GDP calculation of which base makes value added.At the end of the work there are enclosures relating to particular themes and describing the work in detail.
Economic Aspects of Process Innovation in an Enterprise
Bilík, Adam ; Gregor, Ondřej (referee) ; Bočková, Nina (advisor)
The presented bachelor thesis deals with the assessment of selected economic aspects of the established process innovation in the field of production digitalization in the selected company. The economic benefits of innovation for the company were formulated on the basis of the economic indicators results evaluation. The analysis and evaluation of the implemented process innovation in a broader context clearly shows that the specific process innovation in the field of production digitalization has become a significant benefit for the company, as it has a positive impact on the company as well as on its employees and future direction. Digitization in general thus represents a clear trend that the analysed society intends to continue.
Návrh optimalizácie výrobného procesu vo vybranom podniku
Pašková, Barbora
This thesis deals with the optimization of the production process in a selected company. The aim is to suggest appropriate solutions to optimize production processes by using industrial engineering methods. The theoretical part is focused on Lean management, lean manufacturing and industrial engineering. The main part describes and evaluates the current state of the workplace. It contains miniaudits of the workplace, process analysis, images of the working day and Spaghetti diagrams, which are essential for development of proposals to improve the processes. These tools helped to identify and define the types of waste and their causes. Process optimization on the selected line of the company was conducted by workshop. This method is regarded as one of the fastest methods to solve problems which are not very time consuming and difficult.
Zavedení štíhlé výroby do strojírenského podniku
Černý, Adam
The thesis deals with an implementation of lean management, which is goal is stablize and increase work production in corporation. Intention this thesis is identify waste of production and assembly. Next step is proposal measure for more efective on this process. The first part contains about developlment Lean manufactoring, methods and principles. And the end this part is focused on next tools which are important for finally implementation. In the second part is an analysis in selected process. Then follows detail analysis main poblems and focused on elimination trouble. In last part this thesis is on the basis of obtained in-formations is economic evaluation.
Využití marketingových principů v oblasti agrobyznysu: výstřel do tmy, nebo cesta zpět k přidané hodnotě v zemědělské prvovýrobě
Glosová, Hana
This Bachelor thesis deals with the interconnection of agriculture and marketing. The basic question is whether the interconnection of these two areas can give new opportunities for the entrepreneur to create value-added products. In the theoretical part are defined the basic concepts related to this issue. The practical part consists of research, which is focused on entrepreneurial subjects. First, in-terviews are conducted with small family farms. Furthermore, with companies producing traditional largescale production. The conclusion is a comparison of these two different groups and a comparison of their marketing strategy. This is followed by a questionnaire survey focused on purchasing needs of buyers and their view on the current state of Czech agriculture.
Analýza obchodních vztahů mezi státy Visegrádské skupiny a Čínou
Lieberzeitová, Petra
The theoretical part of this thesis focuses on the topics: foreign trade and bilateral relations. Another theoretical topic is an outline of the establishment of the Visegrad Group and its bilateral cooperation with the People's Democratic Republic of China. The analytical part describes the development of trade relations by macroeconomic indicators: export, import and trade balance. Based on the comparative advantage of the sub-commodity groups of the V4 countries, it compares whether commodities with a comparative advantage are the same, for which the volume of exports to China is increasing. Finally, the thesis deals with added value and its share in the volume of exports of V4 countries to China. Based on the above analysis, it is evaluated whether trade between the Visegrad Group countries and China contributes to the development of the domestic economies of individual V4 countries.
Added value of tourism in particular region (Českokrumlovsko)
Main aim of this diploma thesis was to apply a standard methodology for calculating economic impacts of the value added of tourism in this region, based on an analysis of tourism performance in the district of Český Krumlov. Partial aim was to identify regional barriers caused by problematic data and suggest possible measures that need to be taken inevitably.

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