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The technological stage of the rough substructure of OÚ Ostrá
Kholodniak, Marko ; Doubek, Rostislav (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on the implementation and reconstruction of the lower gross structure of the municipal office in Ostrá. The original building has one underground floor, one above ground floor and a non-residential floor. The building is based in a flat manner on the foundation strips, the vertical load-bearing structures are made of full-burnt bricks, the horizontal load-bearing structures above the 1.PP are formed by a monolithic beam ceiling and a reinforced concrete slab supplemented with a steel beam. The extension will have one above-ground floor and one underground floor. The extension will be based on a base plate supplemented with foundation belts around the perimeter of the base plate, which, however, will not have a load-bearing function. The vertical supporting structures will be completely covered with the POROTHERM system, the ceiling above the 1st PP extension will be ŽB monolithic. The work contains a technical report with a focus on the selected technological stage, the situation of the building with wider traffic relations of the transport routes, a list of measures, a technological regulation for the implementation of foundation structures, a drawing and report of the construction site equipment, a time schedule, a design of the machine assembly, an inspection and test plan for the implementation of the foundation construction, safety and health protection at work.
Restoration of the Renaissance Town Hall in Hostěradice
Kuncová, Daniela ; Mikeš, Stanislav (referee) ; Guzdek, Adam (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is the restoration of the Renaissance town hall in Hostěradice. The documentation is based on an architectural study processed within the subject BGA036 Restoration of Monuments. The town hall is located in the centre of the square of Hostěradice. It is its dominant feature. It is a very old renaissance building. The town hall is surrounded by a road on the south and west side. The rest of the building is located in the park, which is also subject to restoration. It is a two-storey building with a gable roof. On the north side, the town hall is connected to a newer building. The town hall is currently not in use. The Renaissance town hall probably consists of two Gothic houses, which were later combined into one. The town hall dates back to the 16th century. At the beginning of the 17th century the town hall burnt down as a result of an attack by Swedish troops. At the beginning of the 19th century a granary was built here. Later, a cinema hall was built here, and at the end of the 20th century a bathroom was added. In recent years, the town hall has not been used, but its surroundings have been renovated. The whole of the Town Hall and its current additions will not be significantly affected. The later additions will also be retained, creating a varied spectacle in the courtyard. A lift and spiral staircase is proposed for the interior of the Town Hall. In the northern part of the redeveloped site, an extension in the form of classical houses with gabled roofs is proposed, here there will be space for services and a doctor's flat. The whole development will retain a classic village character.
Restoration of the renaissance town hall in Hostěradice
Naušová, Kateřina ; Muroň, Ivo (referee) ; Ležatka, Lukáš (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor's thesis was to prepare the documentation for the building permit and part of the documentation for the execution of constructions based on the architectural study, which was processed in the subject BGA036 - Monument restoration studio. The theme of the studio work was to reflect on the appropriate use of a valuable and important building in the historical core of the village of Hostěradice and to create an architectural study. I proposed the following concept. The building should serve as a multi-functional object, that's why I focused on the corresponding function: hairdresser, club rooms, manicure, pedicure, gym and gym. When restoring the object, they proceed synthetically. I am looking into quality and preservation individual elements. I try to highlight the best of each element. If an element has not been preserved, but still had its quality, I recall it in a new light. Either a replica or in a modern concept.
The manor house Boskovice
Podivínská, Adéla ; ing.arch. Lukáš Ležatka, Ph.D (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Švecová, Táňa (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is based on studio project created in the summer semester of the second year of undergraduate studies. The task was the renewal solutions and new use of the building with a loft, currently unused, the building of the Manor house in Boskovice. Manor house is located in a conservation area near the center of Boskovice, district Blansko. This historically protected building complex of farm Boskovice castle is a valuable urban property. After a fire in 1823 was rebuilt, but its appearance has remained virtually unchanged. The biggest change has passed the east wing, which was built a new roof, and arcades were walled up. Currently, the building unused and falling into disrepair. The courtyard is overgrown gas distributor greenery and paved areas are in a state of devastation. The aim was to restore the place of its historical value and use of the building to the public for recreation and leisure activities. In its current form and historically valuable buildings renaissance details will not be interfered with in any way, and nothing will be demolished, but in the context of the return of state in historical terms, it is about restoring monuments. Outbuildings were designed with understated approach so as to not disrupt the architectural structures countenance, but they gave him a new modern concept. The material on these new features is the corroded steel. It was a merger of the two approaches to architecture in a different century. The building consists of a deck above the newly exploited attic for accommodation and part of the basement is also three separate cellars. Existing structures will be redeveloped. Construction work will be carried out mainly in the context of treatment available, change sanitary rooms, new loft conversion and conversion use. The proposed functional content manor house after reconstruction and completion is predominantly public, there will be a library, catering, accommodation and facilities for leisure acti
Storage hall
Ščudla, Pavel ; Kalánek, Jiří (referee) ; Ostrý, Milan (advisor)
The master´s thesis on the topic Storage hall is processed in the form of project documentation for the realization of the new building. This building is projected on a plot 2828/108, 2828/106, 2828/105, 2828/104, 2828/222 and 2828/107 in the cadastral area Brno – Cernovice. This building is adjoined to the existing production hall and is divided into two parts. This parts are storage and administration. The administrative part has two floors and includes office space and hygienic facilities for own employees. The storage part is determined for storing of plastic products.
Renewal of a social house in Zlobice
Dobeš, Jan ; Muroň, Ivo (referee) ; Ležatka, Lukáš (advisor) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the reconstruction of a historic building in the village of Zlobice and the addition of a municipal office together with premises for technical services of the village. This project is a continuation of the subject AG034 Studio of Architectural Creation 4 - restoration of monuments. The solved object was built in the 1920s. Originally, it had only one floor. It is located in the heart of the original village. It is part of a terraced development of country houses. At the turn of the 20th and 21st century, a part with a bathroom and an apartment for the administrator was added to the building. During this period, the second floor was rebuilt and 3 apartments were built here, one of which is in very good, well-preserved condition. The design seeks to complete the courtyard of the building to its original condition according to historical documents. The extension with bathroom and apartment for the administrator will be removed. It will be replaced by the municipal office building and the technical services building, which is perpendicular to the office. The first floor of the historic building will be used for social and representative events of the village. One room is reserved for the clubhouse. The second floor of the historic building will have the village as a possible social housing. The largest apartment is reserved for the building manager. The courtyard is closed by a building that serves the purposes of the adjacent park. The former forest park was transformed into two areas separated by a path. On one side are residential terraces. On other side, an auditorium and parquet space is created for possible outdoor events.
Steel Load-bearing Structure of a Car Showroom and Repair Centre
Thomanková, Lucie ; Buchta, Stanislav (referee) ; Bajer, Miroslav (advisor)
Diploma thesis includes design and examination of steel load-carrying structure. Construction includes car deal warehouse and car repair shop with extension for car varnishing. Car deal warehouse has ground dimensions 22 x 30 m and total high 10 m. Main frame is composed of Vierendeel trusses with arc shape. Car repair shop has ground dimensions 20 x 30 m and total high 10 m. Main frame is composed of truss girders and web-plate columns. Frame extension has ground dimension 20 x 10 m and total high 6,4 m. Cladding is composed of sandwich panels. Store´s gable wall and a part of the roof are glass. Climatic load is intended for locality Ostrava.
Multipurpose Building in Rousínov
Grubl, David ; Novák,, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The basis of this bachelor‘s thesis is the architectural study completed in summer semester of the second year of my bachelor’s studies. The theme was to design reconstruction of the former post office and to design extension of a new multipurpose building. The location of the former post office and new extension is on the east side of Sušilovo Square in Rousinov, in Vyškov district. The idea was to combine appropriately former post office in baroque style with new extension. The former post office is on the list of cultural monuments of Czech Republic and is being dilapidated. During the reconstruction was designed some functional and layout changes and it was also necessary to replace the existing mansard roof, because of decaying insects. The new extension is a paraphrase of the classic rural gabled houses in minimalist‘s style and harmoniously complements Sušilovo Square. These 2 buildings will be linked by building connection with a flat roof, due to a operational purposes. Among the buildings is designed the half-atrium space, based on the historical context and offers a pleasant space to rest. In the former post office is designed a new housing, tourist information center with exhibition space. At the extension is situated a cafe on the ground floor with wonderful view towards Sušilovo Square and towards half-atrium space. Culture hall is located on the first floor with sanitary facilities for guests.The adjacent park on the east side of the former post office keeps the original trees and encourages passers-by to rest.
Obrusníková, Magdalena ; Mašek, Radomír (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The main aim of the diploma thesis is the revitalization of the site Horečky in Beskydy mountains, which contains several abandoned buildings. In the introduction, the work provides an analysis in the wider context and comes up with a concept of urban strategy on the larger scale. The main item of the urban and architectural study itself is a complex of existing buildings called Pantata, Marianka and Panimama and their setting in the terraced hilly landscape. The first necessary step is purging the buildings of nonconceptual extensions, which were added in the past. The function, which was chosen based on the outcome of the analysis part is a recreational accommodation facility oriented on educational school trips and alternative forms of experience-based educational methods. The building Pantáta gets to be the main center of the function itself and the 3rd and 4th stock is designed as additional accommodation facility. The building is also complemented with an extension building located in the terrace in the sloping-down terrain. This spatial concept also enables expansion of the exterior space in front of the historical building. The building Marianka is designed to be the main accommodation facility. The building Panimama is removed and a forest-cabin accommodation area is designed at the plot as another alternative way of staying in nature. There are also other landscape interventions and pavilions designed within the thesis project.
Moravský Krumlov, the Transformation of the Late Court and Jail Building into the Cultural and Social Center
Zach, Jakub ; Kunc, Ing Petr (referee) ; Keith, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The project addresses the reconstruction and extension of the former municipal court and the prison, which are located in the center of the Moravský Krumlov on the corner to T. G. Masaryk square and Smetana street. The aim is to achieve new capabilities and use of objects, these objects merge into one unit and simultaneously revitalize the city center Moravský Krumlov. Both objects are currently connected to the new public passages, which will be placed on the desktop of the current courtyard between the buildings. This passage should induce a sense of connection with nature surrounding the city and to the concept of a roof carrier system simulating the passage surrounding forests. After the reconstruction of the building will offer new spaces for leisure services, urban center and a dignified and representative for the town library. It also includes a new restaurant and popular today as part of its own microbrewery restaurant.

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