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Non-profit organizations and their position in the Czech formal and informal Education
Dvořák, David ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Vincejová, Eva (referee)
Topic of the diploma thesis is the position of nonprofit and contributory organizations in czech formal and informal education. The theoretical part describes the position of nonprofit organizations in formal and informal education. Attention is paid to definition of the terms non-profit and contributory organization, the concepts of formal and informal education and the laws regulating the action of non-profit and contributory organizations in the field of education in the Czech Republic. In the practical part, the qualitative survey is realized, focused on the position of nonprofit and contributory organizations in the field of formal and informal education from the perspective of their directors. The research based of semi- structured interviews with directors of the nonprofit organizations finds what positive an negative effects influences activities of the stated organizations in formal and informal education and how is the cooperation with state authorities. Among the most important findings is, that the nonprofit sector is fully established in both formal and informal education in the Czech Republic, the availibility of grants is good, although the administrative burden is very high. Another important finding is, that the directors are mostly satisfied with the state of nonprofit sector in...
Most frequent deficiencies in the management of selected governmental organizations established by Středočeský kraj
Sajdlová, Šárka ; Zeman, Pavel (advisor) ; Marková, Jana (referee)
The Final Dissertation is oriented on economy of organisations established by District. The theoretical part describes control as one of the management tools, dividing of the public control to outside and inside part and legislative framework of the public budgetary control. The practical part of the Dissertation brings an overview of the most often and repeating faults in economy of the organisations established by the District of Central Bohemia (several types of schools and school type of organisations) based on research evaluation of the a audit documentation. The target of Dissertation is to draw attention to consequences of the fault operations which can be finding in organisations economy. There was found (by analysis and solution comparison of the single audit protocols) that most often faults were in areas of accounting, stocktaking, internal audit system, creating and using funds and internal directives. Generally there is possible to claim that there is no improvement in organisations economy during the analysed five years period and there are still the same long term faults. There are only a few areas where slight improvement is achieved. It implies a necessity to set up and keep internal control system, to monitor changes in legislation and continuously train the responsible employees.
Komercializace a její vliv na ekonomiku středních škol
Kozumplíková, Veronika
The work deals with the influence of commercialization on the economy of secondary schools. The aim of this work is to determine the volume of commercialization, i.e. the amount of incomes which comes from additional activities, also in relation to various fields of education, to secondary schools. It is also aimed at determining whether these incomes are a complement to or a substitute for current incomes of secondary schools and what the motives for carrying out additional activities are. The theoretical part of the work deals with education in the Czech Republic and then is focused on secondary education and the financing of secondary education. It also deals with the commercialization process and its influence on the public sector. The practical part of the work analyses the volume and structure of the commercial activities of secondary schools of the South Moravian Region and also studies the scope of business activities and motives for commercializing of selected secondary schools. The results obtained are then evaluated.
Consolidated view of the indebtedness of regions in the Czech Republic
The aim of the thesis is to assess the state and development of indebtedness of territorial self-governing units in the Czech Republic with regard to the sustainability of public finances. The first part of this work is focused on the definition of basic terms related to this issue. The methodology contains the methods and procedures that will be used in the results section. In the result section was calculated the annual growth rate of debt of regions, the ratio of debt to average revenues or debt per capita The result section is divided into 3 parts. The first part deals with the development of debt of the regions of the Czech Republic, including contributory organizations established by them in the years 2003 - 2017. The debt of all regions of the Czech Republic is assessed together, which gives an overall view of the state and dynamics of the debt. The second part analyzes the debt of individual regions in the Czech Republic. The monitored period is 2010 - 2017. In the last part, debt consolidation occurs. Consolidated debt consists of the debt of individual regions of the Czech Republic and the debt of contributory organizations that establish the regions, as well as the debts of commercial corporations that the regions set up. Consolidated debt is assessed for 2013-2017.
Financing of a Primary School as a Contributory Organization
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to analye the financial sources of the selected contributory organization, to evaluate the current situation of the school and to suggest possible improvements.The thesis starts with literary research, to clarify basic concepts and processes, which are related to financing non-profit organisations. Then the selected contributory organization, the primary school Chrášťany, is introduced. In the next part the incomes and expenses of the organization from the years 2014-2018 are analysed in detail. The bachelor thesis is mainly focused on the analysis of the financial sources, so the individual incomes of the organization are analysed in detail. The incomes were assessed according to their providers as well as the share of the individual incomes in the relation to the whole. The main activity as well as the complementary activity was described and evaluated. Individual expenses of the school's budget and their share in the total expenditure were also analysed. Subsequently, the outcomes of the management of the chosen contributory organization from the individual years were evaluated and the cause of those outcomes was analysed. Lastly, the SWOT analysis, which evaluates strenghts and weaknesses at the same time mentions opportunities and threats, was used to evaluate the current situation of the school.Improvements of the current situation and their closer specifications are suggested in the discussion.

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