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Power - plant
Studený, Jan ; Severa, Zdeněk (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
The "POWER - PLANT" deals with the rehabilitation of the former Central Power Conversion and Dale Schoeller (Nejedly I and III) in the village Libušín Mine. Will be newly designed for building the power plant technology with progressive fluidized bed boiler to biomass steam turbine with an output of 7 MW and absorption (trigeneration) unit producing heat, cooling and electricity, which also will function as a cooler primary circuits. The source of water for the power plant will not only former mining pit Nejedlý I which is currently flooded drinking water at about 12 ° C. This system uses high efficiency embedded fuel (biomass), which is ultimately required less. A greater proportion of electricity generated and part of the heat will be distributed to the public network. In most areas will be proposed publicly accessible greenhouses of steel-aluminum construction filled ETFE foil forming the heat insulating membrane filled with air. The reason is to create conditions for the cultivation of tropical and subtropical plants. Greenhouses will be connected to the absorption unit power (underground meanders through which water will circulate), the ventilation shaft mine and mine water - therefore it will be possible to manage the conditions of the internal environment of the building without the influence of the season and especially without mounting other technological devices. It will provide for cooperation with the absorption unit for cooling the primary circuit - therefore eliminating the need for cooling towers or fans. The project will build a detached departments of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Prague - Institute of progressive technologies and systems for energy and the Faculty of Agronomy and Natural Resources CULS. The reason is to allow students and scientists actively and in practice mainly participate in the operation and especially the development of the issue. The public in the area besides themselves open to the greenhouses indoor and outdoor thermal swimming. Part of the entrance hall is a bistro and foremost lecture hall. The aim is decentralized botanical-energy complex of buildings that produce electricity, heat, cooling, and biomass, and creating recreational, educational and research conditions.
Naturkulturstadt Brno Židenice – Garden vineyards
Lietavová, Veronika ; Sedlák, Jan (referee) ; Kiszka, Josef (advisor)
The topic of diploma thesis is an ideological processing of a conception which will allow for a gradual transformation of a gardening colony to a place of primary living and improvement of pedestrian passages, because the area is inaccessible nowadays. The goal of this proposal is not a controlled and sudden change of the whole area it is the opposite of that, it leaves space for the autopoetic growth of the area. The proposal introduces new complementary functions in important points of the area, centres, from which not only the area of Židenický kopec will profit, but also other parts of the city of Brno. New functions respect the tradition of cultivation and gardening in the area, which is deeply rooted in this location and brings new forms of production of crops, thanks to which the districts of Židenice and Vinohrady can become more autonomous in the future. The focal point of the diploma project is a proposal of one of the chosen areas derived from urbanistic conception. The project of research centre with food production at the top of the Židenický kopec, which will become an “ecological lighthouse”, a new way of effective cultivation of crops using technology to obtain natural resources and improvement of sustainability of cities. Together with the gardening colony the research centre will allow the inhabitants of Židenice and Vinohrady an access to locally sourced food and will increase the awareness about many aspects of growth and the source of the food.
Business Plan for the Establisment of the Company Led Garden
Lehar, Adam ; Krobot, Richard (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the evaluation of the business plan to found a company for all seasons indoor growing of herbs and other plants under artificial lighting. For lighting will be used LED lights technology. Due this the name of the company will be named LED GARDEN. The thesis follows the current situation on the local market in order to evaluate the economic attractiveness of the project.
Design of Hydroponic Flowerpot
Grygerek, Jan ; Buganská, Tamara (referee) ; Sládek, Josef (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor's thesis is the design of an interior hydroponic flowerpot, including its covering and lighting. The main problematic is light smog and finding the smallest possible optimal size of the entire device. Physical laws, passive principles and materials with specific properties are used to find the solution. Particularly, light smog is achived with a dichroic foil. The proposed design of the hydroponic planter is an ideal solution for people living in smaller apartments without the possibility of having their own garden.
Možnosti pěstování hub v České republice
Ochonský, Petr
This thesis examines the diversity of cultivated mushrooms available in the Czech Republic, their growth conditions, and the economics of their cultivation. Data for the study were collected through a questionnaire, a field survey, and interviews with mushroom growers in the Czech Republic, including a visit to a mushroom farm. The findings revealed a diverse range of cultivated mushrooms available in the domestic market. However, public knowledge about various cultivated mushroom species and their importance is limited. The survey found that 82.98% of people consume mushrooms. Their average consumption in the Czech Republic is 2.4 kg/person/year. The most well-known cultivated mushrooms in the Czech Republic include Agaricus bisporus (98.94%), Pleurotus ostreatus (93.62%), shiitake (29.79%), truffle (21.99%), and Auricularia auricula-judae (18.44%). The survey shows that increasing the population's awareness of mushrooms and their importance will be appropriate. The economic demands of cultivating oyster mushrooms have shown that it is costly and not very profitable. Last but 8 not least, it is also necessary to deal with the possibilities of using mushrooms in various sectors.
Determination of plants of the Bromeliaceae family and their growing in the Botanical garden in Tábor
This diploma thesis deals with determining plants from the Bromeliaceae family in the Botanical Garden in Tábor. The collection of bromeliads in the original greenhouse has not yet been completely determined. Due to the overall reconstruction of the garden planned for 2024, the original greenhouse will also be reconstructed, and a new exhibition of plants of the Bromeliaceae family will be created here, in which their determination and proposal for cultivation according to the outputs of this diploma thesis will be applied. With the help of professional literature and articles, their determination, evaluation of their health status, and a proposal for improving the conditions for their cultivation in the newly reconstructed greenhouse of the Tábor Botanical Garden will be provided.
Effect of sowing way on production parameters of spring poppy
This diploma thesis compares the influence of different methods of poppy seeding on its production and quality parameters. The evaluation was based on a literature search and an operational trial, where the spring poppy variety MS Harlekýn was sown in different ways. The final results did not show a significant difference in poppy parameters between sowing with harrows and without harrows. Poppy sown with harrows achieved a real yield of 1.34 t/ha, poppy sown without harrows achieved a real yield of 1.12 t/ha. In the conclusion, findings and recommendations based on the results of the experiment are summarized.
Ekonomická efektivita pratotechniky při pěstování a sklizni píce
This bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of pratotechnics. The work is focused on the effect of grassland treatment on the yield of forage from the land. Furthermore, it is focused on the economic efficiency of the treatment of grasslands during the culti-vation and harvesting of fodder.
Zmapování aktuálního sortimentu PIWI odrůd v evropských zemích
Beneš, Radek
This thesis was made at the Institute of viticulture and enology at the Faculty of Horticulture Mendel University in the years 2014/2015. This work is focused on mapping the current situation of cultivated varieties of grapes with a focus on Piwi varieties in selected European countries. The work also formed information on the history of breeding these varieties in our country and the world. The work describes the current stretch of vineyards in the individual countries and also most commonly grown varieties in these countries. Furthermore, the work focuses on the characterization of selected cultivars and compilation of the final table, which allows the selection of different varieties for planting.
Pěstování a odrůdový sortiment papriky roční
Suvorova, Mariya
Suvorova, M., Cultivation and variety of annual peppers. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2021. The bachelor's thesis deals with the cultivation of a selected assortment of annual pepper (Capsicum annuum L.). The aim of the thesis is to describe the growing technology and agricultural technology, including protection against diseases and pests and to determine the growth and yield indicators for a selected range of annual peppers. The first part of the thesis is focused on the elaboration of a literature review related to the origin of the species, botanical characteristics, habitat requirements, cultivation technology and assortment of varieties. The second part contains a description of an experimental experiment in the cultivation of peppers with subsequent measurement and evaluation of yield indicators. The results obtained during the experiment were tabulated and explained. The final part of the thesis is devoted to the discussion of the results and comparison with the results from previous years.

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