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Role daní a poplatků v ekologizaci vozového parku
Vičarová, Dana
Diploma thesis provides evaluation of applications of environmental aspects in road motor vehicle taxation and charging, with special focus on passenger cars and motorcycles, in the European Union countries. Thesis presents comparative analysis of taxes and charges system applied within the acquisition, ownership and motoring of passenger cars and motorcycles in individual European Union countries. Integral part of the thesis aims to analyse vehicle fleets of European Union countries, with an emphasis on their state, composition and age. Four proposals for adjusting the road tax in the Czech Republic based on the environmental aspect – carbon dioxide emissions – are presented following the previously made surveys.
Růst smrku ztepilého v podmínkách globální změny klimatu.
Melich, Ján
Thesis analyse long-term effect of elevated CO2 on biomass of Norway spruce, depending on type of mixture (individual, group, monoculture) with European beech. Planting was realized to 2 glass domes (GD) on locality Biely Kríž in Moravian-Silesian Beskids. In first GD, concentration of CO2 was ambient (AC, ± 350 ppm) and in second GD elevated (EC, ± 700 ppm). After 8 years of cultivation, monoculture of Norway spruce achieved biggest average total biomass in conditions of EC and AC. However only single mixture had bigger average total biomass in conditions of EC compared to AC. In the group mixture and monoculture, average total biomass even insignificant decreased. This phenomenon called down-regulation of photosynthesis probably happened due to low nitrogen supply. Single mixture of spruce, with specie which has different architecture of root system could be appropriate adaptation measure on acidic stands.
The response of sessile oak and Norway spruce to expected climate change
Pozhidaeva, Daria
The global climate is a complex and constantly changing system. However, during the last decades, unprecedented changes have occurred. In this thesis, the response of two tree species – Norway spruce and sessile oak to the expected rise of CO2 concentration in atmosphere and interactions with nitrogen and water availability were studied. For this purpose, an experiment simulating these effects was conducted in experimental glassdomes located in experimental station Bílý Kříž (Bekydy Mountains). It included planting tree saplings in two glassdomes with different CO2 concentrations – ambient (approx. 400 ppm) and elevated (approx. 700 ppm), manipulated water availability during July and beginning of August (regular watering vs drought stress), and nitrogen fertilization (fertilized and non-fertilized) treatments. Physiological measurements (light-saturated CO2 assimilation, stomatal conductance, transpiration rate, water use efficiency, and chlorophyll index) and elemental analyses (carbon : nitrogen ratio) were conducted at the end of the drought stress period. An increase in CO2 assimilation under elevated CO2 concentration was observed in the sessile oak saplings, whereas the Norway spruce has shown no response or even a decline. Both species have shown an increase in the water use efficiency, especially in the water-limited treatment. However, an increase in transpiration and stomatal conductance was indicated in the case of the sessile oak, while Norway spruce has shown a decline in both parameters. The elemental stoichiometry (C:N) response to an elevated CO2 concentration of the tree species has been insignificant, except for the increase in C:N ratio in the sessile oak in both nitrogen-fertilized treatments and in Norway spruce only under lower nitrogen and sufficient water availability. The results have shown that for each tree species different responses to climate change can be expected, which is most likely affected by its ecological requirements. Therefore, in the case of forest management planning, it is important to take these requirements, as well as possible future changes in climate, into consideration.
Změna půdních vlastností v biovinohradnictví v porovnání s vinohradnictvím konvenčním
Tichá, Lenka
Main goal of my bachelor thesis is focused on new finding about soil, development, characteristics and also factors which have influenced it. There is also part which is pointed to differences of conventional viticulture and ecological viticulture and their soil characteristics. Major principles and goals are also mentioned in my thesis. In my practical experiments I studied comparisons between values of basic ethylene production and carbon dioxide which were coming from vineyards soil samples.
Využití suchého ledu v technologii vín révy vinné
Horníčková, Iva
Bachelor theses deals with application of dry ice in technology of grapevine wines. In the theoretical part phenolic substances are described, next the meaning of pre-fermentation maceration, factors affectiong maceration and the last part is focused on dry ice, its composition and production and purchase possibilities. The purpose of the theses is to find out the effect of cold maceration on resultant wines. Two red and two pink wines were produced, while one of them was made by cold maceration and the other one without cooling during maceration. In the case of cold variants, basic analytical parameter were measured during pre-fermentation maceration and sensory evaluation was performed for young wines. The results show that the Frankovka variety is cold maceration suitable for both, the rose and red variation of wines.
CO2 Sources and Emission Trading System
Valentová, Helena ; Sitek, Tomáš (referee) ; Elbl, Patrik (advisor)
This thesis deals with issues of carbon dioxide emissions, its sources and legislation related to emission trading. The first part of the thesis provides basic information about carbon dioxide and its production. The second part summarizes sectors that emit the most carbon dioxide. The last part describes the international legislation related to emission allowances and carbon trading.
Methods of CO2 separation from air, ways of its use and long-term storage
Kober, Ondřej ; Baláš, Marek (referee) ; Škorpík, Jiří (advisor)
Combustion of fossil fuels creates greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. The most important of these gases is carbon dioxide. Although it occurs naturally in the atmosphere, human emissions upset the balance of various natural processes. The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is to conduct a background research in the field of carbon dioxide capture, storage and utilization. The thesis also describes the role of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, its cycle and human influence on carbon dioxide concentration.
Biomass gasification with carbon dioxide
Klíma, David ; Milčák, Pavel (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the process of biomass gasification using mixture of CO and O2 as gasification agent. First part describes the gasification process itself, used devices, gasification medium and its influence on the generated gas. Following section covers the experimental part of the work, which is focused on change properties of the generated gas using different ratios of CO2, O2, H2O and air in the gasification mixture. This part also includes processing and evaluation of the results.
Ignition engine emissions
Semela, Lukáš ; Píštěk, Václav (referee) ; Kaplan, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis deals with emissions of ignition engines. The introduction acquaints the reader with the history and lays out the reasons why it is a crucial topic to be dealt with. Furthermore, the term emission is being explained as well as the description of its chemical composition, the impact on the environment and human organism. The method of measuring is also mentioned in this thesis. Then the explanation continues with European Union’s current legislation. The whole thesis is concluded with information on the additional modification of emissions and chapter that outlines the future of automobiles regarding the environment.
Cafe indoor air quality assesment
Jüthner, Ludvík ; Zíková, Naděžda (advisor) ; Mašková, Ludmila (referee)
Cafes are specific places with increasing popularity these days. However, the spaces used mainly for meetings, work or studying have not been yet explored in detail from the microclimate point of view, although suboptimal microclimatic conditions can have a negative effect not only on employees but also on customers. The bachelor thesis deals with an evaluation of air quality in coffee shops and juxtaposes its findings with the legislation that defines beneficial conditions for the particular environment. The aim of the thesis is to determine whether the values of temperature, relative moisture including the concentration of PM2,5 and carbon dioxide, based on an example of three specific coffee shops situated in the center of Prague, correspond with the acceptable standard quotes stipulated by the law. To that end, the author explores three assumptions: 1) the selected spaces are not strictly controlled by the Public Health Authority in comparison for instance with hospitals and therefore the recorded values do not correspond with the regulations, 2) the number of people worsens the CO2 values and 3) coffee shops with an entrance facing a busy street show a higher concentration of PM2,5. The results were achieved by experimental measuring in Winter months. The theoretical part defines the concept...

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