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Partnership and client approach in collaboration of family and school
Slancová, Ladislava ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (advisor) ; Vallin, Petra (referee)
The theoretical part deals with the importance of partnership and cooperation of family and school. It focuses on different forms and best educational climate for the students. Clarifies innovative communication during the time the schools werw closed. The empirical part deals with the research of communicational between parents and school within the chosen school. It uses the formo f a structured interview, focal group and questionnaires for parents and pedagogs. It maps the cooperation of the school with family during the normal operation and in time of distance learning. KEYWORDS school, teacher, family, student, family and school cooperation, first stage of elementary school, experience, opinions, questionnaire, partnership, client approach, distance learning
The Alternative Custody from the Point of View of Social Work
This bachelor's thesis deals with the phenomenon of joint custody. Purpose of this work is to find out what experience social workers have with parents who file or already have a child in joint custody and what tools social work offers in the area of helping families with joint custody. One specific research question was chosen. With this question, we researched with which problems social workers meet at parents who file for joint custody. This bachelor's thesis consist of two parts, theoretical and practical. The family, breakdown of a family, authority of social-law protection of children and joint custody was described in the theoretical part. Practical part deals with the research which was done via aplication of qualitative research. Questioning method and semistructured interview were used in keeping with this strategy. Afterwards data was evaluated via tracing method. Particular codes were than assigned to the categories and inputted into the table. Research showed that social workers' experience are pretty much the same. They concur in many things and differ on the other ones. Most of the responses were aimed at a child who is taken as the most important aspect of a process od filing for joint custody. This bachelor's thesis can be used by people who are interested in the problemacy of joint custody and who want to know more about this phenomenon from social workers point of view.
Unrelated Foster Care
This work deals with unrelated foster care. The aim is to find out the opinions and experiences of foster parents with unrelated foster care. Two research questions were chosen: 1. "What are the positives of foster care from the point of view of unrelated foster parents?" 2. "What are the negatives of foster care from the point of view of unrelated foster parents?" The work is divided into theoretical and practical part, where in the theoretical part were briefly described the institutes of substitute family care and the issue of foster care. Specifically, the motivation, distribution, benefits, rights and obligations, the mediation process, the termination of foster care, as well as the issue of accompaniment and the activities of social and legal protection bodies for children were described. I worked on the practical part using a qualitative strategy, questioning method and semi-structured interview technique. I conducted interviews with unrelated foster parents, which I addressed on the basis of the snowball sampling method. I evaluated the interviews using the open coding method, on the basis of which I created seven categories. Research has shown that foster parents have both positive and negative experiences with foster care. Based on the evaluated interviews, it was found that the foster care system would need to innovate in some areas. The results of the work can serve as a basis for further research or to improve the foster care system. They can also serve as a study material, but also as a guide for those interested in unrelated foster care.
Physical fitness Identification of members of the Czech athletic federation centres
Mrázková, Karolína ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Physical fitness identification of members of the Czech Athletic Federation Sport centres Objectives: The aim of the study is to find out whether coaches from the Sport centres of the Czech Athletic Federation understand the importance of the mandatory testing and monitor the motor and physical development of their athletes in other ways. Whether coaches are satisfied with the form of the mandatory testing and if they consciously influence the results of their athletes. Methods: To compile the theoretical part of this thesis, the method of literature research was used. The input data for the research was collected using an electronic questionnaire. The data was converted from the web form into an excel file and then statistically processed. Open-ended questions were evaluated individually. The evaluation of the results is demonstrated in graphs. Results: The evaluation of the questionnaire responses revealed that the majority of the coaches perceived the importance of the testing. Motivation for the mandatory testing is for them the opportunity to monitor motor and physical development of athletes. The importance of the testing was also confirmed by the fact that 78,18 % of the respondents also test athletes for their own purposes beyond the mandatory testing. Most coaches confirmed that...
Multicultural education among children in the first stage of primary school.
Škoudlínová, Simona ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Prokop, Jiří (referee)
Multicultural education in primary school is now increasingly part of formal education, influencing the learning environment and the relationships between the pupils themselves. This master thesis deals with the possibilities and pitfalls of multicultural education, what multiculture is, where it is heading, it also deals with project-based learning, which has great potential in teaching cross-cutting topics that are part of the curriculum, because it allows to look into the issue at hand from the perspective of different educational areas. There is also an insight into its implementation in school teaching, how it is integrated into various subjects in primary school teaching. The practical part is devoted to one of the very topical topics of multicultural education, i.e. integration of pupils with OMJ into the classroom collective. The opinions and attitudes of teachers who encounter this issue, which is very often encountered in multicultural education, and the results of this investigation, where teachers anonymously filled in a questionnaire, which I subsequently evaluated, are also expressed. To a lesser extent, the views and attitudes of pupils are also recorded here, which I also consider important; these are pupils in one 5th grade primary school, as they themselves perceive this ongoing...
Opinions on athletics and attitudes towards training children in athletic club Spartak Praha 4
Brezíková, Barbora ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Vindušková, Jitka (referee)
Thema works: Opinions on athletics and attitudes towards training children in athletic club Spartak Praha 4 Composed by: Barbora Brezíková Supervisor: PhDr. Aleš Kaplan, Ph.D. Aims: The aim is to identify the attitudes and opinions of children and their parents towards athletic preparation trainings at Spartak Praha 4. Specifically, I focused on the research of the attitudes of children towards trainings, whether the children are looking forward to training in athletic preparations and if trainings are aiming on developing sports skills of children in school age. An essential part of my research is to identify opinions of parents towards the activities of athletic preparations in the selected club. Methodology: This is a theoretical-empirical project including quantitative research. Identity and data collection was carried out using unstandardized survey, which was designed for children, their parents and trainers. Results: The research results show that the attitudes of children and their parents towards athletic preparations does not differ. Answers of observed groups were mostly positive. Children are satisfied with athletic preparations at Spartak Praha 4 and they are looking forward to have training. The survey showed that children's favorite sport is athletics and children are satisfied with...
Analysis of fertility postponement and recuperation in Czechia based on the cohort approach
Ženíšková, Aneta ; Kocourková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Fialová, Ludmila (referee)
The main objective of this work is a cohort analysis of postponement and recuperation of fertility in the Czech Republic after 1960. Two methods were used for this purpose - basic benchmark model and relational model. The essence of the basic benchmark model is comparison of cohort cumulative fertility deviations between chosen benchmark cohort of women and other cohorts. The relational model is based on the cohort cumulative fertility deviations of cohorts from the chosen cohort related to the schedule of national standard deviations. The significant shifts in the timing of childbearing were revealed. While the first order is characterized by early fertility decline and subsequent significant fertility recuperation, the second order is characterized by a further decrease in fertility with slight recuperation. However, fertility of third and higher order continues to decline and has been found out. practically no recuperation. The second part of this work describes the respondents' answers to questions about timing of parenting. The main findings are that decisions about parenting is most influenced by whether respondents have a suitable partner, private housing and are financially secure. Most respondents postpone the birth of their first child due to the absence of a suitable partner, resp....
Women opinions about the risks of alcohol and tabacco during pregnancy
Křehotová, Eva ; Váchová, Alena (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with women's views on the risks of alcohol and tobacco use in pregnancy. The theoretical part consists of three segments, which are closely related. The first section focuses on the course of pregnancy. It deals with a detailed description of individual trimesters up to childbirth. The second section focuses on alcohol and the third segment on tobacco use. These segments deal with statistics, characteristics, history, effects, and especially the impact of the addictive substances mentioned above on the development of the fetus and the subsequent health of the child. The practical part is based on a research survey, which took place in the form of a questionnaire. The practical part interprets the results of the questionnaire survey, which are shown in the form of pie and bar graphs. The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to find out the views of women on the risks of usage of alcohol and tobacco in pregnancy. The constituent objectives focus on the opinions of the interviewed women regarding information sources, prevention, and the level of awareness of the female population and the respondents themselves about the risks of alcohol and tobacco use in pregnancy. The research found that more than 3/4 of women surveyed do not agree with alcohol and tobacco use during...

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