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The approach of kindergarten pedagogues to children with school postponement
Petrů, Jana ; Procházková, Jana (advisor) ; Janošová, Pavlína (referee)
In the diploma thesis I concentrated on an approach of preschool teachers to children whose school attendance was postponed. Thesis is divided in two parts. In theoretical part I deal with a definition of school maturity and readiness, which are the basics to find child's troubles with postponement of school attendance. Then I delineate present situation in the Czech Republic - I define contemporary concept of preschools, I deal with compulsory school education and possibility of postponement of school attendance. In the last chapter of the theoretical part I concentrate on the approach of teachers and in sub-chapters I define activities and impact which they have. In empirical part I used a snowball sampling to approach some preschool teachers. Eleven teachers from Prague and Plzeň region have participated the research. After filling in questionnaires focused on individual children whose school attendance will be postponed, questions were adapted to the main research method - interview. Using thematical analysis I discovered various approaches of teachers to organizing forms of work, cooperation with parents, cooperation with specialists, documents in preschools, contemporary perspective of postponement of school attendance in the Czech Republic.
Support for reading pre-literacy in preparatory classes
Kolibíková, Eva ; Němec, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Marádová, Eva (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the support of reading preliteracy in preparatory classes. The theoretical part discusses literacy in general, reading literacy as its key domain and literacy as preparation for acquiring knowledge. The support role of family and preschool is defined. Further this thesis discusses preparatory classes, school maturity of pre-school children and postponement of compulsory school attendance as an indicator for admission to preparatory classes. The aim of this research was to find out how teachers support reading literacy in preparatory classes. Data was obtained through semi-structured interviews with teachers of preparatory classes for the school year 2017/2018. The research questions focused on the population of preparatory classes, methods and practices of teachers to support reading literacy, collaboration with other professionals and organizations supporting reading literacy and the tools used in teaching. The experiences of teachers of preparatory classes show that the respondents are interested in reading literacy and are knowledgeable in this issue. The educators are initiative during the classes and reading literacy is highly valued. It is considered to be of great importance mainly for the successful continuation of the pupils in education and school...
Analysis of impaired communication ability of children during the process of enrollment into regular elementary schools
Přikrylová, Zuzana ; Klenková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Kopečný, Petr (referee) ; Felcmanová, Lenka (referee)
TITLE: Analysis of impaired communication ability of children during the process of enrollment into regular elementary schools SUMMARY: The submitted rigorous work analyses and evaluates awareness of speech therapists, educators on ordinary primary schools, and educational - psychological consultants about the issue of impaired communication skills in children during the primary school enrolment. This theses is divided into two parts. The first part being the theory part covering the elaboration of specialised publications in the area of pedagogy and special pedagogy. The second part is empirical. It concentrates on analyses and evaluation of questionnaire research with the focus on children at primary school enrolment. It analyses the most common breached communication skill and further high-risk areas which occur in children at primary school enrolment the most. KEY WORDS: Postponement of compulsory school attendance, child of preschool age, enrollment for compulsory school attendance, school readiness, components of school readiness
Decision - making process of parents in the field of postponing the compulsory school attendance
Svobodová, Zuzana ; Greger, David (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee) ; Rašková, Miluše (referee)
This dissertation describes the decision-making process of parents in the field of postponing the compulsory school attendance or starting it on schedule. The qualitative research is based on an aggregate of 41 semi-structured interviews with parents and two focus groups, completed by subsequent observations and interviews with parents and teachers. The research goal consisted in illuminating the background of the high number of postponements in the Czech Republic, where every year about 20 % of children start in the first class a year later. The dissertation also provides insight on this topic in a comparative perspective and analyzes the initiation of compulsory education in selected European countries. The research results presented in the form of an established theory document that parents' decisions are based primarily on the needs of the family and especially of the need to be a good parent. The decision making is influenced also by the parents' attitude to the delay which has also impact on the weight being attached to other factors of the decision-making process, such as school maturity and individual areas of school readiness as well as the month of birth. During the decision-making process the experience of parents with enrolment in the first grade plays an important role as well. The...
Co-operation of kindergartens and school counselling service departments in the area of the postponement of compulsory school attendance
Stejskalová, Marta ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (advisor) ; Hladký, Jaromír (referee)
TITLE: Co-operation of kindergartens and school counselling service departments in the area of the postponement of compulsory school attendance AUTHOR: Marta Stejskalová DEPARTMENT: Centre Of School Management SUPERVISOR: RNDr. Jindřich Kitzberger ABSTRACT: Co-operation of kindergartens and school counselling service departments in the area of the postponement of compulsory school attendance is very important. Parents' decision whether the compulsory school attendance will be postponed or not, should never become a formal matter, whereas parents can cause their children considerable difficulties in the future education and subsequent life just through their unadvised approach. My final thesis consists of four chapters and is divided into theoretical and empirical parts. The theoretical part is based on the theoretical resources and the general characteristics of pre-primary education, school counselling service departments, also from the experiences of senior staff of kindergartens in the field of compulsory school attendance. It is based on the legal definitions of pre-primary education and school counselling service departments. The aim of the practical part of the final thesis was to map /through the quantitative research survey/ the problems of co-operation among the kindergarten, professional...
Readiness of Children to Start School in Cesky Brod Region
Stejskalová, Tereza ; Kropáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis concerns with the school readiness issue in region Cesky Brod. High number of children with compulsory school attendance postponement resists these days, which the government decided to solve with compulsory preprimary year implementation. When framework education programs came into force, schools drew up their own school education programs. The basis, with which they enter the school, diversified. The goal of the thesis is to determine the areas in which most children had problems during the first grade enrollments in Cesky Brod region. The readiness of children to enter school is studied also from the parents' and the teachers' point of view and their points of view are compared. The research combines three methods - observation, questionnaire and case history. For the research during the first grades enrollments the observation was chosen. On the basis of the theory the areas for observation were determined and assessed according to the chosen assessment criteria. The points of view of the parents and teachers were examined in the questionnaire. The areas in which the most children had difficulties during the first grades enrollments were graphomotory and speech development. The parents and the teachers also share this opinion. Weak attention span is mention, in addition, by...

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