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National parks regulation in the Czech Republic and the Kingdom of Spain
Krnáková, Eliška ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
1 Abstract Legal Regime of National Parks in the Czech Republic and the Kingdom of Spain National parks as traditional instruments of in situ nature protection, which ensure the protection of the most valuable natural values of the state, have long been a socially debated topic that deserves repeated attention. The fact that this is a current and fundamental issue is proved by the fact that both legal regulations examined in this thesis have undergone extensive changes. The Czech regulation of national parks was amended completely in 2017 and the Kingdom of Spain adopted a new law on national parks in 2014, also in response to a long-standing dispute between the autonomous regions and the central government over jurisdiction over specially protected areas. The aim of this work is to present and analyze the basic legal concept of national parks in the Kingdom of Spain and the Czech Republic, sources of legislation, tools used for nature protection, their anchoring in legislation and institutions related to the administration of national parks. Based on the performed analysis, a comparison of individual institutes is performed, their identical and different elements are evaluated and some changes de lege ferenda are proposed. This thesis is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter describes the...
Molluscs of Boulder Sites in Křivoklátsko PLA and Their Use in Education
Kebert, Tomáš
The work deals with molluscs as specific inhabitants of boulder sites in southern part of Křivoklátsko PLA. It discusses related questions and information sources connected with nature protection. The thesis describes molluscs as generally lesser known, but diverse group of animals with variety of ecological requirements. It shows the results of malacozoological site research performed using collection of leaf litter samples and compares them to previous works. It also examines how the topic could be incorporated in education. The work emphasizes the ecology of molluscs, whose knowledge can facilitate contextual thinking about various organisms and also is not confined to a narrow scope of biology. The thesis discusses various means of education and describes a general proposal of excursion to the place of interest. Keywords gastropods ecology excursion nature protection didactics
How do bird species richness and abundance differ between military training areas and surrounding landscape? A case study from the Hradiště military area
Bušek, Ondřej
Since the beginning of the 20th century human land use changed drastically in Central Europe. These changes included: homogenization of the landscape mosaic, intensification of agriculture, urbanization and land abandonment. In turn, these changes affected bird species and perhaps most significantly manifested in population decline of open habitat birds. Therefore, it is important to investigate sites, which were not affected by the changes mentioned above, such as military training areas (MTAs) - places dedicated to training of armed forces. Previous studies have shown that MTAs seem to host remarkably high bird diversity and abundant populations of bird species of conservation concern. This may be caused by two major factors. First, closure of MTAs to all human activies besides military training spared them of the landscape changes mentioned above. Second, the military training itself produces a very heterogeneous habitat mosaic that allows coexistence of many species with different ecological requirements. To my knowledge, no study compared bird assemblages between MTAs and surrounding landscape directly. At the same time, such data are crucial to assess the value of MTAs for bird conservation reliably and, as a consequence, they enable to think more deeply about mechanism generating this value....
National parks legislation of Czech Republic, Slovakia and USA
Čech, Denis ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
National parks legislation of Czech Republic, Slovakia and USA Abstract The thesis offers a look at the legal regulation of national parks in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the USA. The diploma thesis points out the legal instruments used for nature protection, especially in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It gives a picture of common as well as different ways, which were often inspired by each other in the creation of means of nature protection. The work is also focused on amendments to nature protection legislation and their gradual development over time. The content of the work is processed by a descriptive method combining legal regulations of different states. Formally divided into ten chapters. The first chapter offers a historical excursion into the development of nature protection with the first introduction of unregulated efforts by individuals or smaller groups to create specially protected areas. The second and third chapters focus on the presentation of the IUCN international classification, nature conservation management or the presentation of international and EU nature conservation institutions. The fourth chapter explains the concept and classification of individual protected areas, with reference to large specially protected areas. Application of concepts and classification through legal...
Environmental legal aspects of climbing
Kyloušková, Nikola ; Žákovská, Karolina (advisor) ; Franková, Martina (referee)
The presented thesis analyzes legal regulation concerning protection of nature and landscape in relation to climbing in the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to create a comprehensive overview on legal aspects of climbing and its critical analysis. For these reasons the thesis attends to another activity closely connected to climbing which is movement of persons in free nature. Rights of owners of properties as one of the important private law aspects is considered as well. The key part addresses itself to legal regulation of climbing in specially protected areas which are important locations for the subject activity. Conclusions of the thesis are based on not only legislative and regulatory acts, but many administrative decisions and measures of general nature issued by nature conservation authority. The thesis is divided into six thematically intertwined chapters. These chapters pursue a definition of climbing, an identification of reasons for which law regulation is needed and mainly presentation and analysis of legal regulation and legal aspects of climbing including issues of responsibility according to both private and public law. The thesis may serve specialists in the field of law as source of information on the subject activity as well as on partial legal institutes of protection of the...
Návrh péče o soukromou rezervaci Green Life v Indonésii
Balcařík, Štěpán
Bachelor thesis describes a protection of tropical rainforests in Indonesia on the case of Czech-Indonesian private reserve Green Life on Sumatra. For a better understanding is first of all explained the state of nature conservation in Indonesia, the next chapter then describes the Gunung Leuser National Park and the imminent threats facing it. The last part of literature retrieval deals with the project Green Life itself, which the reserve is part of. The next chapter assesses the current reserve development, the involvement of volunteers and collecting data from camera traps. In conclusion, there are proposed some development opportunities, which could enrich the Green Life project in the future.
Střety rekreace a ochrany přírody v Národním parku Podyjí
Horáková, Martina
Thesis on topic Conflicts between recreation and nature protection in Podyjí National Park is focused on impacts of recreation and tourism on nature and landscape in Podyjí National Park and description of the major conflicts in this area. The first part contains literature overview of given issue and characteristic of the area of interest in terms of recreation and nature conservation. Next part deals with problems that are associated with visitor flow in Podyjí National Park. In final part are suggestions for reducing negative impacts of tourism and recreation.
Ochrana přírody v Rakousku
Vykouřilová, Gabriela
The aim of the bachelor thesis is the description of protection of nature in Austria. The content of the thesis is devoted to the current system of protection of nature, as well as its development. Legislative delimitation and categorization with characteristics of individual national parks was also discussed. Mentioned analysis serves as a basis for comparison and evaluation of level of protection project coming from the performed comparison.
Ochrana přírody v Německu
Doležalová, Kamila
Bachelor thesis Nature conservation in Germany is focused on nature protection in Federal Republic of Germany analysis. Terms, concerning nature conservation, are defined and both, general and special territorial nature conservation in Federal Republic of Germany is described there. Attention is paid to the characterization of each German national park. In practical part is the turnout of German national parks, by Bavarian primary- and secondary schools, researched with questionnaire survey. In the end the recommendation for nature conservation in Federal Republic of Germany are suggested.
Analýza dopadů zavedení soustavy Natura 2000 na Břeclavsku
Trčková, Nikola
The thesis deals with the analysis of the impacts of the Natura 2000 network introduction in Břeclav, specifically in two selected areas. Selected locations are characterized by focusing on physical-geographic, historical, ecological and landscaping issues. Changes in the landscape before and after the introduction of the Natura 2000 network are evaluated in terms of time on the basis of the gathered information and aerial photographs of both areas. The weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities of selected locations are identified by SWOT analysis. Part of the thesis is based on the literary research dealing with the problems of the Natura 2000 network and its application in the Czech Republic.

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