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Linux encryptor for network traffic
Suchý, Daniel ; Malina, Lukáš (referee) ; Hajný, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the possibilities of encrypting network traffic on the Linux platform. The goal is to create a virtual machine that can encrypt incoming traffic and send it to it‘s destination. Encryption of network traffic was implemented using the ip-xfrm framework in the form of encryption of the packet’s payload. The encryption algorithm chosen was AES-256 with a key generated and established using QKD. For the possibility of expanding the functionality of the encryptor for multiple clients, a VPN server was implemented on the encryptor.
Anomaly Recognition in Advanced Detection Systems
Poposki, Vasil ; Homoliak, Ivan (referee) ; Očenášek, Pavel (advisor)
Cílem této práce je implementovat systém detekce anomálií využívající techniky umělé inteligence, který dokáže detekovat anomálie učením chování systému. Navrhovaný přístup je účinný při identifikaci nových nebo neznámých anomálií, které tradiční metody založené na pravidlech mohou postrádat v datech síťového provozu. Implementace takového systému však zahrnuje i řešení problémů, jako je zpracování dat a extrakce charakteristických rysů. Tato práce pojednává o různých metodách analýzy dat a přístupech k odhalení průniků v systémech Extended Detection and Response a výzvách, kterým čelíme v dnešních rozšiřujících se bezpečnostních technologiích.
Zařízení pro detekci a prevenci útoků v domácí sítí
Doležal, Jakub
This bachelor thesis deals with the creation of an IDS/IPS system that addresses security in a home network. The aim of the thesis is to create a device that detects threats and attacks in the network and displays them to the user in a web interface. The entire system runs on a Raspberry Pi device. The core of the application is written in Node.js and uses other software such as ELK Stack, Snort, MySQL.
Social networks of highly skilled third country nationals in Prague
Peloušek, Filip ; Jelínková, Marie (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
The diploma thesis is devoted to the social group of highly qualified migrants from third countries living and working in Prague. It deals with what social ties played a role in their migration process, what relationships they established after their arrival in the Czech Republic, and how these contacts helped them face possible problems associated with their relocation. To understand the structure of these social ties, the work uses theory of migration networks, which helps explain how different social ties help reduce the risks and costs associated with migration and how possible migration flows are maintained over time. This theory is complemented by the theory of social ties related to migration according to the work of Granovetter (1973), who is distinguishing between strong and weak social ties of migrating individuals. As part of the practical part of the research, 8 interviews were conducted with highly qualified foreigners in Prague, which were subsequently subjected to a thematic analysis. The research pointed out that migration networks occupy important positions in the lives of groups of highly qualified migrants living in Prague, when these networks significantly facilitate the process of migration itself and help them either completely eliminate or better solve problems arising from...
Computer networks based on VyOS and Cisco IOS operating systems
Jalovecký, Denis ; Dvořák, Jan (referee) ; Koláčková, Aneta (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on configurations and issues of network protocols in operating systems of Cisco IOS and VyOS routers. One of the main goals include choosing the most appropriate emulator and installation of this emulator in virtual enviroment. The thesis also describes the properties and differences of protocols and their application in the network operating systems mentioned above. After learning about possibilities of emulations, two scenarios, in which the protocols were applied and analyzed, were created. These scenarios meet standard of a lab excersise which takes around one and a half hour. The most frequent issues and their solutions are mentioned as well. }
Nucleation in complex systems
Kulveit, Jan ; Demo, Pavel (advisor) ; Slanina, František (referee) ; Vlček, Jaroslav (referee)
Title: Nucleation in complex systems Author: Jan Kulveit Institute: Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences Supervisor: prof. Pavel Demo, Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy ofSciences, Department of Optical Materials Abstract: We studied nucleation in progressively more abstract contexts and systems, starting from classical nucleation theory and ending with nucleation in complex networks. The cases studied include impurity nucleation in a solid matrix on several alkali halide crystals, where we determined formation energies for clusters, treated as defects, starting from single impurity-vacancy dipole and small aggregates to possible configurations of larger clusters. In the next part, we turn to the study of heterogeneous nucleation. While in the usual treatment of heterogeneous nucleation the surface energy is assumed to be homogenous, we ask the question what happens if we consider the surface energy to be heteroge- neous.Utilizing umbrella sampling computer simulations we find the nucleation barrier can be significantly lowered in the presence of surface heterogeneity, even if the average surface energy is kept constant. In the last part we study influence of clustering coefficient on phase transitions in scale-free networks, using forward flux sampling (FFS). Keywords: nucleation,...
The Nature of Entrepreneurship: Society, the Individual and the Firm
Kapustin, Victor ; Benáček, Vladimír (advisor) ; Balcar, Petr (referee)
Entrepreneurship is often perceived as a crucial component of economic growth and social development. Studies into entrepreneurship inform policy design, thus the diverse understanding of entrepreneurship among scholars can create confusion in policy design. The current state of the field of entrepreneurial research is examined in order to identify the need for a universal definition of entrepreneurship. After a synthesis and analysis of prior research is conducted to identify the various links in perspectives, a new definition and framework is suggested. The resulting framework sees entrepreneurship as an autocatalytic process of creation of meaning and the consequent retention of said meaning in the structure of a new venture. The elements of this framework (autocatalytic process, creation of meaning, and retention in structure) can be assigned varying degrees of importance corresponding to differing perspectives, while simultaneously ensuring the presence of each element. The developed framework can be used to better inform the decisions of scholars and policy makers, due to the uncovering of the complex relationships between society, individuals and firms.
HTTP Application Anomaly Detection
Rádsetoulal, Vlastimil ; Homoliak, Ivan (referee) ; Očenášek, Pavel (advisor)
The goal of this work is to introduce anomaly detection principles and review its possibilities, as one of the intrusion detection methods in HTTP traffic. This work contains theoretical background crucial for performing an anomaly detection on HTTP traffic, and for utilising neural networks in achieving this goal. The work proposes tailored design of an anomaly detection model for concrete web server implementation, describes its implementation and evaluates the results. The result of this work is successful initial experiment, of modeling normal behavior of HTTP traffic and creation of the mechanism, capable of detection of anomalies within future traffic.
Multifunctional agriculture in Czechia after accesion to the European Union: conceptualisation, development and regional differentiation
Hrabák, Jiří
The dissertation deals with the concepts of multifunctional agriculture in the context of transformations of Czech agriculture in the post-communist era. In general, the study mainly wanted to discuss the concepts of multifunctional agriculture, known for over three decades, especially from the Anglo-Saxon environment, and to analyse the development of Czech agriculture as well as application of multifunctional agriculture especially in the period after Czechia's joining the European Union, including the perception of multifunctional activities by farmers. The initial part of the study discusses the concepts of multifunctional agriculture as non-commodity production (OECD 2001) and an integral part of rural development (Van der Ploeg, Roep 2003) on the one hand and of agricultural multifunctionality (Wilson 2007), on the other. The empirical part of the work was based on a quantitative assessment of regional differentiation of multifunctional agriculture in Czechia, the territorial concentration of multifunctional activities and dependence between the variables that influence its implementation. The evaluation of the perception of multifunctional activities by farmers has resulted from a field survey, or interviews conducted with farmers in three areas of interest of various types (municipality...
Wi-Fi Password Cracking
Šopf, Petr ; Tisovčík, Peter (referee) ; Orsák, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the issues of Wi-Fi networks security. The first part of thesis is about security options and issues related to those options. Next part compares most used tools for Wi-Fi attacks and lists features of those tools. Best tool is then used and software for sniffing communication between access point and client is created. Sniffing tool is created in two version, one version is used for standalone devices and another one for probe developed on FIT BUT.

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