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ICT in work of principal of primary school
Kubínová, Lucie ; Hubert, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with deficiencies that elementary school principals must solve in the field of ICT. In particular, there is a lack of the resources available, especially hard sources including ICT equipment, a lack of space for ICT equipment and inadequate connectivity on the Internet, but also soft resources in the field of human resources are missing. This thesis has two goals. The first goal is to find out what kind of deficiencies it is and how big they are and the second goal is to make recommendations for elementary school principals how to deal with these deficiencies. The research that is part of this thesis was focused on principals of elementary schools in the South Moravian Region. The research is conceived as a quantitative survey using an online Internet questionnaire. From the 66 expected respondents to 16 research questions, an analysis is found that leads to the conclusion that my four hypotheses were right. The questions are mainly focused on the finding the type of the shortage and its size from the point of view of elementary school principals, while there is 1 sorting question ( concerning school size) and the last question is focused on the type of education / training of elementary school principals in ICT. Based on the existing deficiencies the recommendation is...
The Special Work Visa as a tool of economic migration
Maková, Denisa ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Dobiášová, Karolína (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the Special Work Visa (SWV) as a tool to solve the problem of the shortage of unskilled workers in agriculture, forestry and food labor market in the Czech Republic. This instrument of economic migration came into effect in December 2019 under the Czech Government regulation No. 291/1999 on special work visas for citizens of Ukraine working in agriculture, food or forestry. The main goal of this diploma thesis is to compare the practice with the newly introduced SWV with its intention - getting foreign workers into the country in a faster and easier way. The next goal of the thesis is to analyze the formation and conditions of obtaining a Special Work Visa. The third goal is to find out how was labor migration developing after 1989 and the third one is to discover the current trends of employment policy for foreigners in the Czech Republic. The thesis uses primary and secondary data and uses the dual labor market theory which explains the reasons for labor migration. The research part draws on semi-structured expert interviews. The work first analyzes the problem of labor shortages in the Czech labor market and deals with the establishment of Special Work Visa. It further analyzes in detail the goal, conditions, criteria and procedure of the SWV acquisition process....
Analysis of clean waer supply in developing countries in the context of SDG framework
Kratochvíla, Patrik ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Palanská, Tereza (referee)
Since 1990, privatization of water and sanitation utilities has been promoted as a viable solution to their insufficient accessibility in developing countries, however its aftermath is disputed to this day. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the consequences and effectiveness of private-sector-supplied water and sanitation services in developing countries in the context of SDG. Using the panel data regression methods of fixed- effects and random-effects, the sample of 78 countries in the span of 29 years from 1990-2018 is analyzed to quantify the effect of private-sector and IMF (non-private) investment on expansion of water and sanitation coverage and the extent to which each of them helps diminish WASP mortality rate among the population. The results show that a) neither source of external financial aid significantly contributes to expansion of water coverage and decrease of mortality rate, and b) the degree of countries' economic development (measured by GDP per capita) is the most significant factor in the pursuit of water-related SDG.
Stopové prvky ve výživě člověka
Vyhňáková, Michaela
Trace elements are chemical elements that occur in very small amounts in living organism. Although they are required only in small quantities they are essential for many physiological and biochemical processes. This bachelor thesis contains as introductory part basics of human nutrition including information about macronutrients and micronutients. The main part describes individual trace elements and their importance in human nutrition. A sizable part is focused on daily recommended intake, sources and health aspect of high or low intake of each substance
Význam vitamínů na zdraví člověka
Bakhareva, Natalya
This bachelor thesis focuses on an overview of individual vitamins and their significance for human health. Vitamins are vital for the body's metabolism and for the proper functioning of all organs, tissues and systems in the human body. The work mainly affects their significant impact on the human body, the problem of complete absence, deficiency and overabundance of vitamins, which leads to disruption of some of the most important functions of the human body and contributes to the development of diseases that sometimes can be fatal. The data on the person's daily requirement for vitamins has been elaborated to avoid the risk of diseases, as well as what products can provide the body with them, how to cook and consume food, in order not to lose those precious sources of life, they contain. This work explains chemical structure, physiology and properties of vitamins, for better understanding the world of them.
Privation concept of evil from Plotinus to Thomas Aquinas
TOMANDL, Antonín
The questions about the origin of evil in the world were often a secondary product of the great philosophical systems. One of the first thinkers to deal with that problem systematically was neoplatonic scholar Plotinus. He developed a theory which he considered to be only a continuation of Plato´s thinking. It became an original theory, which in its core, has influence to this day. This theory was, mostly thanks to St. Augustine, applied to christian theology and became the living doctrine. The goal of this thesis is to demonstrate in what Plotinus´ theory of evil was "christianized" through the hand of Augustin. In other words, how it trasformed from a pagan philosophy to a theological one and how it was preserved for rediscovery in the scholastic era and became a new-again topic of scholastic scholars.
SAP ERP security as part of financial audit in a large business environment
Fišer, Marek ; Svatá, Vlasta (advisor) ; Výborný, Vojtěch (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to present the methodology that is used, to test the design and implementation of internal application controls in environment of large companies using ERP systems, especially in the environment of companies using SAP ECC. This methodology is described in the thesis. Practical task which is aimed at verifying the security level of SAP ECC in real business environment is also part of the thesis. The practical part is composed of a detailed description of IT auditors individual steps of the testing procedure, a list of security elements, which are subject to an audit procedures and documents required for verification of the control effectiveness implemented in clients environment. Furthermore, there is a summary and evaluation of the risk level associated with identified deficiencies. Part of the evaluation is a list of recommendations, which the company should apply to increase the efficiency of internal controls and thus achieve the optimal security level of SAP ECC. In the final section of the diploma thesis there is an analysis of the deficiencies elaborated. These deficiencies have been identified during the audit season in 2016 in environment of 20 large companies using this ERP system. Identified findings are classified according to the risk level. Another part of analysis are comprehensive recommendations that IT auditors provide to their clients in order to increase the security level of IT environment, especially in connection with the management and other activities related to financial data.
Procedural requirements of civil proceedings
Košútová, Veronika ; Kubešová, Silvia (advisor) ; Frintová, Dita (referee)
1 ABSTRACT Procedural requirements of civil proceedings My thesis deals with the issues of procedural requirements of civil proceedings, that are sometimes termed also as requirements of proceedings. This term refers to the legal institute, that creates the legal framework for realization of the right to the judicial protection, because the fulfillment of these statutory requirements is one of the fundamental assumptions for hearing of the case and for the issuance of decision in the civil proceedings. Systematically my work is divided into two parts, namely into the general part and the special part. These two parts in total consists of seven chapters. Particular chapters are subsequently divided into the subchapters and each of them into the sections. While the general part consisting of the first three chapters concerns with the general view on the issues of procedural requirements, remaining four chapters of the special part deal with the particular procedural requirements in more detail. The first chapter aims to define as precisely as possible the term of procedural requirements and also potential discrepancies in its interpretation. It involves also the fundamental classification of procedural requirements. Chapter no. 2 analyses the research of procedural requirements, that occurs at any time during...
Analysis of written styles of students in primary school
Vodová, Veronika ; Doležalová, Eliška (advisor) ; Janovec, Ladislav (referee)
The thesis deals with the analysis of written expression in the seventh year of primary school. It analyze pupil's essays that reflect the skills and knowledge but also focus on ignorance across all levels of the Czech language. The thesis serves as a valuable material to study skills in writing. The seventh year on grammar school is important for the pupils, because they can tranfer to high school. In the theoretical part we describe the methodology of analysis and we also mention other thesis dealing with this topic. We will deal with the concept of language and style in general, and consequently the relation of these two components. There are mentioned the features of the essays, the criteria for their evaluation and description of individual style units. It also includes requirements for students, which are written in education plan. On the concepts of education plan are based objectives in practical part of the thesis. The end of the theoretical part is focused on the psychological development of the pupils. Most of the theoretical knowledge is evidenced in the practical part. The practical part contains analysis of individual essays of the 7th grade students in terms of composition, spelling, stylization sentences, vocabulary and stylistic compliance department. At the beginnig are the essays analyzed...

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