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Scalable dynamic graph-based vehicular routing
Polický, Adam ; Kratochvíl, Miroslav (advisor) ; Švancara, Jiří (referee)
Algorithms for finding shortest paths in large graphs form an essential part of many modern navigation and routing systems. In vehicular navigation, the problem is compli- cated by dynamic nature of the network caused by road closures and changes in traffic, preventing application of many common speed-up techniques. The aim of this thesis is to design an algorithm for finding paths in large graphs that gains efficiency and scalability by minimizing the number of visited graph objects in storage. This was achieved by itera- tively simplifying the graph into a multi-layered approximative structure, and developing a modification of Dijkstra's algorithm that allow efficient navigation in the structure. The results show that the proposed method examines 4× less graph objects than A* and 14× less than Dijkstra, achieving better performance at the cost of slightly longer discovered paths. Additionally, the layered structure is able to accommodate changes in the base graph, allowing the algorithm to work on a changing network without costly recomputations. 1
Existing state-of-the art and development tendencies of methods and technologies in the field of aircraft movement control along aerodrome surface
Zubrvalčík, Jan ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (referee) ; Vosecký, Slavomír (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with navigation on airport surface. In thesis there are described main surveillance systems, which are used for navigation on airport surface and systems for prediction and avoiding collisions. For all systems is listed principle of action, their usage, advantages and disadvantages and informations, which are provided by these systems. In last chapter there are compared properties of main surveillance systems.
Machine Learning for Driving of Virtual Vehicles
Kučera, Jiří ; Gemrot, Jakub (advisor) ; Majerech, Vladan (referee)
Cars in virtual worlds are typically controlled by handcrafted rules. Creating such rules is often time-consuming and has to be repeated every time environment is altered. The goal of this thesis is to explore suitable machine learning techniques and create a good looking simulation of cars driving on an urban road network. The resulting model is a feedforward network directly controlling throttle, steering, and brake. The network is capable of following the assigned road and avoid collisions with other agents on crossroads without traffic lights. The model was trained using the Proximal policy optimization algorithm enhanced by GAIL, curiosity, behavioral cloning, and curriculum learning. In this paper, we have also shown that the resulting behavior, while not completely perfect, is good enough for use in a simulation. 1
Generating text descriptions of journeys in a map
Svobodová, Zuzana ; Rosa, Rudolf (advisor) ; Mareček, David (referee)
This thesis aims to present the key aspects of a program developed for the purpose of improving orientation in maps by generating text description of routes. Even though such tools are already available and integrated within the most widely used internet map engines (e.g. and, they are not particularly user-friendly, as they rely on directions and distances. People are, on the other hand, more inclined to use landmarks such as significant buildings for orientation and synthetize simple information into more complex one. The program presented in this thesis addresses this issue and offers more intuitive route descriptions enabling its user to reach his/her destination potentially faster and more reliably.
Využití systémů přesného určování polohy stroje pro řízení nasazení techniky
Knotek, Jan
This thesis is focused on utilization of GPS navigation especially in agricultural pra-xis. The main goal of this work is putting on and controlling of agricultural equipment at resolution of anti-erosion measures. These measures are reaction to the so called antiero-sive regulation. In the theoretical part is shortly described GPS system and the work with geodates. Then there are described methods limiting water erosion of soil. Sub-sequently there is shortly described a problem of erosion measures and complex of the information necessary to the utilization of GPS navigation while fighting with this issue. In the practical part of this work was formed the method for the creation of anti-erosion measures. According to this method was subsequently developed the procedure to ad-justment SEO DPB. This method was subsequently apllied and tested in POOSLAVÍ Nová Ves, agricultural kooperative. At the conclusion of the work is evaluated by ma-nagement on the thus modified DPB and then there are described problems that occured while creating these anti-erosion measures. For that reason are drawn recommendations for putting on and controlling of agricultural equipment at resolution anti-erosion mea-sures.
Autonomous RC ship model
Jevická, Barbora ; Marada, Tomáš (referee) ; Zuth, Daniel (advisor)
This Master’s thesis deals with working on development kit, which is used for RC ship model. The basis are programmable Nucleo STM32 microcontrollers, to which other used modules are connected. The goal is to test each component and create system for navigation of the ship and wireless communication between controller and ship. GPS module and compass are used to navigate and determine the direction of the ship. Controller and ship can communicate through bidirectional wireless modules with antenna. The RC ship model can be switched between manual and autonomous modes. The main result of this thesis is autonomous movement of the ship on to a predetermined GPS coordinates and parallel communication with the user.
Multi-Agent and Optimalisation Methods for Stealth Games
Láncoš, Jan ; Vídeňský, František (referee) ; Zbořil, František (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the opponents' behaviour in stealth-based video games. It's main focus is the credibility of said behaviour in comparison to the opponents' real life counterparts and the overall immersiveness of the experience. The thesis describes the usage of the A* algorithm for dynamic pathfinding in a two-dimensional space. Furthermore it describes the opponents' patrolling system, their ability to detect the player's presence and also their ability to cooperate and communicate while trying to chase the player down. One playable level demonstrating the described behaviour has also been created as part of this thesis using the C++ language. The thesis can be used as an inspiration for anyone interested in making their own intelligent systems for computer games of a similar type.
Map machine recognition and optimal path planning
Peška, Jaroslav ; Ligocki, Adam (referee) ; Chromý, Adam (advisor)
This masters thesis continues in the work of two previous theses dealing with machine understanding of maps and modelling terrain. The final program also has to be able to interpret position data from dataloggers and integrate it with the loaded map. The goal for the program is to serve during training of Czech orienteering runners. Position measurement and storage is researched first. Also researched are map markers used to define the terrain. Afterwards, past approaches are evaluated, including identification of most severe issues hindering the usage in real world applications. Many improvements are proposed, for example methods to remove noise in the input data, or to improve processing speed. Lastly, a set of possible improvements to the original applications are made, i.e. methods for denoising the input data or for speedup of the image processing. Proposed improvements are then implemented, the most impactful being processing speed and contour segmentation improvements.
Balloon Pilot's Assistent
Hora, Tomáš ; Szőke, Igor (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This thesis describes concept and implementation of application assisting balloon pilots with guiding to a chosen target. Theoretical part is focused on basics of ballooning and navigation. Designed application uses proprietary OziExplorer files, clearly displays all information from external GPS unit connected via COM port and saves travelled path and waypoints. Important feature of the application is getting forecast of wind flow in various altitudes from the internet before the flight and analysis of information from GPS for calculation actual air flow during flight. In the end of this thesis the application is tested in real environment and its functionality is evaluated.
Balloon Pilot Assistant for iPhone
Fabián, Ondřej ; Beran, Vítězslav (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This thesis concerns the development of a mobile application for the Apple iPhone plat- form for hot-air balloon pilots. The main functionality is to create up-to-date map of wind strength and direction for each flight level and navigation tools. Accompanying functions include pilot logbook management, flight recording and recall. A crucial aspect of this appli- cation is the GUI design, which meets the conditions in which the application will be used. The application will also be evaluated in test conditions during an actual balloon flight.

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