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Cycling and its influence on animal behavior
Mikulka, O. ; Drimaj, J. ; Plhal, R. ; Homolka, Miloslav ; Kamler, J.
In terms of impact on society, cycling brings a number of benefits, including the impact on mental and physical health, reducing emissions and the economy of target areas. With the growing popularity of this sport, it also brings negative effects, especially on natural ecosystems. Few studies point to the influence of wildlife behavior. At the same time, the results are important for use in the construction of cycle paths in nature and especially protected areas. The study deals with the influence of cycling of single-track cycling trails in the forest environment, on the spatial behavior of wildlife in a suburban locality, which is very intensively visited by humans. The study partially demonstrated the interfering effect on wildlife, which was detected through the distribution of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) and wild boar (Sus scrofa) signs. However, the nature of the environment, which affects the intensity of interference, plays an important role. The intensity of trail traffic had a small effect. The results of the study can serve as a basis for designing cycle paths for the future.
How do bird species richness and abundance differ between military training areas and surrounding landscape? A case study from the Hradiště military area
Bušek, Ondřej
Since the beginning of the 20th century human land use changed drastically in Central Europe. These changes included: homogenization of the landscape mosaic, intensification of agriculture, urbanization and land abandonment. In turn, these changes affected bird species and perhaps most significantly manifested in population decline of open habitat birds. Therefore, it is important to investigate sites, which were not affected by the changes mentioned above, such as military training areas (MTAs) - places dedicated to training of armed forces. Previous studies have shown that MTAs seem to host remarkably high bird diversity and abundant populations of bird species of conservation concern. This may be caused by two major factors. First, closure of MTAs to all human activies besides military training spared them of the landscape changes mentioned above. Second, the military training itself produces a very heterogeneous habitat mosaic that allows coexistence of many species with different ecological requirements. To my knowledge, no study compared bird assemblages between MTAs and surrounding landscape directly. At the same time, such data are crucial to assess the value of MTAs for bird conservation reliably and, as a consequence, they enable to think more deeply about mechanism generating this value....
Methodology for predictive mapping of rare and endangered bryophytes distribution in the Czech Republic
Man, Matěj ; Wild, Jan
The methodology introduced certified procedure of using species distribution modelling to support discovery of new localities with presence of rare species of bryophytes and lichens in Czech Republic. The procedure available for general public, it provides algorithms, computation power and environmental data. User provides training data – coordinates of species presence. From the software interface it is also possible to request the coordinates directly from Database of Lichens and Bryophytes (DaLiBor). Georeferenced map is the output form the software. The aim of the methodology is to provide integrated tool for conservation planning and research to promote the bryological and lichenological field survey in Czech Republic. The methodology will help to focus the survey which could make the survey more efficient and cheaper according to money but also human resources. The methodology is based exclusively on free software, mostly open source and free licence. In the Czech Republic, the methodology provides modern software approach to target botanical research. In national practical nature conservation, it is all new application of established procedure from other fields.\n
Proposal of methodology for Protected Landscape Area maps production
Pekařová, Kateřina ; Lysák, Jakub (advisor) ; Jaroš, Jakub (referee)
Proposal of methodology for protected landscape area maps production Abstract The main goal of this bachelor's thesis is to create a proposal for a methodology for creating maps of protected areas in Czech Republic. The first part of the paper is devoted to acquaintance with the basic knowledge of thematic cartography with emphasis on the basic cartographic rules in the creation of maps. The following is an evaluation of existing maps of protected areas in the Czech Republic and in the world. An overview of data sources is also given. Based on the findings from the first part, the practical part of the thesis then creates the proposal of methodology itself, which is tested on sample maps. Keywords: thematic map, nature conservation, spatial data, cartographic generalization, methodology
Aesthetic value of biodiversity
Schmitzová, Daniela ; Hořák, David (advisor) ; Braun Kohlová, Markéta (referee)
The aesthetic experience of nature is a crucial part of human life. Because aesthetic experiences motivate people to engage in nature conservation, it makes sense to consider how biodiversity influences aesthetics and whether this influence can be used to promote conservation. First, this review touches on the measurement of nature's value to people and biodiversity, then discusses studies dealing with the connection of biodiversity and aesthetics. Nature offers a range of health benefits to people (e.g. stress relief, better recovery after surgery) that increase with biodiversity, but these benefits don't seem to increase the aesthetic value. At the landscape scale, heterogeneity of the environment is of particular importance, as is the presence of water bodies. For plant communities, biodiversity has a positive correlation with aesthetic value, and perceived biodiversity has a stronger effect in that regard. Preference is also influenced by the arrangement of planting. Aesthetically motivated nature conservation can potentially bolster biodiversity, as proven by the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway area, and should be considered a valuable conservation approach. Key words: biodiversity, aesthetics, species richness, functional diversity, value of the community/ecosystem, nature conservation
An overview of state and level of the nature conservation knowledge in students of selected high schools
This bachelor thesis focuses on the state and level of knowledge regards nature protection at pupils of selected high schools, in this case at schools of business, agricultural and grammar schools. The aim of this research was to investigate the level of knowledge about the topic of nature protection by means of a standardised questionnaire, which was commissioned at 8 high schools (4 grammar schools, 3 business schools and 1 agricultural school) to 188 students in total. The literature review provides information regards nature conservation, its biodiversity and nature protection issues. Furthermore, this chapter analyses the available textbooks for secondary and elementary schools, which deal with this issue and framework educational programs for pre-school, primary and secondary education. The following section presents the results of the research gathered from the questionnaire. The highest possible score of the questionnaire was 100 points, however, only a few students have reached over 40 points. The findings of the study indicated that the majority of respondents connect the protection of nature with the context of recycling or environmental pollution. The highest average score was achieved by grammar schools and agricultural schools (40 points). However, it is essential to take into consideration that only one class of agricultural school was involved in the research. The business schools received an average of 30 points.
An overview of state and level of the nature conservation knowledge in students of selected high schools
ŘÍHOVÁ, Libuše
This bachelor thesis is focused on the state and level of knowledge regards nature protection at secondary schools, business schools, and grammar schools. The aim of the study is to gather information about teaching in nature protection in the Czech Republic, to modify and participate in the creation of a standardized test and then apply the test to pupils of selected secondary schools. The research was carried out using a test completed by 436 respondents from 13 secondary schools (7 grammar schools, 3 agricultural schools, 3 business schools). The testing was undertaken in September and October 2017, March 2018 and November 2018. Majority of the respondents were in the third year, only one class was in the second year and three in the fourth year. The highest score of the test was 100 points. The overall average test result was 35 points. The best results in this research were achieved by grammar schools, with the best average grade score being approximately 45 points and on the other side, the business schools had the worst performances (with the lowest average grade score of approximately 26 points). Most pupils connect the protection of nature with concepts such as waste separation, recycling, air pollution, water pollution, or protected areas. Moreover, pupils often do not take the beneficial human activity for nature into consideranature.tion and they believe that people only destroy.
An educational program aimed at value of postindustrial sites from the view of conservation biology
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design and test an educational program that focuses on the importance of natural communities in post-industrial habitats. Post-industrial habitats due to a disturbance of the original landscape represent a specific environment with the potential for occurrence of often valuable and endangered communities. In the theoretical part there are summarized findings on mining disturbed zones with the occurrence of valuable species in terms of nature conservation. The practical part contains a draft of the educational program for sixth and seventh-grade pupils of the second level of primary schools. The thesis includes teaching materials and instructions for lecturers needed to implement the educational program. By completing the program, the participants gained fundamental information about the importance of post-industrial habitats in today's landscape as an area with often valuable nature.

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