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Quiet revolution: Transformation of the Francophone Identity of Quebec
Denemark, Jan ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Hornát, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis is covering Québec's policy and Quebec's change of identity from the era of the Quiet revolution. This work covers the changes that were a crucial in the creation of Québec's policy and national identity. From the time of the Quiet revolution in the 60's of the 20th century the society in Québec came through a drastic identity change. And not only in the province itself but also in the whole country of Canada. Because of this change, Québec refused the Canadian policy of multiculturalism. Canadian official policy does not accept Québec as a distinct society and also refuses the principle of the two-nation Canada. Therefore, Québec created its own policy of integration called interculturalism. In the analysis of the development of identity and nationalism, the methodology is a critical examination of the empirical experiences of Québec and the theses of the theoretical concepts of Charles Taylor and Will Kymlicka. It was necessary to study Taylor's and Kymlicka's theses on multiculturalism, identity, communitarianism, and liberalism as a starting point for analyzing the development of Québec. It was important to formulate definitions of identity, nation, and multiculturalism, to determine the main categories of content, and to analyze the development of the Québec identity during...
Foucault and Violence: A Genealogy of National Belonging and Representative Power in Turkey
Maze, Jacob Alan ; Salamon, Janusz (advisor) ; Brisku, Adrian (referee) ; Taglia, Stefano (referee)
The central aim of this dissertation is to introduce tools for studying a form of political violence in Michel Foucault's genealogical methodology. This is accomplished by reformulating theories from Hannah Arendt on violence to sync with Foucault's understanding of power, knowledge and experience. Violence is shown to be a relationship where one subject is prevented from fulfilling a strategy by another, which over time accumulates into widespread power relations, or nexuses of violence, within a society. This is contrasted with power, which is when one subject attempts to control the outcome of a situation, and as such it is productive. This method of genealogy is then employed in the case of national identity (i.e., nationalism) in Turkey. Tracing its historical emergence, the late Ottoman Empire becomes the focal point. A network of allegiances, referred to as sultanic power, constituted the relationships that were exercised prior to the nineteenth century. While one pledged their loyalty and subservience to their ruler, this required their ruler to offer them security and prosperity in return. Over the Long Nineteenth Century, a new network of power relations emerged based on representation through the practices and discourses that developed. I come to outline what I term representative power....
Approaches to the Hungarian minority in Slovakia in issues of minority education and the possibility of subsequent application in the working process
Dlábik, Ľubomír ; Irmanová, Eva (advisor) ; Balla, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis clarifies the issue of Triadic nexus among Slovakia, Hungary and the Hungarian minority concerning education and economic access to areas inhabited by the Hungarian minority, which affect the graduates of minority schools in the Slovak labor market. At the same time it aspires to refer to this relationship as one of the factors that may impact on reduction in the number of members of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia. The main focus is on the trilateral approach to the issue of education in the Slovak minority schools in Hungarian language in case of teaching the state language. The consequences of the different trilateral relation approach to minority education can lead to inefficiency of minority schools teaching Slovak language, which can, in conjunction with the current economic approach of Slovakia to the areas inhabited by the Hungarian minority, lead to migratory pressures on graduates of minority schools as for the choice of university studies and their employability. The lack of language skills reduces their competitiveness and flexibility compared to linguistically better equipped individuals. The statistical data in education, employment and population movements that will be analyzed and compared, are freely available, and confirm this hypothesis.
Radicalization of Prague Students in the 1930s
Müller, Jiří
This thesis deals with the transformation of social and political behavior of Prague students in the 1930's. The work follows the requirements and expectations of students. Their unfulfilled view reveals the dissatisfaction of students, which led to the escalation of student clear-cut political and social views. The thirties brought in a student movement onset of extreme nationalist, but also left-wing tendencies of both the Czech and the German side. The work is based on the documents of student faculty associations, the student journals and memoir texts. The aim is to analyze, against whom was directed the dissatisfaction of students, which ideas had students about the proper organization of the state and society, what were the differences in political and social thought between the faculties and student groups and how were students percieved by society. Work is also interested in what influence on stduents movement had the clash Czech, German and Jewish students in Prague. How was influenced the students thinking of their social status and how identified the individual student associations. The work aims to contribute to the completion of the image of interwar czechoslovak society.
Reflection of National Identities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Discussion of NATO Membership
Fajtová, Magdaléna ; Žíla, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kuľková, Miroslava (referee)
Diploma thesis "Reflection of National Identities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Discussion of NATO Membership" is a discourse analysis focusing on the socio-political environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the perspective of discussion over possible accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The first part of the thesis begins by an overview of the history of NATO engagement in the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, followed by a summary of current NATO relations with the countries of Western Balkans, specifically with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Special regard is given to national identities and their role in the conduct of the country's foreign policy. The second part of the thesis is dedicated to examining the current political debate. It seeks to understand how national identity shapes the discussion over the accession to the organisation. Specifically, through discourse analysis, it aims to identify the tools employed in the political debate and the impact it has on the overall political environment of the country.
The birth of country folk
Machalíková, Pavla ; Winter, Tomáš
The text is a preface of the proceedings of Pilsen Symposium. It explains a basic topic of the book.
National School Struggle in Bohemia: German and Czech National Defense Work in Schooling Against the Background of the Democratization Processes in Cisleithania (1880-1918).
Zvánovec, Mikuláš ; Konrád, Ota (advisor) ; Gleixner, Johannes (referee) ; Osterkamp, Jana (referee)
Liberale politische Veränderungen in der Habsburgermonarchie zu Ende der 1860er und Anfang der 1870er Jahre, gegeben durch die Dezember-Verfassung von 1867 und die folgende Schulgesetze schufen den notwendigen rechtlichen Rahmen für die Gründung deutscher und tschechischer Schulvereine, die durch den Bau der sogenannten "Minderheitenschulen" jeweils eine einsprachige nationale Schulbildung in Böhmen durchsetzten. Bald wurden lokale Organisationen von den zentralen Schulvereinen abgelöst, nämlich dem Deutschen Schulverein und der Ústřední Matice Školská in Prag. Beide Organisationen wurden 1880 gegründet, um Schulen in sprachlich und damit national umkämpften Regionen entlang der sogenannten "Sprachgrenze" zu errichten. Diese Studie behandelt die Dynamik des nationalen Wettbewerbs um die Schulbildung vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg und vergleicht die Aktivitäten dieser beiden Vereine vor dem Hintergrund der politischen Demokratisierung, Massenmobilisierung und sozialen Frage der Fin de Siècle-Zeit. Die vergleichende Analyse von Proklamationen, Aktivitäten und politischen Kontakten der konkurrierenden nationalen Schulvereine zielt darauf ab, Thesen über die Position und Bedeutung dieser Organisationen zu revidieren und ihre sehr enge Abhängigkeit von sozialen und politischen Prozessen der...
Demise and Disintegration of Nationalist Terrorist Groups
Štekl, Jakub ; Bureš, Oldřich (advisor) ; Kocmanová, Markéta (referee)
The thesis is focused on the process of demise and disintegration of nationalist terrorist groups. The case studies of terrorism in Northern Ireland and Basque region in Spain demonstrate and analyze the development of local terrorist organizations from the beginning to the cessation of violent actions. An emphasis is put especially on the end of armed campaign and transformation of nationalist activities within a legal framework. In the case of Northern Ireland, the focus is put on the activities of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) from the beginning of the Troubles to the Belfast Agreement in 1998. The research in this thesis includes the influence of affiliated political parties - Sinn Féin in this case - on the process of negotiations and the continuation of Northern Irish nationalism after the end of armed campaign. The Basque case is devoted to the development of Basque nationalism since the beginning of the 20th century, the creation and development of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) and its terrorist campaign within both the Francoist regime and Spanish democracy. An emphasis is put on the development of the organization until its official dissolution in 2018, activities of the political parties of the Nationalist Left affiliated to ETA and the attitude of Spanish authorities to...

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