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Narration in Film
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of film narration. It compares literary with film narration and presents the narrative forms in film. The work focuses mainly on the following questions: Who is the narrator? How is it defined? Does the film even have a narrator? If so, what does it look like? The theoretical explanation is complemented by specific examples from films in which the type of film narration and its possibilities are demonstrated
Film Adaptation of Literary Work in Theory and Practice
In this bachelor's thesis, we will deal with the issue of a film adaptation of literary works in theory and practice. The work is divided into two significant parts. In the first part, we focus on the term of adaptation, which is an important process in the artistic environment, but also in the evolution one. Furthermore, we briefly present the history and development of film adaptations and deal with the finding of leading literary and film critics and theorists in the field of adaptation studies. In the second part, which is conducted as practical, we will introduce some basic literary and film techniques and their subsequent use in individual works of art. The books Milenci a vrazi [Lovers and Murderers] (1968) by Vladimír Páral, Misery (1987) by Stephen King, Heroic Measures (2009) by Jill Ciment and The Orchid Thief (1998) by Susan Orleans became the subject of research. All the works were adapted to the film screen at least once at a certain time. Literary works and their film adaptations were selected on the basis of significant differences in the use of narrative, ie. verbal and visual means.
Short exotic stories in work of Julius Zeyer
Macháčková, Pavla ; Hrabáková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Stejskalová, Anna (referee)
Work "Short exotic stories in work of Julius Zeyer" deals with five selected Zeyer's works that are set in the exotic land of India and Far East. One prose is associated with India, the other four with China and Japan. The works are a result of careful collecting, translating and creative work of Julius Zeyer. The present diploma thesis outlined in brief the life of Julius Zeyer and its role in the contemporary literature. It characterized Zeyer's interest in the exotic motives and way he followed them. The diploma thesis also considered form of the Zeyer's prose. The present work examined characteristics of plot and main characters and as well as the representation of the exotic places. It showed that the narrative places take part in creating the atmosphere that corresponds to the current experience of the characters. The nature of the characters is revealed against the background of the plot. Zeyer elaborated mutual connection between the characters and areas. Part of the interpretation was in each case devoted to the overall Zeyer's evocation of India, China and Japan and its artistic depth.
What do the novels start with ? To the poetics of incipit: based on the czech novels of the 20th century
Hozman, Václav ; Peterka, Josef (advisor) ; Kubíček, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on incipit of selected Czech novels of the twentieth century. This thesis deals with narrative work. The aim of the work is to analyze specific novel's beginnings, try to interpret them, to say what they signalize and to imply correlation of the incipit with the rest of the novel. The first chapter is dealing with the novel's beginnings in general. The author wants to refer to theoretical sources, which will become the base for the analysis of the chosen novel's incipit. The most important part is to define the term incipit as the entrance to the text world. That is the borderline of fiction and reality. The task of the incipit is to draw the reader into the fiction world of a novel. The incipit stops to be the incipit in the certain place of the book, the place where the reader is completely drown into the text world and where there is a point of no return. Each of the following chapters is focusing on the incipit of each of the book individually: Temno, Marketa Lazarova, Osudy dobreho vojaka Svejka za svetove valky, Hordubal, Zbabelci, Pribeh inzenyra lidskych dusi, Nesnesitelna lehkost byti and Obsluhoval jsem anglickeho krale. It was very important to keep the distance from knowing the whole book and to focus only on the beginning of the book from the reader's...
Interpreting Narrative Techniques in Moby-Dick
Sedláček, Martin ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Robbins, David Lee (referee)
Thesis Abstract The objective of this thesis is to map the narrative strategies of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. By applying different narrative theories to Moby-Dick, it explores and assesses mainly the narrative reliability (Wayne C. Booth) and the narrative situation (Franz K. Stanzel). Ishmael is generally considered to be an example of an unreliable narrator and in this thesis manifestations of his unreliability are evaluated. Special attention is devoted to the inconsistencies in the narrative (e.g. recurring disappearances of Ishmael, shifts in focus on some of the characters, complete disappearances of other characters) and their treatment, taking the general academic consensus into account. Such phenomena are discussed as deliberately and consciously incorporated into the narrative, rather than being a result of a precipitated writing process. Apart from the formal inconsistencies, the narrative also includes incongruities of thematic nature (e.g. questionable value-scheme according to Rimmon- Kenan). By employing Stanzel's narrative theory, the thesis discusses Ishmael's oscillation between "narrator" and "reflector," with special focus on the dramatic chapters. Using both of these conceptions, Moby-Dick is assessed from two different perspectives, hopefully shedding some light on the complex...
Child narrators in two novels: La vie devant soi and Monsieur Ibrahim et les Fleurs du Coran
Hálová, Kateřina ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Pohorský, Aleš (referee)
The aim of this work is to compare the narrators in two stylistically similar novels, La Vie devant soi by Romain Gary and Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran by Éric- Emmanuel Schmitt. The narrators will be analyzed from different points of views and then compared. The aim is to prove that even though children are storytellers, both books are not of children's literature. To be able to prove this it is necessary to outline the history of children's literature and its tendency throughout history. Narrators will be compared from the following perspectives: external characteristics, internal characteristics, language, communication with "reader", the concept of time and space, the relationship with the "mentor", response to the death and the founding of life basis. The end part will include the results of the analysis.
Metamorphoses of Narrator in Novels of Jaromír John
Kleňha, Petr ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Holý, Jiří (referee)
Metamorphoses of Narrator in Novels of Jaromír John This diploma paper focuses on the function of the narrator and his various forms in John's prosaic work. It deals with the issue of the construction of the fictional world and how the narrator influences the reader's understanding of the described events. Primarily, we try to compare the narrative categories of the main contemporary concepts as influenced by Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan, Franz Stanzel and Lubomír Doležel. It is our terminology base. Theoretical understanding of the narrator is the basis for the analysis of John's fiction from the aspect of narrative types applied to a selected sample of author's works: the anthology of the tales with war theme Večery na slamníku, novels Moudrý Engelbert, Výbušný zlotvor, Pampovánek, Honda Cibulků; marginally Estét and other works. Concurrently this work aims to describe construction methods that are typical for John's creative style - it is mainly the use of irony, the principle of collage and documentary elements. It shows that the author's work at that time belonged to the experimental stream of Czech prose. Also, we observe the relationship between author's prose work and his aesthetic concept. We hope that we were able to, at least partially, explain the literary style of Jaromir John. His importance and...
Narrator and investigator in Roberto Bolaño's detective novel
Dobošová, Elena ; Housková, Anna (advisor) ; Sánchez Fernández, Juan Antonio (referee)
Synopsis The aim of the thesis is to analyse the category of the narrator in a detective story. This category can be considered firstly as an independent textual element and secondly in its connection to the plotline. In the structure of detective stories, apart from fabula and sujet, we can discern two mutually influential plotlines. One of them is the story of the crime (past), the other is the story of the reconstruction (investigation of the crime). The way they approach each other on different levels (the setting, characters) helps us to understand the structure of the whole story. The reader can actualize the narrative also thanks to the mediator, the mediator between the text and the reader being the narrator. In the detective story Distant Star the narrator is unreliable, which expresses itself in different ways. The unreliability is supported by the fact that it is a subjectivized narration of a character who can be identified as the narrator. 'The narrator - character' does not have a single focalization in this story. He comments (e.g. by use of brackets) upon his previous stands. The point of view of the narration changes along with the character. 'The narrator - character' can at the same time be considered as the author's alter ego. We may encounter the author himself thematized in the text...
Probléms of childhood in prose of Martina Drijverová
Najmanová, Kamila ; Pechová, Drahoslava (advisor) ; Stejskalová, Anna (referee)
In my bachelor thesis I concentrate on book themes, types of characters including the narrator's resemblance and a portrayal of the environment in Martina Drijverová's selected prose. The books involved: "Táta k příštím Vánocům ", "Táta pro radost i pro zlost", "Táta nemá smutky rád", "Sísa Kyselá", "Sísa Kyselá a ušmudlaný rytíř", "Zajíc a sovy", "Nekonečné prázdniny" and "Domov pro Marťany". In the first part of the thesis I focus on a brief biography and bibliography of the author. I also define a genre of prose story of children's life. I also deal with Martina Drijverová's position among other Czech authors of this genre. In the main part I deal with themes that the author used in her prose - a child and a single parent family, an outsider, a child friendship and a child with disability. The themes are still actual for today's children. Then I pay attention to types of characters. It is the largest part of my thesis. It covers a characteristic of protagonists in the books and also the narrator's resemblance. In narration of girl characters the author used the first-person narrative mode as a way to express their thoughts and feelings. In stories of boys Drijverová used the third-person narrative mode. She changes an author's narrative perspective with a main character's perspective. The second...

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