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Methods of narration in czech podcasts
Melmuková, Anna ; Groman, Martin (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
This thesis focuses on methods of narration in czech podcasts. It contains an analysis of podcast formats in the form of drama podcast and documentary podcast in the context of the Czech podcast scene. The main goal of the paper is to define both of these genres, characterize their features and evaluate the ways in which they tell stories. A total of twelve podcasts were selected for analysis, on which the methods of narration will be examined. The selected podcasts are Zkouškový, Stopař, Neklid, Rozchod, Rituál, Hrana, Hranice násilí, Zhasni!, Svatebky, Základka, Pohřešovaná a Anatomie strachu, which will be analyzed on the basis of audionarratological analysis, which is based on verbal and non-verbal signs in the context of the audio medium. The results of the analysis of drama podcasts show that in their case sound design is very important. Primarily in the form of musical undertones and sound effects revealing other levels of storytelling. In all cases, their intention is to provide an authentic experience and build an attractive environment for listeners. On the contrary, the analysis of documentary podcast shows that there are two groups of documents with different approaches. The first group consists of documents based only on statements without much use of sound design, when it is mainly...
Narration in Film
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of film narration. It compares literary with film narration and presents the narrative forms in film. The work focuses mainly on the following questions: Who is the narrator? How is it defined? Does the film even have a narrator? If so, what does it look like? The theoretical explanation is complemented by specific examples from films in which the type of film narration and its possibilities are demonstrated
Media representation of spin doctoring in audiovisual narrative context of last fifteen years
Kopřiva, Štěpán ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Trampota, Tomáš (referee)
This paper is dealing with media reflection (manipulative activity that is trying affect form of media texts for its own profit) which is manifesting itself in representative selection of audiovisual works. This has arisen in period from second half of the ninetieth years of 20th century to present day (namely: movies Wag the Dog, Thank You for Smoking and serial House of Cards). This paper assumes that through the analysis of this reflection is possible to learn how knowledge of possible influence of spin doctoring effects interpretation activity of audience and whole media communication. In opening, there is a definition of spin doctoring, brief outline for its history and examination of its contact points with a propaganda. After that there is narrative analysis of selected audiovisual works, comparison of spin doctor strategies in movies with existing methods of public relation and examples of manipulative influences. After that there is breakdown of media reflection of spin doctoring from position of three different theories of representation and final topic of influence of a semiotic power on form of interpretation which anticipates manipulative technologies.
Persuasive function and its realization in the preelection spots of political parties,that in electioms in 2010 were given to the Chamber of Deputies
Korandová, Michaela ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
Five political parties fought their way into the Parliament of the Czech Republic in the election in 2010 (they were CSSD, ODS, TOP 09, Communist Party and VV). Each had their election ad which was broadcast by television and inseparably belonged to their political campaign. An analysis of these media products is the research objective of this thesis. The aim is a semiotic analysis of individual subjects. The thesis strives for an objective description of the transfer of evidence and the construction of meaning in communication spots. The research focuses on complex communique of the clips, structure of the narratives and application of the persuasive functions. The analysis covers various semiotic systems differentiated into three areas - visual, auditory and language. Their mutual harmony, dominance and substitution are important factors in assessing the quality of a complex communique. The issue is also examined in terms of narrative of the spots, whereas the thesis contains description of both the story and the discourse level. This includes specific events and existents, types of statements and specifications for the position of the narrator. The description of the persuasive phenomena and their character is based directly on the above criteria. The paper concludes with a summary of the...
Audience perception to the paradoxical narrative in the series Game of Thrones
Částová, Barbora ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Hladík, Radim (referee) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
The thesis "Audience reception to the paradoxical narrative in the series Game of Thrones" focuses on the research of the audience and its reactions to the unusual plot twists in the series Game of Thrones producted by HBO. The Audience and its reactions to specifically selected twists were researched through qualitative methods of deep semi-structured interview which was carried out with ten respondents. "Primary" audience, i.e. the viewers who had not read any books from the Ice and Fire saga before watching the show, was choosen as a research sample for this study. Reactions of this audience are more spontaneous and unpredictable. The primary aim of the research is to find out how viewers react to the newly defined paradoxical narrative in the Game of Thrones series and why they keep watching this series despite its unusual plot twists.
Construction of gender identity within the series Dokonalý svět /the perfect world
Mlynářová, Martina ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Baslarová, Iva (referee)
The thesis analyzes the instruments of gender stereotypes reproduction and gender identity construction in Czech TV series Dokonalý svět. Is the media content gendered? With which instruments of gender stereotypes reproduction and gender identity construction is TV viewer confronted and on which levels? I use the theory of social construction of reality, the theory of the lenses of gender or the characters and narrative structure of the TV series (soup opera) to come to a conclusion. The thesis focuses on the fact that Dokonalý svět does not only reflect the stereotypes on the other hand. It confronts the standard gender orders by the comic character. The comedy character ridicules some gender stereotypes and shakes their social status.
Postmodernism in British and American comics : postmodernist overtones in the works of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison
Holub, Martin ; Ženíšek, Jakub (advisor) ; Chalupský, Petr (referee)
The aim of this thesis is the examination and analysis of postmodernist overtones in the medium of comics. It is concerned both with the postmodernist content in comics, and comics' possibilities and attributes as a postmodernist medium. The first part of the thesis elaborates on sequential art in general and the essential elements of postmodernism, such as deconstruction, metafiction, and intertextuality, within its context. The second part of the thesis is concerned with selected postmodernist works of prominent comicbook authors: Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. Key words Comics, comicbook, graphic novel, postmodernism, metafiction, intertextuality, continuum, narration, binary oppositions, deconstruction, superhero, author, creation, Watchmen, Animal Man
A Narrative Analysis of the "Ideal Woman" discourse in Vlasta Magazine
Maňhalová, Martina ; Charvát, Martin (advisor) ; Češka, Jakub (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on a discursive object called "ideal woman ", which is constructed in the Vlasta magazine. It is a women's magazine suitable for middle - aged ladies. In this work, I will examine the discourse, which is based on an implicit critique of the masculine order of the world, but the discourse is paradoxically structured to covertly affirm this order. I will focus on naturalization strategies of how the discursive object of the "ideal woman" is presented to the reader as natural. The aim of the work is the analysis of media content using tools combining narrative theory and discursive analysis. Key words: Discourse, narration, ideal woman, magazine, stereotypes, Vlasta
Stereotypes of interpretation of the Protectorate in contemporary film production
Stiburková, Anna ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis Stereotypes of representation of the Protectorate period in Contemporary Film Creation focuses on the examination of stereotypical depictions of fictional worlds determined by a historical model in film production thematically situated in the period of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The subject of the research is mainly gender stereotypes of fictional characters and stereotyping of the fictional environment on the example of costumes, masks, period props, musical accompaniment and other elements of narration. The theoretical framework of the work is based primarily on the findings presented in the Introduction to the Semantics of Fictional Worlds by Bohumil Fořt and by Narrative Ways in Czech Literature by Lubomír Doležel. The knowledge of stereotyping theory is drawn from Nick Lacey's Image and Representation: Key Concepts in Media Studies and Pierre Sorlin's Europian Cinemas, Europian Societies 1939-1990. To obtain the necessary information about filmmaking, the publications of Radomír D. Kokeš, The Analysis of Film and David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson, The Art of Film: An Introduction to the Study of Form and Style, were used. The research sample on which this tendency is presented is the Czech war drama Operation Silver A, which depicts the everyday reality of...

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