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Contemporary publishers of books for younger school-aged children from the perspective of pupils: qualitative research
Onderková, Natálie ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Neumann, Lukáš (referee)
This thesis maps the Czech book market from the point of view of the most appreciated Czech publishing houses. Its aim is an overall analysis of Czech publishing houses writing for children and young people, the quality of their production or an assessment of the popularity of literary genres among pupils of younger school age. The focus is mainly on the seventeen most frequently awarded publishing houses in several book competitions over a period of ten years. Both the book contests and the book genres are characterized in more detail in this piece of work. The entire research part of this thesis is based on the literature and detailed research of relevant websites. The practical part of the thesis aims to analyse the reading preferences of second grade students. Specifically, the research focuses on their favourite genre and thematic preferences together with their perception of the production of Czech publishing houses. The research is carried out using the participant observation method and a group interview with the participation of approximately twenty-five pupils of a particular second grade class. The research yielded several most recurrent aspects according to which pupils choose their books. This is, for example, whether animals are featured in the book. Then, it is the size of the font,...
The methods of teaching reading and writing in the 1st year of elementary school with a focus on the study results of pupils
This diploma thesis looks into the used methods of reading and writing in the first grades of elementary school with focus on the outcomes of students' study. In the theoretical field the attention is given to the current concept of teaching the basic reading and writing skills with focus on reading and writing methods, its history, methodology as well as the opinions and comments of the experts. The research itself is by a form of a questionnaire survey aimed on the proportion of the used methods of teaching the initial reading and writing at the elementary schools in Jihlava and its surroundings but also aimed on mapping of the used textbooks within these schools. The research also focuses on the students' outcomes depending on usage of particular methods. The results are analysed and presented by graphs and comments. There also comes the overview of the analysed teaching materials from the Czech publishing houses which are intended for teaching reading and writing in the first grades of elementary school.
Culture in numbers 2023
Dedera, Milan ; NIPOS, Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kulturu
Statistika kultury se zabývá zjišťováním údajů o činnosti kulturních subjektů (např. návštěvnost, kapacita, vzdělávací akce, vydané publikace, výpůjčky, čtenáři). V předkládané brožuře jsou zveřejněny vybrané údaje za následující obory: divadlo, galerie, muzea a památníky, hvězdárny, planetária a astronomické pozorovatelny, veřejné knihovny, památkové objekty zpřístupněné za vstupné, neperiodické publikace a periodický tisk. Údaje ekonomické povahy jsou k dispozici pouze za subjekty veřejného sektoru, kulturní subjekty v soukromém sektoru je neposkytují.
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Marketing Mix of a Selected Publisher on the German Market
Čičatková, Denisa ; Růžička, Oldřich (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the issue of the international marketing mix of a selected publishing house from the Czech Republic entering the German market. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The theoretical part characterizes the concepts related to the issues of the thesis. The analytical part of the thesis contains an analysis of the current situation of the selected publishing house and the German market using several analyzes. The analytical part of the work is further extended by a quantitative survey of sales prices in the German online market and a questionnaire survey. The design part of the thesis deals with proposals and recommendations in the field of the entire marketing mix (4P), which the selected publisher will use to enter the German market.
Vomelová, Lenka ; Rydval, Michal (referee) ; Macháček, Mikuláš (advisor)
-ink- ink is a small independent publishing house, that is aiming to publish student-written literature with graphic design and illustrations made by young designers and artists. Main goal of the publishing house is to support, execute and spread projects of young, not yet estabilished authors and artists and thus develop the contemporary art scene. The visual identity of the publishing house is left open, it is going to be created in time by the books that are going to be published by ink. The logo is often used as a background to posters, or a stamp over photographs. I'm letting the content to speak for it's brand, not the logo. I created business cards, bookmarks, a stamp, wrapping papers that are used for parcels as well as a background for posters, and stickers. Novel Devil Novel Devil is a first book published by ink. Author of the book is Jan Smutný, recent graduate of Faculty of Fine arts in Brno. Illustration and the overall design of the book are made by me. The design is inspired by gothic books written in textura or bastarda and illustrated with woodcuts. My aim was to create a book clearly referencing this visuality, but not a „retro“ or a historicist book. I tried to create a classical book with a modern twist. That's why I chose new, modern typefaces Enigma and Lapture and the illustrations are just vector lines. Because of the theme I work only with black and and background white colour. The book was published in 200 copies.
Collage Is Alive and Kicking!
Soudková, Kateřina ; Šachová, Kateřina (referee) ; Kögler, Žaneta (advisor)
The output of my studio thesis – redesign of a book called Zůstaňte s námi by Marek Šindelka, follows to the theoretical section titled Collage in contemporary Czech illustration and brings up the know-how of said issue. This fictional redesigned story book by contemporary Czech author deals with the current possibilities of the collage technique, its practical application in the field of graphic design and strives for its reconnection with modern Czech books.
Business Plan Proposal
Stříž, Martin ; Brychta,, Karel (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
Diploma thesis is interested in the business plan of the development of the company of Martin Stříž, who focuses on the publishing of books and other press products. On the basis of the survey of contemporary status and identification of the objective, which is to be achieved, are proposed ways leading to such identified objective. After selecting of optimal options, the financial status and level of demand are evaluated subsequently, and time schedule of individual investments is presented. Finally, potential problems, which can occur after the implementation of the investment are identified, together with linked tasks, which must be further fulfilled (monitoring of development, inspection etc.).
Basic Statistical Data about the Activities of Cultural Facilities in the Czech Republic: Libraries, non-periodical publications, periodicals 2022. III. díl, Knihovny a vydavatelská činnost
Lindnerová, Vladimíra ; Razáková, Jana ; NIPOS, Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kulturu
Předmětem zjišťování je činnost veřejných knihoven a vydavatelská činnost. Mezi nejvýznamnější šetřené ukazatele patří počet knihovních jednotek, registrovaných čtenářů, výpůjček, návštěvníků, zaměstnanců, ukazatele o hospodaření, počet vydávaných titulů periodických a neperiodických publikací, audio, videodokumentů a e-dokumentů, údaje o zasílání povinného výtisku a distribuci.
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Further professional education and development of the XY publishing house's call center employees
Koubek, Daniel
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of further professional education and the system of corporate education. The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and empirical. In the theoretical part, the basic terms associated with the concept of lifelong learning are defined, with an emphasis on terminology related to further professional education, employee development, human capital and career management. One of the chapters is devoted to the setting of the company education system and education strategies. In the empirical part, the identification of educational needs and the analysis of the system of corporate education of call center employees were carried out. The research was carried out at the XY publishing house in Prague. Based on the obtained data, a competence model of call center workers was designed and subsequently implemented into the employee education strategy. The investigations carried out show that the XY publishing house uses a systematic model of company education - it provides and enables employees to learn in various areas with regard to a specific profession and its qualification and competence requirements. Corporate education functions as one of the key tools of further professional education and development of employees with the aim of achieving better sales results,...

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