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Risk Assessment of Textile Waste Management
Šindlerová, Vanesa ; Vymazal, Tomáš (referee) ; Hrabová, Kristýna (advisor)
This thesis deals with environmental risks arising from textile waste management. The introduction describes the context of textile problematics and maps the current situation of textile waste management. The main goal of this thesis is to determinate the environmental risks of low percentage of recycling. Recycling is one way of dealing with textile that mitigates the impact on the environment. For the evaluation of the causes and consequences of the researched problem are used Bow-tie analysis and Ishikawa’s diagram. The results of the work bring environmental risks resulting from the application of those selected methods. Part of the thesis is a questionnaire that evaluates the individual’s attitude to textiles. Results of the questionnaire reveals that not needed textiles are perceived as risk to the environment. At the same time, consumer behavior does not correspond with efforts to mitigate the identified impacts.
Municipal waste management in the context of the new Czech Waste Act
Kudela, Petr ; Pluskal, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kropáč, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is the analysis of mass flows in municipal waste management in the Czech Republic and the preceding research of legislative documents related to the area of waste management with an emphasis on monitoring the legislative development of currently valid legislative documents in the legal area of the Czech Republic. As part of the description of the current state of waste treatment, a list of waste treatment facilities in operation was drawn up. Statistical data on waste production by municipalities in the Czech Republic and an estimate of the change in the financial requirements for waste collection and collection in connection with the legislative pressure to increase the share of separately separated components in municipal waste were prepared.
Sink disposers and theirs importance in biological degradable waste removal.
Amemori, Anna ; Benešová, Libuše (advisor) ; Doležalová, Markéta (referee)
Some 30 - 50 % of municipal solid waste (MSW) is biodegradable waste. Most of this waste is sent to landfills or incinerated and is not recovered. According to Waste Management Plan of Czech Republic based on the Landfill Directive of EU, Czech Republic should to reduce weight of biodegradable waste sent to lanndfills to 75 % in 2010 and 35 % in 2020 compared with the amount that had been landfilled in 1995. In rural areas biodegradable waste is fed to animals or treated by home composting. However in urban areas the collection of separated biowaste is problem for a long time. Food waste disposers (FWDs) presents interesting alternative for the biowaste disposal. They enable the separation of food waste at source by shreding it in a kitchen sink. FWDs utilize existing infrastructure of sewer system to transport shreded wastes to wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Wastes can be disposed in WWTPs by anaerobic digestion - the best method for disposal of food waste of animal origin. This work concentrates on literature research of studies about feasibility of FWD as a instrument for biodegradable waste removal and compares arguments for and against using of FWDs in households. Majority of studies shows no complications in sewer system and on WWTP after instalation of FWDs. Energetic and hydraulic consumption...
Legal regulation of waste disposal
Michálková, Tereza ; Sobotka, Michal (advisor) ; Franková, Martina (referee)
The thesis deals with waste management. The aim of the thesis is to describe and evaluate present waste legislation including amendmets to several waste management institutions and comparison to waste legislation of European Union. The thesis is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter focuses on introducing into general range of waste management. The second chapter deals with sources of law, both national and international. The third chapter describes the central term of waste management and of the thesis, i. e. waste, and presents its definition, exceptions from the definition and exception from regulation of the Waste Act 185/2001. The fourth chapter focuses on the waste hierarchy and explains it. The fifht chapter includes the waste management plans, and presents them in accordance with their importance in the hierarchy of waste management plans. The chapter explains content and meaning of the waste management plans. The sixth chapter refers subjects to the obligations given by Waste Act . At the end of the sixth chapter author mentions the matter of legal liability in case of the subjects being in breach of the obligations. The seventh chapter deals with all operations with waste, and divides them into waste prevention, means of waste handling according to waste hierarchy and other waste...
Legislation on transboundary shipments of waste
Průchová, Hana ; Žákovská, Karolina (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
1 Abstract Legislation on transboundary shipments of waste This thesis focuses on the legal regulations of transboundary shipments of waste. The aim of the thesis is a comprehensive and systematic summary of the current legislation on cross-border shipments of waste in Czech Republic and an explanation of its individual institutes and regimes based primarily on Regulation No. 1013/2006 and Act No. 185/2001 Coll., on waste. The first chapter is dedicated to the historical development of regulation at the international level, where the Basel Convention and OECD Decision on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Waste Destined for Recovery Operations are discussed in more detail, as well as the historical development of regulation at the European and national levels. The second and third chapters are dedicated to the current legislation, which first defines the individual basic terms and entities used across the regulation and then analyzes the various types and regimes of transboundary shipments of waste. The fourth chapter deals with the function and position of administrative bodies involved in the control and supervision of transboundary shipments of waste. The last chapter deals with the illegal activity and legal liability arising from it in the cross-border movements of waste, there are also cases of...
Odpadové hospodářství pevných odpadů v CHKO Moravský kras
Marek, Pavel
This diploma thesis is about municipal waste management. There are involved villages, which are situated with their building area in CHKO Moravský kras. This diploma thesis is mainly about municipal solid waste management in CHKO Moravský kras, which is interpreted by collected information about individual municipalities. The most data were obtained from municipalities by own research. These data are used in the practical part of this thesis. The information about waste production were provided mainly by workers in The Department of the Environment Blansko and Šlapanice. It was also needed to obtain information about illegal dumping, during own research. The obtained data are processed and compared each other (per capita), in the practical part. The comparison is done by point graphs in time series and there is also used cluster analysis. There were suggested recommendations and some design waste management measures in the locality for municipalities, based on individual results and theoretical knowledge about a good examples from the practice.
Sposoby nakladania s odpadovými plastmi získanými triedeným zberom v obciach
Lunter, Daniel
In this bachelor thesis on topic Ways of processing the plastic waste acquired by sorted collection in villages I firstly chose to put down research on the issues of waste management in the terms of plastic waste. To continue, I analysed the practise of organisation Združenie BIELA ORAVA, which deals with waste collection, transport, sorting and market of the waste for sum of 24 villages in microregion Biela Orava with total population 56 793. The research done by me took place at the sorting line and picking yard of the organisation, along with the communicating with responsible persons. According to the investigation I proceeded to analysis of the spheres of plastic waste processing companies, which either assign new value to the waste by transforming it to secondary raw materials or is used for energetic value. I have discovered that the waste obtained by the organisation was primarily sold to the companies for material recyclation. The rest of waste was bought by cement factories, which used the waste as a fuel, or it was the scrap waste, which was utilized energetically in incinerator. In the end, I submitted recommendations for increased effectivity of the operation of Združenie BIELA ORAVA.
Zajištění bezpečné a vyvážené výživy v zemích jihovýchodní Asie
Cwik, Jana
This thesis deals with alimentary diseases in selected countries of Southeast Asia. The theoretical part of the thesis describes food safety and nutritional sufficiency, which is often related to individual alimentary diseases. They are divided according to the originators of the disease to viral, bacterial and parasitic. The ways of the most common transmission of the disease agent, their progression, prevalence and incidence in the three selected countries of Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar) are described for the following diseases: rotavirus infections and hepatitis, cholera and typhoid, schistosomiasis and taeniasis. Important risk factors that significantly affect the occurrence of these foodborne diseases are defined in the thesis. The most serious foodborne diseases in Southeast Asia are typhoid fever, norovirus infections and hepatitis A. The most effective preventive measures are vaccination programs, improved personal and communal hygiene and access to safe water.
Hodnocení zpětného odběru vybraných výrobků v České republice v roce 2016
Zapletálková, Petra ; Buda Šepeľová, Gabriela
Článek hodnotí plnění cílů zpětného odběru výrobků v České republice, které stanovuje národní a evropská legislativa.
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