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Roofing of the grandstand in Pohořelice
Horníčková, Kateřina ; Horáček, Martin (referee) ; Pešek, Ondřej (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the design of the steel structure roofing of the grandstand in Pohořelice. The plan dimensions of the structure are 19,35 x 5 m, the height is 3,35 m. The main load-bearing structure is a curved L-shaped frame with variable cross-section. Stability is complemented by couplings in vertical and roof planes. There are two braced bay. The roof structure is placed on wooden purlins. The construction material is steel S235 and wood class C20.
Roof Structure of Collection Yard
Sýkora, Jiří ; Štrba, Michal (referee) ; Pilgr, Milan (advisor)
The roof structure has plan dimensions of 9.15 m in width and 38.4 m in length, the height of the structure is approximately 5.9 m. The planar load-carrying system in the transverse direction consists of a fixed column and a beam with a slope of 8°, which is supported by the column both directly in the middle of the length and by means of hinges in quarters of the length. These transverse support systems are spaced at 6 m intervals. The roof cladding made of profiled steel sheeting metal is supported on plain purlins placed perpendicularly on the load-carrying system. The spatial rigidity of the structure is ensured in the transverse direction by the fixed of the columns and in the longitudinal direction by the truss bracing. The supporting structure consists of hot rolled steel profiles.
Supermarket in Olomouc
Brodecká, Denisa ; Bukovská, Pavla (referee) ; Pilgr, Milan (advisor)
The assigment for bachelor thesis was design and check of load-bearing steel structure in Olomouc in Moravia. The ground dimension are 24 x 40 m, height is 10 metres. The building construction is designed as a single hall with double-pitch roof and a slope 9°. Main frame is based on plate frame with anxial range 5 m. Transverse bracing ensure the rigidity of the structure from the plane of the frame. Wall cladding is storage on column and roof cladding is on purlins. The materiál used is steel S235. Bachelor thesis includes the assesment of the main load bearing structure elements, design of the selected details and their drawing solutions.
Reinforced concrete tank
Vašinová, Martina ; Klusáček, Ladislav (referee) ; Strnad, Jiří (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis deals with structural design and static assessment of reinforced concrete wastewater treatment plant. Specifically the calculation and assessment to the ultimate limit states (ULS) and seviceability limit states (SLS) of the foundation slab, perimeter wall, flume and his parts. On the basis of reports are prepared drawnings - reinforcement drawings and drawing shapes. The design was made on the values of the outputs of computer program Dlubal RFEM 6.0.1.
Production buildings, Production of aquariums in Brno
Chytilová, Markéta ; Maar, Radek (referee) ; Boleslavská, Yvona (advisor) ; Bečkovský, David (advisor)
To commence, the main theme of this paper was to design a newly built manufacture of the Aquarium Pavlica Company. This business is specialized in the production of aquariums, which are designed for the interiors of homes and general public buildings. The main foundation for the project is an architectural study paper which was done in modules AG035 - Architectonics Studio and AG036 - The Complex Project. The design of the object is situated in a slightly slopping land in Brno, Horní Heršpice, Sokolova Street. Currently, the land is registered as a brownfield by Brno City Municipality. There is one small building on the land, which is planned to be demolished. The entrance to the site is located to the North Side - from the main road. In addition to this, the entrance is barrier free and easy to access. The front side of the designed object is parallel with the road on Sokolova Street. The main requirement was to create a convenient setting for the manufacture along with the social administrative facilities. As well as that, the requirement was to create space for a permanent exposition. The designed manufacturing object is divided into numerous separate parts. The building consists of an entryway, permanent exhibition, convenient facilities for visitors as well as facilities for the employees, which are all located on the first floor. The administrative section of the building is located on the second floor, along with the offices and a terrace. The two floors are connected by a stairway and an elevator that is barrier free. The manufacturing part of the building consists of two separate units. Firstly, it is the hall for the manufacture of the aquariums, which is equipped with a crane rail. Secondly, it is the carpentry. The flat green roofs will cover the whole building. In addition, the two floor part of the building is designed with a white fasade, and the manufacturing part of the building is designed with facade in a tone of gray. Additionally, large
Production of aquariums Brno Pavlica
Čadová, Veronika ; Vostrejž, Dušan (referee) ; Boleslavská, Yvona (advisor) ; Bečkovský, David (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is a design of an industrial building for the Akvária Pavlica company. The design deals with documentation for obtaining a building permit and documentation of construction. The project is based on a previously developed architectural study for the subject AG035 and contruction study for the subject AG036. The assigned building parcel is located in the west part of Brno Horní Heršpice and slopes slightly to the north side. The parcel is situated near the local road of the Sokolova street. The main access to the parcel is also from the same street. The layout design of the plot contains a parking lot for employees and visitors, an seperated area for trucks and a garden area. At the moment the parcel mostly fits into the brownfields. The design of the new building consists of 3 functional units - exhibition space/showroom, facilities for administration and production space. The basic idea was to separate the units for the public from employees and vice versa. For this reason, the production and exhibition unit is located in "stand-alone" functioning units. The administration is located on them as the 2nd floor. That creates a walk - through area to the garden and the main entrance to the building. The construction system is a steel frame structure based on the reinforced concrete step footing foundations covered by flat and sloped roofs. The steel frame structure is supplemented by Ytong blocks. The Trimoterm vertical panels are used throughout the building as a facade covering. The mainly used materials for construction are steel, glass, concrete and metal. The main aim of the design was to create a well-functioning spatially separated but overall compact space, which will ensure both quality product production, as well as a pleasant working space for employees and a functional space for public visitors.
Proposal to improve the marketing communication of the company
Fíbek, David ; Kaňovská, Lucie (referee) ; Havíř, David (advisor)
This bachelor ´s thesis deals with a proposal to improve the marketing communication of a chosen company. The meaning of the work is in the design of a solution that can be implemented in the described company. The work is mainly about getting familiar with the company and its current practices in the field of marketing communication. Then, I propose solutions that are based on the described shortcomings.
Design of watering module for mobile robot
Vizváry, Peter ; Králík, Jan (referee) ; Krejsa, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the design of a watering module for a mobile robot. The main goals of this work are to design various concepts of the watering module and their subsequent comparison, ending with the selection of the final concept, which results in its implementation in the form of a prototype with subsequent testing of its properties. The first part of this work is focused on the analysis of the issue and the definition of the assigned task together with the main parameters and requirements. The second part contains an overview of known solutions to the issue and designs for own concepts of the watering module and its individual components. The designs are compared and evaluated in terms of their performance, complexity and price. In the third part, based on the evaluation of the most promising variants, there is a selection of the final concept and after that designing and selection of the final constructional solution. The fourth part is focused on the design and implementation of the prototype, contains the selection and design of the necessary components, module assembly and the creation of the control algorithm of the watering module. The final fifth part contains testing of the functional properties of the prototype, their evaluation and subsequent suggestions for its improvement.
Design and Realization of Acoustic Adjustments of Listening Room
Vajda, Michal ; Miklánek, Štěpán (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is devoted to the design of acoustic modifications of residential space and the subsequent implementation of these modifications. Its aim is to design an optimal solution of the space for listening to music in accordance with the Czech Technical Standards. The basic parameters investigated are reverberation time and acoustic quality criteria. The thesis deals with simulation in the EASE modelling program and addresses situations before and after acoustic treatment. The following methods and procedures are used to comprehensively address the above mentioned treatments and to achieve the set objective. Furthermore, the simulation is verified with a custom calculator in Excel. After using the absorbers suitable for adjustment, the implementation with the final measurement of the reverberation time is carried out. Finally, an additional modification design is created using Helmholtz resonators. The implemented methods achieve an optimal and frequency balanced reverberation time and the room can be used as a mixing hall for multi-channel sound recording.
Design of an Information System for a Store
Pollak, Patrik ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Dydowicz, Petr (advisor)
The master‘s thesis deals with the analysis, design and implementation of my own information system for the store. The task of the information system is to create an intuitive interface with key functions for the efficient operation of the store.

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