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Profil návštěvníka Jihomoravského kraje pro strategii rozvoje cestovního ruchu
Karlová, Edita
Diploma thesis is focused on the description of visitors profile in the South Moravia area. This will be based on the analysis of the actual tourism activity in the area and based on a marketing research among the observed groups. The first part of the thesis is a description of a theory of tourism, tourist behaviour, tourism management and visitors profile. The analysis of the actual situation of the tourism in Brno is described by 6A and SWOT analyse method. The visitor's profiles will be defined from the researched data. According to the researched visitors profiles will be recommended a suggestion for the local agency in Brno in order to develop in the South Moravian region. These suggestions will include a recommendation for the next strategy, new collecting places and innovative research methodology.
Lojalita návštěvníka kúpeľnej destinácie
Jankovič, Michal
The diploma thesis deals with evaluation of the visitors loyalty to the spa destinations of Slovak Republic. The aim of the thesis is to identify key quality factors influencing the visitors loyalty to Slovak spa destinations and to clarify differences between clients and providers in their perception of the quality of services. Attention is also paid to clarifying the differences between specific segments of visitors in the terms of their satisfaction and loyalty. On the basis of the results obtained, there are subsequently formulated recommendations relevant to the current state of Slovak spa in order to increase the visitors satisfaction and loyalty to Slovak spa destinations.
Monitoring zatížení krajiny Krkonošského národního parku účastníky cestovního ruchu
Krejčí, Tomáš
The thesis deals with the problem of strain on nature caused by tourism participants, and the possibilities of their monitoring. Included inside are possible options lessening said strain, which are compared with measures used in national parks. The goal of the thesis is to evaluate data collected by 27 addition devices which are located within Krkonoše Mountains National Park, and with the help of this data, identify key points of tourist attention, and by extension places most strained by visitors. To reach the mentioned goals, the method of literary research was used, thanks to which terms crucial for the thesis were clarified, and with the help of elementary time series analysis, places with the most strain had been identified. The most strained, and also most visited, turned out to be places on the summit parts of the national park. According to addition devices, the most visited place appeared to be the highest mountain of the Czech republic, Sněžka. After that, it is Luční bouda, Labská bouda, and near from there, the spring of the river Labe.
Tool for Determining Attributions of Online Marketing Activities
Šišák, Ivan ; Henzl, Martin (referee) ; Malinka, Kamil (advisor)
The tool allows distribution of credit for the conversion to various marketing activities. So-called attribution modelling is concerned. The distribution of conversion is described by the models, except those most famous (first interaction model, last interaction model, linear model), that allow to create any distribution of conversion to several marketing activities. The use of this tool may be useful in the surveys of the effectiveness of marketing activities.
Analýza a potenciál efektivního rozvoje CHKO Brdy
The thesis deals with analysis and potential of an efficient development of landscape park Brdy. Its aim is to raise public awareness of a recently established nature conservation area. A part of the thesis introduces a qualitative research cariied out in form of interviews with visitors in the area. The empirical part of the thesis deals with analysis of opinions and experiences of the visitors. The main aim of this part is on the grounds of respondents´ answers to propose basic arrangements for a future effective development of some sections of the tourism in the area. The findings are summarized and the given hypothesis is evaluated in the end of the thesis. There is also a proposal of new opportunities of an efficient development of this area in compliance with conservation of the current landscape form.
Revitalization of Film studios in Zlín
Kolbábková, Martina ; Kopáčik,, Gabriel (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
The thesis is focused on the revitalization of the Zlín film studios, with maximum respect for the principles of the investor, using the area in the long term. Idea thesis consists in consolidating the roots of film history, familiarity with film themes and issues for every generation. It also ensures that the area live 24 hours a day. For this reason, in the area of proposed areas not only public facilities, manufacturing, sport but also areas for housing. Campus should become a place where everyone would like to return, whether for entertainment, recreation, leisure and entertainment
BUT Area Kraví hora
Vrlová, Ela ; Kyselka,, Mojmír (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis BUT Area Kravi hora is a strategic study of the BUT area at Kravi hora from the previous semester to a scale of 1:200. The subject is the elaboration of the concept in order to bring together the interests of BUT and Brno city in this extraordinary territory for the benefit of both subjects. This work deals in detail with newly proposed objects in the BUT territory. A number of regulations have been issued in the territory limiting the subsequent use of the area, but the current area does not suit the existing potential of the site. The main concept was a creation of a set of buildings that will serve the University for representation and public activities, while allowing the access and use of the general public by the inhabitants of the city of Brno. The whole site will be set up in a newly-built city-wide park and other park areas that will create an attractive part of the now-inaccessible and unspoilt area connecting Veveri with Kravi hora. There will also be added additional features inspired by the existing features in the area, namely the Art Colony with ateliers, then Business Units and spacious Public Workshops. The entire Kravi hora area will be interwoven with a number of services serving both adults and children. The new proposal will also lead to the diversion of car traffic from the whole territory in order to ensure the safest relaxed movement of visitors. There will be numerous parking spaces located on the outskirts of the area. The main goal is to create a strong concept focusing on relaxation, health, education and sport, which should result in the overall opening and attractiveness of the territory.
Profile of visitors of national park Šumava
The aim of this thesis is to characterize the visitor od National park Šumava, deals with the motive to visit and way to use this territory. It also deals with the fundamental perception of landscape National Park and evaluates shift in the perception of the landscape structures in relation to the literature of the 19th century. Finally, it deals with the environmental attitudes of visitors. For complex underpinning of these issues are first explained the basic concepts, their distribution and the most important milestones in the relationship of man to nature. Working with the assistance of historical development shows important changes in environmental thinking and attitudes through a documented thesis confirms or refutes the contrary.
Environmental Friendly Accommodation in a Particular Area
The aim of the thesis was to identify environment-friendly approaches in the offer of accommodation in subject area - Cesky Krumlov, to assess the importance of friendly approaches in the strategy of companies offering accommodation and to determine preferences and interest of visitors of the area about range of accommodation that is environmentally friendly. The results of paper and concept of measure for Český Krumlov district are at the close of the paper.
Visitor perception of ZOO animals welfare, except mammals
Welfare aka comfortable life style of animals is a state when an animal is balanced with environment. All requirements are fulfilled for its physical and mental health. If the animal is healthy, we expect all requirements checked. Mentioned requirements of welfare set Webster in 1999. He made up a theory of 5 freedoms which has to follow every breeder to keep physical and mental health of animals. Welfare is doing very well in ZOO, because it keeps all animals needs fulfilled as much as possible. I made questionnaire for visitors to find out interest about welfare in one of unnamed Zoo. There were 200 filled questionnaire during July, August and September of 2017. The target of this work was to find out an interest about animal welfare in certain ZOO. Other target was finding out the most and the least happy animal by visitors.

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