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Speech understanding before entering elementary school
Vlasáková, Anna ; Klenková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Horynová, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the area of speech understanding by children before entering the elementary school from the speech therapist's point of view. The thesis focuses on diagnostics. There is a dearth of diagnostic material nowadays, which is a reason for the creation of Speech Understanding before entering elementary school Test. This test is meant for children over five years of age. The theoretical part of the thesis characterizes preschool children from the psychical and motorial development point of view. Furthermore, the theoretical part focuses on the description of preschool child communication, with particular attention to the development of the lexical-semantic language area and summarizes knowledge of speech understanding, development of speechunderstanding, and speech understanding process. Finally, there is a brief description of a few conditions. The research judged the impact of these conditions on speech understanding. The research includes the processed results from the screening of speech understanding with the mentioned diagnostical material. One hundred and twenty- five children participated in the quantitative research. The effect of particular aspects on the speech understanding of these children was evaluated. It has been found that the presence of delayed speech...
Work with children with postponement of school entrance in current practice of pre-school education
Žáková, Petra ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (advisor) ; Pěnička, Jaroslav (referee)
In my bachelor's thesis I am dealing with issues related to the postponement of compulsory school attendance. I have researched the topic in accordance to the new conditions - the introduction of the compulsory pre-school education of five-year-old childern. The thesis is divided into two main parts − a theoretical part and a practical one. The purpose of the theoretical part is to introduce the topic. The development of the view on the concepts of school maturity, readiness and competence, and the legislative legalisation of the postponement of beginning of the schol attendance is presented here. It also outlines the development of postponements of school attendance from approximately, the middle od the 20th century to the present, and a brief comparison of the Czech Republic and some other European countries concerning the issue of school attendance. Since the rate of postponements of compulsory school attendance in the Czech Republic is relatively high, the countries where the share of posponements is lower, we used for the comaprison. The aim of practical part is to find out how are the childern with postponed school attendance in selected kindergartes in the Vysočina region and Prague being prepared and supported fot the future school attendance. A semi-structured questionnaire with...
The expectations about school in children primarily with hearing impairment or communication disability
Kalousová, Tereza ; Viktorová, Ida (advisor) ; Medřická, Tereza (referee)
The Master theses is focussing on children starting school and their expectations on school. Research is involving children with hearing disability and impaired communication skills. The essence of theses is to analyze these expectations. Specifically if these expectations are complex and in what specific way children's hearing or communication disability interferes with their expectations on school and with other areas such as drawing. Research is based on experience with sample of children primarily with hearing disability and impaired communication skills. All of these children attend the same type of school. Experiences come from two meetings I had with them. In the first phase all children attended kindergarten, in the second phase they were first grade pupils. In both phases they attended the same building, because kindergarten is part of the school. Their assignment was to draw a picture on a school theme. Then they were interviewed over their drawings. The collected data are thus processed qualitatively. In conclusion the results of the whole research are formulated, which were determined mainly on the basis of comparison with similar researches. However, those researches were focused on expectations of intact children. It turned out that the children from my group did not have as specific...
The main features of processing colored modification Wartegg's drawing test in children at the transition between kindergarten and primary school
This bachelor work is about the processing of colourful modification of Wartegg´s drawing test on the changeover from the nursery to the primary school. The goal of this work is to find out the potential changes in the way of processing of Wartegg´s drawing test in the course of several months and also to find out the typical features of processing of Wartegg´s drawing test in this age group. The theoretical part is concentrated on the preschool children and the children that are short time in the school and is primary concentrated on their cognitive and verbal development, symbolism of colours and particular symbols that predominate in children´s drawing. There are also described projective methods in the theoretical part, primary the Wartegg´s drawing test. Empirical part is concentrated on the research that monitors the main differences in the processing of Wartegg´s drawing test by children that are in the age between preschool and school. These differences were evaluated formally and contently and then they were processed in the graphs.
Preparation for entering the basic school
This thesis´ topic is to find out how pre-school children are individually and methodically prepared to enter elementary schools. The first theoretical part of this thesis compares a conception of a pre-school education and a primary level in some cuticular documents. The second part of the thesis describes a child entering the elementary school with a view of a psychology of evolution. The attention is paid to the child´s school maturity. The practical part is focused on how a nursery school can individually and methodically prepare the child to a compulsory education. An emphasis is also paid to some particular activities to be done with children and to the different fields of the child´s preparation for its compulsory education.

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