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Assessing the role and effectiveness of subsidies on livestock farming and selected predator species
The diploma thesis deals with impacts of opposing grants by the example of the grant for farm animals farming and financial aids for expansion of presence of the chosen kind of predator at the same time. Sheep farming and the presence of wolf, as the final predator, were chosen to illustrate the point. Significant increasing of compensations and expenses for protection measures for farming have, and will still have, a stronger impact not only on company or public finances, but also emotional impact or an impact on the maintaining of cultural area and its roles. A timescale for the change of unfavourable trends hasn't been created yet. An absolute protection of wolf is superfluous and high-risk in breeder's and gamekeeper's opinion and based on findings, arguments, information and in a part of general public opinion. This work bases on the analysis of numerous publications, actual statements of aggrieved subjects and on data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Finance and public opinion. This topic seems to be very current with interdepartmental and interdisciplinary range, because it is not possible to assume that there will be an unequivocal solution of the problem some time soon.
Testing of odour fences as protecting measure against otter on small ponds of fisheries KŠH ČB, Protivín and opinion with compensation of damages after law N.115/2000Sb.
The presented diploma thesis deals with the current issue of compensation for damages caused by European otter (Lutra lutra), namely the use of feasible preventive measures to eliminate damages and to ensure the entitlement to compensation in accordance with the law No 115/2000 Col. It also presents the results of practical testing of scent barrier systems as an alternative protective equipment agains unwanted predation in real conditions of fish storage pools.
The Assessment of compemsation damages caused by the Great Cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo) in fish farms in South Bohemia.
The thesis analyses compensations of damages caused by great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) in fish farms in South Bohemian Region pursuant to Act. No 115/2000 Sb. till 2011. In the introductory section is described a development of population of nesting and migrating Great cormorants in Europe, particularly in the Czech Republic from the 80th of last century, and reasons for conflict between this species conservation and fish farming including legal conditions for compensation to pond owners and a development of compensation issues in the Czech Republic. This thesis assesses an overall status of the compensation of damages already paid in South Bohemia, analyses claimants according subject type and compares the amount of compensation of damages in relation to the number and the pond area including the frequency of submitted apllications by different types of claimants and the relationship to individual districts of South Bohemian Region. The survey in five chosen ponds in Třeboňsko region evaluates a current secondary damages caused by Great cormorants in the form of injured fishes obtained during fishing out.
Evaluation of economic instruments used in nature protection, with special attention paid to the systém of compensations for damages caused by protected animal species (case study of the Třeboňsko PLA)
The given Bachelor Thesis deals with the assessment regarding the system of awarding compensatory damages caused by specially protected animal species in the period between 2000 and 2011 within the territory of the Protected Landscape Area of Třeboňsko. Compensatory damages thus represent one of the most important economic instruments in the general scheme of the nature and landscape protection to which the protection of specially protected animal species is being provided. The procedure of application and awarding of the given compensatory damages has been stipulated in the Act No. 115/2000 Coll. on compensation for damages caused by selected specially protected animal species. The work also analyses both development of provided compensatory damages in the aforesaid years and efficiency evaluation and utility of this instrument in the nature and landscape protection within the territory of the Protected Landscape Area of Třeboňsko. Furthermore, the topic evaluates awareness regarding the possibility of using compensatory damages through the website authorities of the nature and landscape protection.
Analysis of an environmental conflict - opinions of main groups of the inhabitants in the pond water area on the subject of the presence of cormorants (fishermen and holidaymakers) and media analysis
ŠÍPOVÁ, Martina
The thesis was chosen on the basis of the continuation of the bachelor´s work. This thesis is focused on the literature search of problems of the conflicts between the protection of cormorants and the interest of fishery, further on the media analysis in the Czech Republic and finally on the processing of opinions of various groups of respondents (holidaymakers in the area called ´Třeboňsko´ and Czech fishermen). The opinions of questioned people were obtained from controlled interviews written down and processed in the questionnaires. The available information shows that a number of the protected cormorants is increasing not only in the Czech Republic but all over the world. The increase of the number of cormorant population causes problems especially to fishery, because cormorants cause the damage by catching fish stock. These conflicts in the problem area are mostly promoted in the media. In the problem area there are important opinions of the key groups of inhabitants. Groups of questioned people demonstrated their knowledge: holidaymakers in the area called ´Třeboňsko´ have basic knowledge in cormorants and problems caused by cormorants. On the contrary, fishermen are well-informed about the problem. The fishermen are more interested in the problem. Media are very important for solving conflicts and forming opinions of various groups of people. Media analysis showed that most spokesmen, who initiated writing newspaper articles were just fishermen. Therefore the articles on the cormorants are negative and without opinions on the spokesmen as member of general public or academics. Results of the sociological analysis have feed back on the results of the media analysis. It was found out that in the Czech Republic there had not been drawn up any management of fish protection againts cormorants. That is why I prefer to suggest the management in the near future. I recommend to follow the existing foreign management, forexample, in Great Britain. Further, I propose to change the Czech legislation for lower payment of the compensation for the damage caused by cormorants.

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