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Moral criminality and its prevention
Janů, Veronika ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (advisor) ; Říha, Jiří (referee)
Moral criminality and its prevention Abstract The aim of the thesis dealing with moral criminality and its prevention is to provide a comprehensive overview of this type of crime. In particular, the thesis focuses on the impact of these crimes, which account for only 2% of the total registered crime in 2023, on the victim and presents questions on how best to protect the victim or prevent the crime from being committed. The thesis initially defines the basic concepts related to moral criminality. It also addresses the question of what morality is and how it affects the commission of sexually motivated crime. It then examines the legal regulation of moral criminality within the Czech legal system, with an emphasis on Act No. 40/2009 Coll., the Criminal Code. Within the framework of international regulation, it covers a range of international institutions, focusing mainly on documents of the United Nations, the European Union and the Council of Europe related to moral criminality. A large part of this chapter is devoted to the issue of ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence, also known as the Istanbul Convention. The fourth to sixth chapters analyse in more detail the individual offences falling under the heading of moral...
ABC, Corp. Code of Ethics Proposal
Mašová, Milada ; Hrůza, Miroslav (referee) ; Černohorská, Lenka (advisor)
The thesis is in its first part focused on the theoretical background. It deals with concepts such as ethics, morality, social responsibility and ethical codes. The next section is devoted to a particular company, analyzing the current situation, which was based on a questionnaire survey. It proposes possible actions by the company and the specific text of the Code of Ethics.
Business Ethics in Business Organizations
Krupauerová, Kateřina ; Šimková, Jitka (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
This thesis is focused on application of business ethics in business organizations. Theoretical part is concentrate on basic concepts related to business ethics and also to social responsibility of companies. In the empirical part I used questionnaire to determine how examined companies implement this business ethics and in the end of my thesis I suggested recommendation how they could improve it.
The effect of Ethical and non-ethical bus Transportation Carrier behaviour on the choice of the final Consumer
Jarošová, Petra ; Peš, Martin (referee) ; Černohorská, Lenka (advisor)
This diploma thesis is dedicated to the effect of ethical/unethical behaviour of bus companies on the final consumer's decision. The work is composed of two sections. The theoretical part is dedicated to the basic characteristics of ethics, its segmentation, and historical development. The practical section describes an analysis of the four largest bus companies. According to a realized marketing study, criteria are presented based on which customers select bus transportation services and what their opinion is of ethics in business. Finally, the results of the marketing study are presented and on the basis of these results, suggestions are made on establishing penalties in the case of unethical business management.
Business Ethics in RENGL Company
Zniszczolová, Eva ; Kašpar,, Martin (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
Master’s thesis is concerned with ethics of company RENGL, s.r.o. Through the use of list of questions I ascertained opinions of customers of ethics of services and employees and also opinions of ethics of posters.
Nietzsche's Will to Power
Štolc, Jaroslav ; Sousedík, Prokop (advisor) ; Prázný, Aleš (referee)
Master's thesis focuses on the potential relationships between the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and the ideology of Nazism. With an approach that emphasizes the complexity and wide range of this issue, the study strives to analyze Nietzsche's texts and interpret them in the context of Nazi ideology. The work is structured into four chapters, focusing on Nietzsche's philosophical concepts, ethics, critical views on his philosophy from other authors, and political aspects of his ethics. The key point is Nietzsche's ethics and its potential connections with Nazism. This work attempts to provide a deeper and more objective view of Nietzsche's philosophy, thereby contributing to a better understanding of his work and possible correlations with Nazi ideology.
Ethical problems in nursing
Audrlická, Marie-Anna ; Votroubková, Michaela (advisor) ; Kutnohorská, Jana (referee)
Author: Marie-Anna Audrlická Institution: Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Department of Social Medicine, Department of Nursing Title: Ethical problems in nursing Supervisor: Mgr. Michaela Votroubková Number of pages: 92 Year of defense: 2023 Keywords: nursing ethics, ethical problem, ethical dilemma, morality, ethical principle, time pressure, lack of care The goal of my bachelor's thesis was to evaluate the influence of time pressure on the quality of nursing care, to assess this problem from an ethical point of view and to propose a solution. In the theoretical part, I dealt with the ethics of nursing, its principles and history and I described some ethical problems of nursing. In the practical part, I focused on the time pressure as an ethical problem. The research was conducted using a qualitative method of investigation in the form of a semi-structured interview. I interviewed 6 sisters. In the analysis of the interviews, I focus on the frequency of occurrence of time pressure, nurses' attitude to the documentation in time pressure, patient care during time pressure, errors and solutions. On the basis of the studied sources and the obtained data, I established and proposed possibilities on how to solve the time pressure problem. The contribution of my work is the...
Moral profile of a social worker as a prerequisite for the quality of social work
KRESLOVÁ, Michaela
The master thesis examines the moral profile of a social worker in the course of working with Roma clients in Strakonice. Fundamental terms related to the focus of the work including morality, prerequisites for performing work in helping professions, comparison of value orientation of the majority society and the Roma population, as well as the specifics of social work with this target group are defined. Furthermore, the meaning of ethics in the life of the majority society and the Roma ethnic group is identified. The main goal, the reflection of the moral profile of a social worker as an indespensable condition for the quality of social work in conjuction with the description of possible confrontation of values, is achieved with literature review and summarization of findings revealed by the individual research. Semi-structured interviews with six social workers were implemented to assemble data. The interviews took place in three workplaces in Strakonice.
The role of moral responsibility in the educational effect of institutional child welfare
The diploma thesis deals with the role of moral responsibility in the context of institutional care for a child from a disadvantaged background. The work analyzes in detail the possible influence of psychological deprivation and poor socialization of the child on the change in adolescent behavior in the way that requires him to be removed from the family environment. The aim of this thesis is to map the meaning of moral responsibility in child education. This goal includes noting both the importance of a parent's responsibility towards their child and the importance of the child's own responsibility. In the case when the adopted responsibility of the child is not sufficient for ordinary life in society the importance of institutional care is pointed out. A fundamental knowledge emerging from this thesis is the fact that parents' lack of moral responsibility can cause their children to behave inappropriately and is itself transmitted to the next generation, creating a closed circle from which it is very difficult to exit. All discussed findings from theoretical sources were supported by the personal experience of the social worker providing assistance to families from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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