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The use of monitoring and filtering software at lower secondary school and its pedagogical impacts
RYBA, Jakub
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to map what are the possibilities and limits of using monitoring and filtering software in primary schools. To find out their advantages and disadvantages, focus mainly on the role they have during teaching and describe the programs that schools use. Discover what type of filter they are using in school network and which specific areas of the site they focus on when filtering the network. In the research, the researcher examined more cases, so he chose a multi-case studies. This knowledge was achieved by studying the relevant literature, which focused on what these software can do, and the knowledge of schools that already use these technologies in teaching, this helped in understanding the issue .He further analyzed the findings and compared them in order to achieve the most accurate view of the issue. Research has shown that schools often use similar solutions to these problems, and that the great majority of their experience with these software is positive. This work can show schools that do not yet use these technologies the issue and limits of these technologies for education in practice.
Family Houses Heating by Heat Pump
Zeťák, Marek ; Kalivodová, Markéta (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
Heat sources are a daily part of our lives. The increasing demands for efficient, low-cost and eco-friendly heating of a family home can be satisfied with a heat pump. The main benefits include eco-friendly, efficient and unattended operations with low operating cost. This bachelor thesis provides information on how the heat pump works, what types exist and explains the concepts associated with them. Due to the decreasing power at low temperature, heat pumps are often installed in a bivalent connection with an additional heat source. The heat pump, like any other device, undergoes constant upgrades to improve the parameters and its function. In the final part of the thesis, a basic economic study of a new heat source for a model house is carried out, where the heat pump is one of the proposed options.
Repair and modernization of a three-room apartment in a tenement house from 1933
Gábová, Hana ; Klika, Pavel (referee) ; Hobst, Leonard (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the assessment of a current state of a flat and subsequently its economical repair and modernization. The aim of the thesis is to refurbish the flat in such a way that it meets the requirement of current standard of living and at the same time it is suitable for rent. Other costs will be taken into consideration and subsequently I will calculate the expected payback period. Lastly, I will evaluate whether it is worthy to realize the suggested improvements in practice.
District heating systems in the Czech Republic in the context of legislative changes
Hylas, Martin ; Poul, David (referee) ; Putna, Ondřej (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the analysis of the issue of district heating (DH) with regard to legislative changes in the European Union. The first part deals with the analysis of the issue and the evaluation of the state of CZT in the Czech Republic. The European Union's position on climate change, caused by increasing greenhouse gas emissions, which are significantly produced by DH sources, is also discussed. The research part ends with an analysis of possible changes in the heating industry leading to the fulfillment of legislative requirements in the future. The second part of the bachelor's thesis deals with the elaboration of a case study of the change of the fuel mix for the heat source in the existing locality with the use of the technical-economic model. The main goal is to evaluate the usability of renewable resources (biomass, waste) as primary fuels instead of natural gas. The result of the practical part is a comparison of individual variants and changes in the cost of producing 1 GJ of heat compared to the reference variant.
Control system overhaul of a granulate transport equippment
Minčík, Vojtech ; Benešl, Tomáš (referee) ; Fiedler, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design and overhaul of the suction system which was part of the extruder dosing device from Reifenheuser. The first part describes the pneumatic transport and its main parts and control possibilities. Moreover, the thesis deals with the evaluation of the original solution of the control system, its advantages and disadvantages, the requirements for modernization from the client and proposals for its implementation. The last part focuses on the selection of suitable components and subsequently on the final implementation of the entire project, which consists of the design of the switchboard, the creation of electrical documentation and PLC programming.
Czechoslovak Occultism and its Representatives during the First Republic
Šabek, Jiří ; Rákosník, Jakub (advisor) ; Čechurová, Jana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis Czechoslovakia Occultism and its Important Representatives during the First Republic copes the theme of modern occultism in context of western esoteric traditions and formation the modern society. It focuses on the methodological issues of new religion movements and secularization, and on the comprehensive typology of occultism. By processing the thesis a special emphasis was given on deeper culture and historical roots, which were the basics of the Czech modern occultism. Firstly there is the evolution and dynamics of individual occult movements in Czech country and subsequently its most important representatives are mentioned. The main concentration is on the directions, which achieved eminent organized forms during the First Republic such as the spiritism, the hermeticism or the mysticism. However other significant directions are also mentioned in the thesis for example the theosophy. Key words: social history, first republic, new religion movements, secularization, modernization, western esotericism, occultism, hermetism, spiritism, mysticism, theosophy, secret societies, religious societies, Universalia, Psyché
Development of the labor and education market according to contemporary social and futurological sciences
Holek Převorovská, Michaela ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Dvořák, Tomáš (referee)
: The thesis focuses on the topic of the future of education and labor markets, which follows through the perspective of two scientific perspectives - social sciences and futurological sciences. The aim is to describe the view of these two disciplines on the future development of these two specific markets and to map the expected scenarios of the future development. The view of both disciplines is presented through qualitatively elaborated professional periodicals. The main topic addressed by the authors of both scientific disciplines was the impact of technological progress on the future of the labor markets and changes in the disappearance and creation of jobs. Another important element is connectivity and sharing. They enable modern digital platforms, information, procedures, education, overcome time and space constraints, and can be used by anyone with access to the necessary technology. Keywords: education, labour market, professes, skills, images of the future, modernization, development
The Conception of Modern Korea in the Work of Seo Jae-pil
Kašparová, Blanka ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (advisor) ; Glomb, Vladimír (referee)
Seo Jae-pil was a key protagonist during the period of the Reform Movement in Korea. As he was one of the few Koreans who personally experienced life in the West, it was natural that he wanted to apply this knowledge to his own country. In order to set Seo Jae-pil in historical context, the first chapter of this thesis deals with the characterization of the time when he was born. A description of his early life is also part of the same chapter. The second chapter deals with his exile in the USA, where he took refuge, after the Gapsin Coup in 1884. The objective of the third chapter is to analyze the changes that Seo Jae-pil suggested during his stay in Korea between the years 1896 and 1898. Through these reforms Korea should have been modernized and should have ranked among the world's developed countries. The analysis of the reforms suggested by Seo Jae-pil focuses on the spheres of the political, educational, social and legal systems. This part features extracts from articles written by Seo Jae-pil and provides an analysis of them. I also pay attention to The Independent newspaper and the Independence Club, as both were founded by Seo Jae-pil during the same period, 1896-1898.
Current development of the European legislation regarding copyright
Kocarová, Klára ; Žikovská, Petra (advisor) ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis "Current development of the European legislation regarding copyright" deals with the current EU proposals on the modernization of copyright. For the purposes of this work, I have determined as "current" the proposals and documents published between 2015 and 2017 due to the consistency of the pursued objectives and the close interrelation between relevant EU documents. The main target of this work is to present key documents, whether accepted or proposed, to update European copyright for the needs of the digital world. This work is divided into eight chapters representing not only the proposals but also the environment into which they will be incorporated. For this reason, the first three chapters briefly address the introduction of the basic concept of copyright, as well as the harmonization of rights in the EU and the existing legislative framework in Europe (including international treaties and EU measures). In the following chapter, I introduce digitization and the internet as important factors, which affected copyright to such an extent that it appears in some ways to be completely incompatible with modern age. The fifth chapter highlights the main target of the ongoing adaptation of copyright law, which is the creation of a single digital market within the EU. The core parts of...
The Examination of One Form of the Atlantic Modernization's Moral Background
Lánský, Ondřej ; Hrubec, Marek (advisor) ; Arnasson, J.H. (referee) ; Barša, Pavel (referee)
Ondřej Lánský The Examination of One Form of the Atlantic Modernization's Moral Background Abstract This thesis deals with critique of fundamental moral pattern of the Atlantic social space, that shapes some important features of social, political, and human action in the global era and endorses legitimacy of the reigning social order. The main task of this thesis is to show pathological moments of the contemporary development of global society through comparison of some constitutive features of Atlantic and Latin-American societies. The most important theoretical basis for this thesis is Axel Honneth's theory of recognition. As articulations of constitutive features of social normativity (ergo as expressions of shared social imaginaries of social configuration) are used chosen social philosophical concepts: John Rawls' liberalism and Enrique Dussel's philosophy of liberation. The thesis contains therefore four steps in three main chapters. Firstly the author sociologically analyzes the concept of social esteem in the context of theory of recognition. Secondly he examines John Rawls' normative theory of justice. Thirdly the author points some aspects of Rawls' theory, which allow certain interpretation and critique of the social esteem and of the liberal definition of moral legitimacy of the Atlantic...

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