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Management model of project-oriented organizations of social sphere
The thesis "Management model of project-oriented organizations of social sphere" deals with the proposal of a management model for project-oriented organizations of social sphere using monitoring and evaluation processes. The proposed management model was based on qualitative research conducted in the selected institution, which was the Institute of Social Work of the Faculty of Health and Social Studies. (Institute of Social Work ? ISW). The reason for selecting this institution was the variety, scope of activities undertaken and development phase of the institution. Currently, as an integral part of institutions focusing on practical social work with the client is considered not only strategic management but also project management which favorably influences the efficiency of services as well as provides the possibility of obtaining resources for their financing. The degree of success of these projects is positively influenced by the processes of monitoring and evaluation, both in the planning phase of the project and during its implementation. On the basis of the qualitative research was proposed a management model for the selected Institute of Social Work. The management model is based on a set of monitoring and evaluation indicators that were, using synergy effects, incorporated in the proposal of database systems of ISW. Based on the values of proposed indicators obtained from the database system we can not only monitor but also assess the performance of the Institute of Social Work. Some of the indicators can be used to design development strategies of the ISW. The applicability of the established management model was assessed by the experts from different fields of management, but similarly focused institutions, in the form of semi-structured interview. Based on the expert opinion, this management model is applicable to other similarly oriented organizations. The model, according to the experts, would bring improvements in management of project-oriented organizations of social sphere with similar focus as the ISW.
Strategy of company
The subject of this bachelor paper was elaboration of a business strategy for selected company. The main purpose was to evaluate the business of the company in order to prepare or change its strategy. Methods used for evalution of the position of the company: financial analysis, analysis of external environment, STEP analysis, SWOT analysis, operating model. All processed information related to periods 2006 and 2007.
Business Intelligence Governance
Knap, Pavel ; Slánský, David (advisor) ; Pour, Jan (referee)
The thesis is focused on the area of Business Intelligence Governance that seeks to management BI as a complex environment in an organization. The goal of this thesis is to create comprehensive BIG framework that will help to understand and lead BI, to support business strategy execution. The fist part of this thesis is introduction to the area of BIG. It contains definition of the term BI, description of trends in BI, definition of the term BIG and the answer on question Why do we need to governance BI. The second part focuses on description and evaluation of existing BIG instruments. The third part handles about new BIG framework and authorities. It describes particular building blocks of the framework and discovers structure of BIG authorities.

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