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Přepis aplikace Gisella s využitím moderních technologií
Zelenka, Ondřej
This diploma thesis deals with the creation of a new Gisella mobile application, which is a rewrite of the old application of the same name on the Android platform. The application was originally created by team Spatial Hub and is managed by ENVIPARTNER s.r.o. The goal of the work was to implement a new application that will have the same functionality as the old application, but in a new language, architecture and using the latest technologies so that it can be better managed and possibly expanded in the near future. The work will start with the theoretical part, which includes, among other things, the Android platform, the Kotlin language and its new toolkit Jetpack Compose, Dependency injection using the Koin library, the MVVM architecture and others. This will be followed by a short analysis of the possibilities of rewriting the application from Java to Jetpack Compose, the implementation procedure using the design in the theoretical part, examples of implementation and an evaluation of the success of the rewrite.
Prototyp aplikace pro sledování charakteristik prostředí pokojových rostlin
Musil, Michal
This bachelor’s thesis deals with design and implementation of a user friendly application for monitoring characteristics of a houseplant’s environment, such as ambient temperature, light intensity and soil moisture. Purpose of the application is to make everyday care for these plants easier. Subject of the introductory part of the thesis is examining possibilities of collecting the necessary data and comparing the problem with already existing similar solutions on the market. A design of a multitier application independent of any specific technological solutions is then proposed. The design is followed up on by implementing application logic with REST API on the ASP.NET Core platform, IoT device with electrical sensors and WiFi connectivity for the monitoring process itself and a user interface in the form of Android native mobile application.
Geolokační hra pro platformu iOS s prvky rozšířené reality
Procházka, Filip
This thesis deals with the design and implementation of a geolocation game for the iOS platform with augmented reality elements. The game runs based on predefined scenarios that are defined through the created web administration. During the game, the user is presented with questions based on the geographical coordinates of the current location, the presence of a nearby positional beacon, or after scanning a QR code. In this work, a native mobile application was implemented using the SwiftUI framework, the frontend of the web administration and the backend which was implemented using Firebase services. Finally, testing in terms of user-friendliness was performed, the issues found were fixed and further development was proposed with a focus on the possibility of extending the mobile application to the Android platform.
Mobilní katalog koštu vín
Paseka, Nikolas
The bachelor thesis deals with the design and implementation of a mobile application for the Android platform, which is used to replace paper catalogues used at wine festivals. The thesis provides an overview of the appropriate technologies for developing an Android application and the backend with which the application communicates. It also introduces the issue of user-friendly data display in the form of a mobile application. Once the results are achieved, an evaluation of the current state of the application is made and possible extensions are suggested.
Mobilní aplikace Zalejme pro platformu Android
Nguyen, Nicolas
This bachelor thesis focuses on the development of the mobile application Zalejme for the Android platform. The main goal of this thesis is to implement and publish the mobile app on Google Play Store so that users can use the same features as in the web version. The thesis begins by comparing similar applications, introducing the Android operating system, familiarizing with the technologies used on this platform, specifying the requirements and user interface design, and describing the development process. This is followed by the implementation phase, which describes in detail the solution of the problem using the selected technologies mentioned in the introduction. In the final part of the thesis, the problems encountered during the implementation are discussed, and possibilities for future enhancements of the mobile application are also suggested.
Mobile application for electrophoretic gel image processing
Mojžišová, Anna
This paper describes a mobile application thatassists in the analysis of 1D gel electrophoresis images. It providesfunctions for image processing, band detection, lane segmentation,and molecular weight approximation. The designed methods wereextensively tested using a dataset of diverse gel images. Theapplication provides a convenient and portable tool for theanalysis of electrophoresis images on-the-go.
System for Capturing and Administration of New Shots of Historical Photographs
Ryšavý, Tomáš ; Bobák, Petr (referee) ; Čadík, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this master's thesis is to develop a system for managing historical photographs and creating their rephotographs, which are contemporary images taken from the same location as their historical counterparts. Identical objects are precisely aligned in historical photographs and their rephotographs. This system consists of a web application, which is the output of Martin Sikora's diploma thesis, and a mobile application based on the output of Adam Červenka's bachelor thesis. The aim is to extend and publish a web application that allows users to add or search for historical photographs or their rephotographs. Users can also use the editor to create collages. A mobile application has been implemented to extend the capabilities of the web application with the ability to take photos directly from a mobile device, using computer vision to navigate the scene and overlay to make the rephotography easier.
Application for Plant Disease Detection
Kozub, Tadeáš ; Vaško, Marek (referee) ; Bažout, David (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design and creation of a mobile application that serves to help with plant disease identification. It presents the process of designing the app and its UI, user testing, creation of REST API and also the training of models using machine learning methods. The result is a React Native application, trained model for image-based recognition of tomato diseases and a set up remote server with backend implementation. The achieved accuracy of tomato disease model is 98.76%.
A Tool for Practising Knowledge for Graduation
Mořkovský, Samuel ; Španěl, Michal (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to create an educational mobile application for a subject History of arts and culture. The main target group are high schools. Firstly, initial research with students was done about their experience with mobile educational appliactions and opinion about mentioned subject. After the research a mobile appliaction was implemented for Android and iOS systems. Then, a server application processes the logic and communicates through HTTP with mobile applications on users devices. Data are stored in a relational databaze MySQL. The content is managed through a web interface with login. After the implementation, an UX test was performed with students to obtain feedback. The result was a positive reaction and if there was more content, students would actively use the application. The results of this thesis show that students find the application useful and is worthy for further development.
Application for Support of Agility
Marková, Natália ; Tesařová, Alena (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to design, develop, and test a smartphone app that allows dog owners and trainers to track and analyze agility training for their dogs. The app uses the Firebase database to store its data and is developed using the cross-platform mobile app development framework Flutter. The dog agility training has been thoroughly analyzed for the development of the app. The design of the app is concentrated on providing a user-friendly interface for documenting training sessions, monitoring progress, and offering statistic evaluation. The evaluation’s results will demonstrate how popular the software is by dog trainers and owners as well as how beneĄcial it is in assisting them in enhancing their agility training methods. Also, the user-friendliness and level of user satisfaction of the app will be assessed. Ultimately, the purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate how mobile technology may improve dog agility training and how the developed app offers dog trainers and owners a useful tool for tracking and enhancing their dogs’ agility performance.

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