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Mobbing - its manifestations and impacts
Čápová, Tereza ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Kirovová, Iva (referee)
The thesis focuses on the topic of mobbing in the context of psychology and connects theoretical knowledge of the applied field of work and organizational psychology. The theoretical part is devoted to defining problematic issues of mobbing, primarily terminological definition and the history of the concept, and then maps of the origin and evolution of this issue. The thesis also describes mobbing from the initial causes of origin and stages, which occurs in the process of mobbing, through manifestations and practices of participants to the impacts and possible prevention. The largest section is devoted to the manifestations and practices of the participants of mobbing; mainly there are described participants of the process and strategies, which they are using during the mobbing process. Furthermore, work focuses on the impacts especially for the victim but also for the work team and the organization, and then to the prevention of this phenomenon. The second part of this thesis presents a proposal for a research project whose aim is to find out whether mobbing occurred in the selected workplace and thoroughly investigates its manifestations and impacts. It is about a proposal for a quantitative-qualitative research.
Specific response of primates to snake predators
Regásková, Kristýna ; Landová, Eva (advisor) ; Lhota, Stanislav (referee)
The specific response to snake predators in primates is due to long coevolution with snakes. This long coevolution has led to a specific and complex response in primates when confronted with snakes. The cues by which primates recognize snakes versus other types of stimuli may be based on olfactory or visual information. Reactions such as a priori fear or avoidance may be followed by various antipredatory responses such as specific vocalizations, avoidance behaviour, early escape or, conversely, active defence and mobbing. The response to venomous snakes and constrictors can vary in many ways based on the different threat they pose. Key words: Predation, mobbing, snake, primates, vocalization, anxiety
Bullying in the workplace in banking
The Bachelor's thesis deals with bullying in the workplace in banking, where bullying is defined as a long-term psychological terror in the workplace. The work contains an explanation of these notions that go along with bullying, these are mobbing, when bullying is by colleagues, bossing is bullying by a superior, and the last important term is staffing, when bullying is by subordinates. The main objective is to describe and characterize workplace bullying, bullying phases, bullying participants, assess how much employees in banking experience with bullying, negative effects on employees and organisation. The work is divided into two units - the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the problem of bullying in the workplace, mobbing - its definition, history, participants, socio-demographic aspects, phases and last but not least forms and objectives. Then, this section discusses bossing and staffing. The practical part discusses banking from the perspective of legislation, laws that concern the banking sector. Subsequently, the paper looks at research in the form of a questionnaire survey to determine the frequency of bullying in the banking sector, the form of bullying and who is most likely to become a participant in bullying. The practical part includes an assessment of the level of bullying in banking and a proposal for preventive measures to eliminate bullying in banking.
Approaches of managers to prevent workplace bullying in the banking sector
The bachelor's thesis is concerned with the approaches of managers to prevent workplace bullying in the banking sector. It aims at knowledge and experience of individual managers with terms mobbing, bossing, staffing and at current situation in branches of various banking institutions. It also analyses approaches taken by banking institutions to this matter and their influence on the education of managers. A questionnaire examines whether managers take action to stop workplace bullying and how they handle potential conflict situations. Based on the research, managers take measures to prevent workplace bullying and banking institutions provide proper training. However, the knowledge of basic terms in this matter is relatively low and managers mostly do not know how to deal with workplace bullying properly. The thesis also proposes a list of suggestions for improving the knowledge of managers and for maintaining good relations in the workplace.
Stress and mobbing in SMEs
PLZÁKOVÁ, Kristýna
The aim of this diploma thesis is to assess stress and mobbing in small and medium sized enterprises and to make suggestions for possible future changes that would improve and eliminate stress and mobbing in SMEs. Furthermore, a questionnaire survey was used to determine the current state of stress and mobbing in SMEs. Subsequently, the questionnaire, which was completed by the employees of the selected SMEs, was quantitative in nature and included closed, semi-open, and open-ended questions in an electronic format. The research focused on stress factors, stress symptoms, and anti-stress techniques as well as on mobbing or bossing in the workplace. The paper concludes with proposing recommendations and solutions for SMEs dealing with stress and mobbing that companies can use to improve the current situation.
Mobbing and bossing - negative phenomenon at the workplace
The subject of the bachelor thesis is mobbing and bossing as a negative phenomenon that occurs in the workplaces. Mobbing is the systematic bullying of an employee in the workplace by colleagues, bossing is bullying by a superior employee. This thesis aims to map the incidence, frequency, characteristics and strategies of mobbing and bossing in the workplaces of government institutions and the private sector and to compare the occurrence of bossing in the workplaces of South Bohemia and Prague. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. The first, the theoretical part, defines mobbing and bossing, describes their features, causes, goals, strategies, aggressors and victims, consequences, defence and prevention. The second, the practical part, focuses on the quantitative investigation based on an anonymous electronic questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire survey are answered in detail and hypotheses are analysed and evaluated.
Rozpoznávání predátorů strakou obecnou (Pica pica)
In the presented work, I describe the ability of Eurasian Magpie (Pica pica) to recognize predator species differing in the threat they represent. I presented stuffed dummies of northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis, juvenile and adult female), common buzzard (Buteo buteo), common raven (Corvus corax) and common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) to magpie pairs within the area of České Budějovice. The magpie behaviour was recorded and analysed, to see any dummy species related differences.
Workplace violence
Malinová, Michaela ; Morávek, Jakub (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
Workplace violence Abstract Herein presented thesis addresses the problem of workplace violence. The thesis focuses on physical and mental violence, with particular emphasis on bullying (mobbing). The thesis is divided into six main chapters. The aim of the first two chapters is to explain the nature of workplace violence, to draw attention to the danger of this pathological phenomenon and to point out the fact that workplace violence can be successfully prevented. The main objective of the thesis is to present, analyze and critically evaluate the existing legal means of protection against workplace violence. In the introductory chapters, the author presents and puts into context the results of national and foreign psychological research on the matter. Research findings suggest that bullying in the workplace could affect approximately one-fifth of Czech employees. The severity of the consequences of bullying can be fully comparable with PTSD from rape or war experiences. Current research suggests that harassment at work can be successfully prevented by creating safe work environment and working conditions. In the key chapters of the thesis, the author presents and analyzes the relevant legislation. Attention is paid to protection under anti-discrimination law, labor law and civil law. The author deals with...
Analysis of Selected Forms of Emotional Abuse in a Company
Kaderová, Mária ; Putnová, Anna (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
Diploma thesis is focusing on work analysis of concrete forms of emotional abuse in concrete company, examining concretely mobbing, bossing and sexual harassment. Theoretic part defines basic terminology. Practical part is focusing on discovery and analysis of current state of mobbing, bossing and sexual harassment in the workplace, evaluates results of research and formulate recommendations.

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