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The Technical Monuments in Region And How to Use Them in Primary School Education
This diploma thesis describes the topic of technical monuments of the region and their use in teaching at the primary school. In the theoretical part, I deal with four main areas. The first area is devoted to the characteristics of the child of younger school age. The second area deals with primary technical literacy, its goals, concepts and components. The third area gives a brief description of the technical areas in the RVP ZV. The fourth and final area deals with the characteristics of selected objects of the pupil's place of residence for application in technical education at the primary school. The practical part contains three lesson preparations and two preparations that have been implemented. The developed and verified preparations are intended for pupils from the second to the fifth year of primary school. The practical part contains worksheets and reflections from the lessons.
This bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of physiotherapy for handball players of younger school age. The paper has been developed as a qualitative research strategy. The first goal of the research was to find out the most frequently overburdened body parts of handball players of younger school age. The second goal was to describe the physiotherapy possibilities of the applied solution of the players' found difficulties. In the youth categories, we encounter MS overload rather than injury. By including compensatory and regenerative elements in the training process, injuries can be prevented in the future. For children, more emphasis is placed on the development of general sports training than on the training of specific skills. The theoretical part describes the characteristics of younger school age, differences in handball between youth and adult categories, basic functional anatomy of the most common muscle imbalances of handball players, kinesiology of running, jumping and shooting, adequacy of physical activity of the child, examination and therapeutic methods. The practical part of the thesis has taken place with selected probands for 3 months in the sports hall in Ledeč nad Sázavou. An initial kinesiological analysis, therapy design, 12 therapies, autotherapy and a final kinesiological analysis have been performed. The results of the research have revealed that the most problematic parts of the handball player include weakened scapula lower fixators, abdominal external oblique muscles and shortened pectoralis muscles. After 2.5 months, new movement patterns have been introduced into the handball technique by the action of appropriately selected physiotherapeutic methods. Based on the findings of the research and three-year study at Faculty of Health and Social Sciences at University of South Bohemia, the handbook "Physiotherapeutic minimum for handball players" has been created presenting options for preventing the imbalances. The paper can be used as a source of information for the general and professional public.
Processing of Technique and Methodology of Throwing a Cricket Ball at the 1st stage of elementary school in the Form of an Instructional DVD
The submitted diploma thesis deals with the technique and methodology of the athletic discipline of throwing a cricket ball for primary school teachers. In the analytical part, with the help of content analysis of professional publication sources, the developmental period of younger school age is characterized, the importance of physical education and controlled physical activities at this age is outlined and the Framework educational program for basic education is mentioned in accordance with the work concept. An integral part of the diploma thesis is an instructional video, the verbal description of which is the main content of the synthetic part, including the introduction of preparatory games and the presentation of possible teaching units aimed at developing basic and special movement skills. The processed video is intended to function as a visual didactic aid for first-level teachers in practice.
Design and verification of a facial relaxation program using facial balls in physical education classes for pupils in the 5th grades
The aim of the graduation thesis was to investigate influence of facia ball on children's motoric system. Graduation thesis is based on theoretic-didactical form. First part is analytical part. This part works around literature. From which is set specific training program for releasing of facia. Second part, practical part, deals with specific use of selected exercise and its results. Entering into summary of 15 selected compensatory exercises. After first examination is set, another exercise, including children in groups, took place on weekly basis for 8 weeks. Exercise was held at the end of physical education - as releasing exercise after workload. Afterwards the final examination was held. On same basis as the entry exercise. Then the efect of compensatory exercise will be deducted. This thesis should contribute in implementation of fascial ball into physical education. Thesis also anwers the question if it has influence on output results of FMS test. As Final summary we can say yes because almost all students got better after functional movement system after 8 weeks of workout with fascial ball.
Suggestion and verification of distance education in the school club during the Covid-19 pandemic
LINDLOVÁ, Magdaléna
The presented thesis focuses on the issue of distance learning in after-school care during the coronavirus crisis. The theoretical part deals with the topics of after-school care, a younger school age child, as well as the issue of the coronavirus crisis and distance learning. There is also a theoretical foundation for the creation of worksheets, which are the main goal of the diploma thesis. The second goal of the thesis is to create methodical sheets for educators. The third goal is to verify the comprehensibility, functionality and usability of the submitted materials. The practical part of the thesis is based on the creation of worksheets and methodical sheets. These created materials were then further subjected to research. With the help of a questionnaire survey focused on educators, the functionality and usability of worksheets and methodical sheets during distance and full-time teaching were determined. To find clarity, a simpler type of feedback questionnaire was proposed for a group of younger school-age children at the end of each worksheet. The results of the questionnaire survey showed that worksheets for children of younger school age are comprehensible. According to the addressed educators, worksheets are also usable and functional both in distance teaching and in the activities of the after-school club. The worksheets and methodical sheets created can benefit other educators and can serve as inspiration for their further work.
Selected possibilities of musical activities in the school club for younger school age
VLAŽNÁ, Daniela
This thesis focuses on the opportunities of music activities in the school club concerning younger school age. It defines the basic concepts of lemure time, younger school age, a school club, a school tutor, music and music activities. Certain suggestions of procedures and activities, which are applicable while working with children, are included in this thesis. There i salso susequent reflection as one of the main part sof the work stated. Therefore there is better overview of single lessons. The introduced research is based on dialoguj which clearly illustrate the idea of real music activities applied in selected school clubs.
Intake of the D vitamin at children at younger school age
Vitamin D is an integral part of our diet. It is vital for a proper growth and development of a child. It affects development of bones, nervous system activity, neuron creation, and immune system. Currently, around 60% of European children suffer from its deficiency. Insufficient intake of vitamin D from animal sources can be the cause of the deficiency for this group. Up to 90% of vitamin D intake is caused by the sun. Thus, the cause of the deficit can also be the lowered time spent outside. I chose four goals for my bachelor's thesis. The first goal was to ascertain the amount of vitamin D that primary school children intake orally. The second goal I chose was to ascertain the significance of oral vitamin D supplements for primary school children. The third goal was to ascertain the number of products with vitamin D content that primary school children have in their diet. The last goal was to determine what part of dietary reference intake of vitamin D primary school children take in from food. The practical part dealt with the interpretation of the research results. The sample consisted of 20 subjects aged 6 to 12 years old, and the data were gathered in Písek and surrounding areas. The research method I chose was quantitative-qualitative. The data were gathered by questionnaires and menus. The questionnaires helped determine the number of products with vitamin D content that each subject consumed in a week. It also contained a question whether they supplement vitamin D. The menu helped determine the amount of vitamin D taken in from foods in a week. The collected data from menus were subsequently inputted into the Nutriservis software, which calculated the amounts of vitamin D in micrograms from the given foods. From these results, I calculated the overall weekly vitamin D intake and what percentage it made from the weekly oral dietary reference intake of vitamin D. If the subject used supplements, I added it to the calculation of weekly intake and determined the percentage of weekly oral dietary reference intake. The questionnaires indicate that among the most favourite products with vitamin D content are milk and dairy products. Less frequent but also significant are egg yolks and vegetable oils. Liver, however, was reportedly consumed by only three subjects out of 20 on a weekly basis. Based on the results, a conclusion can be drawn - vitamin D supplements play a significant role in the given age group. This claim is supported by the research results, which indicated that none of the subjects would have fulfilled the weekly oral dietary reference intake without vitamin D supplements. Currently supplementing were 8 out of 20 subjects. Seven out of the eight supplementing managed to fulfil the weekly oral dietary reference intake. These results indicate that it is necessary to increase awareness of both children and parents about vitamin D intake.
Physiotherapy as a part of the complex training of younger school aged figure skaters
The bachelor thesis dedicates to figure skating and inclusion of physiotherapy into comprehensive training of younger school figure skaters. Figure skating is often considered as a sports discipline combining physical fitness and artistic elements. Due to early specialization, general physical fitness is often neglected and high demands are placed on young figure skaters. Physiotherapy protects athletes from unwanted injuries or pathologies. The first part of this bachelor thesis deals with theoretical knowledge about the history, division of competitions and equipment. The second part of the theoretical part includes the risks of this sport and the most important figure-skaters´ muscle groups. Most of the thesis consists of a qualitative research that includes selected methods and procedures into the comprehensive training of school-age figure skaters and evaluates their effectiveness. The practical part contains initial examination and exit examination, exercise unit and comparison of results. The results of the case study show that physiotherapeutic methods and procedures are effective for figure skaters and they should be included in the comprehensive training. This thesis can be an inspiration particularly for sports physiotherapists in figure skating, and it can also serve as an educational material for autotherapy.
Interventions of Physiotherapy to Physical Education at Elementary School
This bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of including elements of physiotherapy in physical education classes for children of younger school age. One of the most common causes of imbalances is the inappropriate lifestyle that children carry from their families. The point is that children spend most of their free time at the computer and on the phone, and at the same time they are overwhelmed by their hobbies, which put a lot of pressure on them in terms of performance. These are the reasons why schools in physical education should pay more attention to the compensation of these types of stress, in the form of including elements of physiotherapy in physical education classes. The work is divided into a theoretical part, which deals with the ontogenesis and characteristics of younger school age, the locomotor system and its function and a description of school physical education. The practical part, which was carried out in the form of mixed research involving 40 pupils of the second classes of elementary school and kindergarten Lišov, who were measured and based on mapping the most common imbalances, among which, among other things, poor posture was detected, exercise units were designed. In the practical part, case reports of 4 selected children from the monitored group are presented. However, during the research, due to the ongoing global pandemic of Covid-19, physical education was canceled and any physical activities were banned. The implementation of the experimental part of the work had to be moved to the online environment, to the Google Meet platform, thanks to which the exercise could continue Despite all the limitations, it can be said that the online exercise with physiotherapeutic elements was successful and an improvement in selected parameters of the kinesiological analysis can be observed in children. This work could be used not only as clinical material for physiotherapists but also as educational material for parents and teachers.
Selected Bibliotherapeutic Works for Children and Youth in Leisure Education for Reading
The aim of this thesis is an introduction of the selected literary works that might prove beneficial in implementation for purposes of bibliotherapy in leisure education of literacy for children and adolescents. The thesis divides into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is concerned with bibliotherapy, its history, forms, methods and associated expressive therapies. The thesis then establishes selected approaches and methods commonly used in bibliotherapy, along with a preview and basic introduction into works that form the basis for completing methodical worksheets in the practical part. The practical part focuses on verification and reflection on methodical worksheets for middle childhood learners in after-school care.

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