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Ectopic pregnancy and blood loss during its surgical treatment
Kolářová, Nikola ; Kužel, David (advisor) ; Hudeková, Lucia (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with ectopic pregnancy and blood loss during its surgical treatment. The work is divided into a theoretical part and a research part. The first part deals with the anatomy of the female genital tract, types of ectopic pregnancies and procedures for their treatment. The research part was conducted in the form of quantitative research. The data was drawn from the Medea system of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and the General University Hospital in Prague in the time from 2016 to 2021. The aim of the research was to find out whether various criteria affect blood loss during the surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancies. Examples of the examined criteria include parity, miscarriage or abortion, age of patients and other critera, using descriptive statistical analysis of data calculated on the basis of arithmetic mean. Keywords: ectopic pregnancy, laparoscopy, blood loss, salpingotomy and salpingectomy, transvaginal ultrasonography
Acute severe abdominal pain in gynaecology from the point of view of a nurse in the intensive care unit
Šebestová, Marcela ; Kulhavá, Miluše (advisor) ; Fanta, Michael (referee)
Identifikační záznam: ŠEBESTOVÁ, Marcela. Náhlé příhody břišní v gynekologii pohledem sestry v intenzivní péči. [Acute Severe Abdominal Pain in Gynaecology from the Point of View of a Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit]. Praha, 2011. 68 s., 10 příl. Diplomová práce (Mgr.). Univerzita Karlova v Praze, 1. lékařská fakulta, Ústav teorie a praxe v ošetřovatelství. Vedoucí práce Mgr. Kulhavá, Miluše. Abstrakt Diplomová práce je zaměřena na náhlé příhody břišní v gynekologii pohledem sestry intenzivní péče. Teoretická část je věnována anatomii a fyziologii ženského reprodukčního systému. Velkou část práce zaujímají náhlé příhody břišní v gynekologii a to především mimoděložní těhotenství, tedy stav, se kterým se může setkat každá žena ve svém reprodukčním období. Empirická část práce je věnována kvalitativnímu výzkumu se zaměřením na zjištění spokojenosti respondentek s poskytovanou ošetřovatelskou péčí po operaci mimoděložního těhotenství. Pohled na hospitalizaci ze strany pacientek je velice cenný, protože dokládá výsledky zdravotnické, v tomto případě ošetřovatelské práce jinak, než běžné statistiky. Výzkumný soubor je tvořen pěti ženami v reprodukčním věku, které byly hospitalizovány na gynekologicko-porodnické klinice s diagnózou ektopická gravidita. Práce shromažďuje co nejvíce informací o mimoděložním...
First aid for women with gynecological bleeding
TŮMA, Michal
The thesis deals with the pre-medical first aid for women suffering from gynaecological bleeding, especially focussing on the responsibilities, duties and competences of a paramedic in the Czech Republic. Initially, the thesis concentrates on specifying the term "pre-medical emergency care" as well as on the responsibilities of a paramedic, which are supported with the relevant legislation. The subsequent chapters monitor the physiological and pathological causes of gynaecological bleeding of pregnant women. Furthermore, the thesis also addresses hemorrhagic shock as one of the dangerous subsequences of gynaecological bleeding. The practical part describes the methodology of the actual research among employees, trying to confirm or rebut a hypothesis that the knowledge of health care professionals is sufficient as far as the pre-medical emergency care is concerned. The closing discussion summarises the research results.
Problematics of nursing care about women with extrauterine pregnancy
ŽÁKOVÁ, Markéta
Problematics of nursing care about women with extrauterine pregnancy This work is concerned with the problems of nursing care for women with extrauterine (ectopic) pregnancy. The section on theory provides a brief summary of female sex organ anatomy and physiology, ectopic pregnancies, their types, symptoms, diagnostics, and therapy. The subsequent section deals with the psychology of women. The following chapter deals with patient needs, and communication, while the last section is about the process of providing nursing care to women with ectopic pregnancy. The objective of this contribution was to define the priorities in biopsychosocial needs of women with ectopic pregnancy. Four research questions have been specified. These research questions were used to find the priorities of women who experienced ectopic pregnancy in terms of their biopsychosocial needs, and how these needs were met as part of the nursing care provided to them. An answer was also sought to the question whether the nursing care plan answers the priorities in biopsychosocial needs of the clients and what nursing problem (a nursing diagnosis) is most common in these women. The work employed quality research, in the form of non-standardized interviews with the patients. An analysis of the written documents was then carried out. These documents included both medical and nursing documentation. The information collected in the interviews and analysis of written documents was subsequently analysed in the form of case histories. An analysis of nursing documentation was carried out, and its results were compared with the priorities in the biopsychosocial needs of the clients. The research sample consisted of five women in reproductive age admitted to the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetric with the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. All interviews with the patients were held before their discharge to home care. It was found that patients with ectopic pregnancy regard the satisfaction of their needs in the area of psychology as their priority. Another finding was that these needs were satisfied only marginally and insufficiently as part of the nursing care. The nursing care plan does not correspond to the priorities in biopsychosocial needs of the clients and the most common nursing diagnosis that should be made is anticipator grieving. The present work may serve as a guide for midwifes whom it should enable to provide nursing care that results in full satisfaction of the needs regarded by women with ectopic pregnancy as their priority.

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