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Study of the effect of migrastatics on the dynamics of tumour cell migration using a coherence-controlled holographic microscope
Muchová, Nikola ; Netíková,, Irena Štenglová (referee) ; Veselý, Pavel (advisor)
The thesis is focused on the exploitation of the coherence controlled holographic microscopy for the investigation of the influence of the supposed migrastatic drugs on the dynamics of cancer cell migration. The theoretical part briefly describes the history of holographic microscopy and the development of the holographic microscope at the Brno University of Technology in collaboration with Telight, Brno, including an insight into the design and principle of operation of the coherence-controlled holographic microscope. Next a brief description of current cancer treatments introduces new class of anti-cancer drug candidates designated migrastatics that should impair cancer cell migration and thus prevent late metastases formation. The main part of the thesis deals with the design of the experimental observation procedure and data processing using the holographic incoherent Quantitative Phase Imaging technique. The last part of the thesis is the subsequent analysis of the migrastatic effect of the selected drugs on cancer cells in vitro and the comparison of the obtained results with existing studies. Finally, the objectives with magnification 4x and 10x were evaluated and compared for starting “the Rapid Assessment of Cell Growth and Migration”.
Study of alkali metals ions diffusion in hardened cement
Doležal, Martin ; Janča, Martin (referee) ; Šoukal, František (advisor)
This master thesis is aim to study alkali diffusion (sodium, potassium) in hardened cement paste body. It´s deal with impact of various sorroudings (hydroxide, nitrate and carbonate) in various concentrations and temperature effect. This work is also deal with changes in cement paste and medium. Teoretic part is talking about cement production and cement chemistry, alkali-silica reaction, plasticizer, diffusion an cement testing metods. This work is aimed to white (Aalborg CEM I 52,5 R – SR 5) and road (Mokrá CEM I 42,5 R – sc) cement. Experimental part describes constitution of tested cement pastes, conservation of them and sampling. Diffusion is study by ICP-AES which affected the loss of alkali from the solution and SEM which affected alkali migration (diffusion) in cement paste. In several cases, the formation of a saturated alkali edge was observed, followed by steady diffusion. In the case of potassium there was very slow diffusion through the body mass. The influence of medium and temperature was evaluated as the most significant. The effect of medium concentration wasn´t significant. Also changes in the porosity on the body were observed. The diffusion itself was affected by secondary products gorwing on the surface of body and in the medium. The work deals with them in the last part.
The Securitization of Migration in the European Union during 2015. An analysis of the discourse in Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic
Martínez Carreño, Laura ; Riegl, Martin (advisor) ; Landovský, Jakub (referee)
This study seeks to analyse how migration has been constructed into a security question in the European Union during 2015. As denoted by the Copenhagen School, something is a security problem when elites declare it to be so, and securitization legitimises extraordinary measures beyond the political established norms. Migration has been portrayed as a potential threat for the continuity of the cultural identity, the preservation of the public order as well as for the economy stability of the Member States, and consequently it has been securitized. The implication of the European integration process in the construction of the concept of migration into a security question, with the creation of common migration strategy, an increased in surveillance and a reinforcement of border control will be developed. From this standpoint, during 2015 the Union has attended to the biggest refugee influx since the end of the Second World War, and the current research aims to analyse how the Member States have responded to it. To that end, the political discourse of three selected countries: Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic, is going to be examined and compared. Key Words: European Union, securitization, refugee crisis, migration, asylum-seeker
Mechanisms of the cell migration in the early embryonic development of vertebrates
Kováčiková, Petra ; Krylov, Vladimír (advisor) ; Černý, Robert (referee)
Cell migration, usually seen as a relatively well understood phenomenon, is involved in many aspects of multicellular organisms. While given a major attention due to its part in physiological processes, such as immune response, wound-healing and regeneration, or pathologies like progression of metastatic cancers, its key role in the body plan formation is far less understood and often overlooked. During a process called gastrulation, precursors of three germ layers - superficial ectoderm, inner endoderm and medial mesoderm - are arranged according to their fate, generating a three-layered embryo, a hallmark of triblastic vertebrates. The onset of this highly coordinated step of early embryonic development is accompanied by fine-tuned cell migration, which needs to be downregulated in adults in order to maintain a homeostasis. The cells forming gastrulating embryos collectively undergo a set of behaviors termed morphogenetic movements whose features - partially comparable to ones observed on cells migrating in culture - are shared among vertebrate species, providing valuable insights into "hidden homology" and phylogenetic relationships. Research focusing on regulation and mechanisms of morphogenesis is mostly conducted using Xenopus laevis as a model organism, extrapolating results to higher...
Identity and Displacement in Contemporary Postcolonial Fiction
Olehlová, Markéta ; Nováková, Soňa (advisor) ; Franková, Milada (referee) ; Kolinská, Klára (referee)
English summary The main objective of this thesis is to present some key issues relevant for postcolonial field of study with respect to two basic areas of interest: concepts of identity and place, respectively displacement in contemporary postcolonial discourse and their reflection in fiction, too. The thesis should provide the potential reader with basic theoretical background based on the most fundamental sources and by means of selected literary works it should support (or disclaim, if necessary) conclusions reached by the most notable theories. This dissertation work consists of three major parts. In the introduction, apart from providing the motivational, theoretical and literary objectives of the thesis, I cover some basic difficulties that may occur when dealing with the postcolonial field of study. The central part of the thesis can be divided into two parts, each of them consisting of two further sections. The first one, "Identity in Postcolonial Discourse", is focused on one of the key terms in all of postcolonial theory: identity and other concepts related with it. I cover the basic development of theoretical reflection concerning this concept, drawing primarily from secondary sources dealing with it. The theoretical part on identity is succeeded by a chapter "Reflections of Identity in the...
Plant adaptation to climate change
Koláříková, Veronika ; Münzbergová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Sklenář, Petr (referee)
Climate change represents important selective force for plants. They have to deal with this change otherwise they are facing the risk of extinction. Understanding the mechanism which plants use to avoid the risk is essential for effective conservation of biodiversity. The climate change can exceed the tolerance of plants to abiotic factors. The plants can react to the changes by migration, phenotypic plasticity, evolutionary adaption or by a combination of these strategies. Phenotypic plasticity and evolutionary adaption are manifested by a change of physiology, morphology and/or phenology of plants. This work summarizes the findings of these ecological and evolutionary strategies and also presents methods used for studying species response to climate change. Powered by TCPDF (
Local dispersal of Golden-ringed dragonfly Cordulegaster boltonii
Hančíková, Barbora ; Černý, Martin (advisor) ; Dolný, Aleš (referee)
We carried out a pilot study of local dispersion and patterns of movement of Golden- ringed dragonfly Cordulegaster boltonii (Odonata: Cordulegasteridae). Cordulegasteridae is a family with many primitive traits present and rather restricted geographical distribution ranges (at least among European species). Their migration seems to be limited despite the body size that predetermines them to high mobility over large spatial scale. Linear habitat (upper parts of narrow forest streams) specialisation along with behavioural ecology (peculiar premating habit of scanning streams for females) is a unique life history, which bring lot of questions. We collected mark-release-recapture data during two adult flight seasons in year 2010 and 2011. We were simultaneously capturing patrolling males along three separate streams (Dračice, Koštěnický and Struha) in total length of 9.9 km in, located in the Natural park Česká Kanada, in the Southern Czech Republic. We captured and marked 440 individuals and recorded 113 recapture events (26 % recapture rate) in year 2010 and 355 individuals were marked, 171 recapture events made (48 % recapture rate) in 2011. Our data suggested high level of stream fidelity (only 10 inter stream dispersal events, 2.8 % dispersal rate). What was as well reflected in a closeness of...

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