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Report on the distribution of the ichthyofauna under the natural lakes of Šumava.
Blabolil, Petr ; Hůda, J. ; Muška, Milan ; Draštík, Vladislav ; Holubová, Michaela ; Hladík, Milan ; Vrba, Jaroslav
The report describes the results of ichthyological surveys in the areas below the glacial lakes of Šumava.
Change of market value of foreign players in selected European competetions
Do, Thanh Tung ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Changes in the size of market values of foreign players in selected European competitions. Objectives: The changes in the market values of foreign players will be observed in ten consecutive seasons starting from 2011/12. The top football competitions from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland and Hungary will be examined. Based on the results obtained, the best transfer station, or environment in which a player can prove his qualities and then move up in his career, will be determined. Method: The unit difference of all players in thousands of euros was calculated. Then the average changes of all players in each season were calculated for each country separately. The same procedure was repeated in percentages to determine the real change. For a better idea, both these values were graphically recorded. Results: The values achieved by the players in this competition were many times higher than in the other competitions. Compared to the Czech Republic on average across seasons, the result in unit terms is more than six times higher. In terms of percentage change across seasons, the measured values are more than three times higher. Poland recorded the second largest unit average growth across seasons. However, the Czech Republic is better in percentage growth across seasons. For the...
Ethical reflection of access of undocumented immigrants to healthcare in the Czech Republic
Surová, Zuzana ; Štica, Petr (advisor) ; Bouma, David (referee)
The diploma thesis "Ethical reflection of access of undocumented immigrants to healthcare in the Czech Republic" deals with ethically relevant aspects of access of undocumented immigrants to healthcare and healthcare system in the Czech Republic. The thesis focuses on healthcare in relation to human rights and on the role of states as a guarantor of human rights. The diploma thesis will reflect this topic from perspective of human rights and from ethical perspective. The thesis aims to propose measures of legislation scope in area of healthcare as well as immigration politics in the Czech Republic, which should contribute to find ethically responsible and human rights-oriented solution concerning the access of undocumented immigrants to healthcare and healthcare system. Keywords migration; undocumented immigrants; human rights; health care; health care system; Czech Republic
Development of the concept of liminality in selected works of Salman Rushdie
Švejdík, Jan ; Chalupský, Petr (advisor) ; Ženíšek, Jakub (referee)
The core of this thesis is capturing the concept of liminality in the past works of Salman Rushdie, specifically in novels The Satanic Verses, The Ground Beneath Her Feet and Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights. Selected characters and motifs of these novels reflect autobiographical elements, thus the aim of the thesis is to describe the transformation of the concept of liminality in chronological progression, where these novels represent three periods in which the author's perception of home and migration differ substantially from one another. The phenomenon of liminality is described within the frame of postcolonial literary theory and attention is therefore paid to the notion of "other" in relation to home and its cultural specificities, as well as in relation to the migrant's new homeland. The analysis of these works and their abstraction into three representative periods form a frame of reference for comparison with possible future works of the author.
Security aspects of migration and integration
The submitted thesis deals with the issue of migration and integration and related security aspects. Theoretically maps and captures the current state of migration in the Czech Republic, both in the field of legal and illegal migration. It also focuses on the integration process as a key tool for a successful migration policy and the integration policy of the Czech Republic. Integration is being explored through a small community of Kabyle migrants. By analyzing the interviews, the thesis evaluates five basic areas of integration, which are knowledge of Czech, economic self-sufficiency, social orientation, relations between communities and gradual acquisition of rights depending on length of stay, according to "Updated Concept of Integration of Foreigners 2016 - In Mutual Respect". Through qualitative research and participatory observation, it reveals the shortcomings of Kabyl's integration into Czech society. Above all, the reluctance to learn the Czech language actively slows down the integration process among Kabyl migrants and places additional obstacles, both in the field of work and social. Subsequently, there is a feeling of undervaluation, frustration and general dissatisfaction with life in the Czech Republic. The integration limit is also the insufficient involvement of migrants in Czech society, where they prefer mutual contacts between themselves or other foreigners. Integration is not helped by the working environment of Kabyls, who work mainly together or with other foreigners. The motivation to obtain citizenship of the Czech Republic is also not very obvious.
Factors influencing development of cultural competencies in nursing students
The concept of cultural competence hides a large amount of information on how to provide culturally appropriate care. This bachelor thesis deals not only with the cultural competencies themselves, but also with related factors that affect their development. It also deals with transcultural models and the effect of cultural competencies in the nursing process. The aim of the thesis was to map the factors influencing the development of cultural competencies in nursing students. To fulfil the goal, 4 hypotheses have been set. To verify the hypotheses, quantitative data collection has been performed using an online questionnaire. Students of the General Nurse and General Nursing program have been assigned to the research group. The results have shown that nursing students are influenced by the media, education, social networks and the attitude of teachers, but not to the extent we have expected. The results also show that nursing students most often meet the Romani people, Ukrainian and Vietnamese patients during their internship. As part of their internship, students most often encounter patients who profess Christianity, Islam, and Jehovah's Witnesses. In the research, students have shown that they have knowledge in the field of transcultural nursing and consider it important to provide culturally competent care. The conclusion of the research is that cultural competences will become more and more popular among nursing students due to the current increase in migration. The development of cultural competences will still need to be expanded in the areas of knowledge and skills in transcultural nursing.
Nurse from a minority society in the Czech healthcare
This bachelor thesis will deal with the issue of nurses from minority groups. The theoretical part deals with transcultural nursing in general, but also with other important topics that are directly related to nurses from minorty groups. The empirical part has stated two aims. The first aim was to find out what issues nures from minority society face in Czech healthcare. The second aim was to find out what attitude the patients have towards a nurse from the minority society. Based on the set aims, four research questions have been posed. The first research question is trying to find out what issues does a nurse from the minority society notice within their workplace? The second question was what issues does a nurse from the minority society notice in relation to patients? The third research question asks how does the patient perceive the fact that they are being cared for by a minority society nurse? The last question was researching what communication issues does the patient perceive in communicating with a nurse from the minority society? To process the empirical part, a qualitative research method was chosen, specifically using semi-structured interviews that were carried out together with nurses coming from minority groups. They are individuals of different nationality or a different religion, working in Czech healthcare system. Further, interviews were being carried out with patients who experienced the care by nurses from minority groups. There were six informants in case of nurses, and five patients. In case of nurses, the main choice criterium was a different nationality or religion. In the category of patients, these had to be people who have at least once in their lives encountered the care by a nurse from a minority society. Based on acquired interviews, a data analysis was done and the results were further worked out into individual categories. The acquired results have proven that the main issue in the cooperation of nurses of a different nationality and Czech patients is difficult communication. Further, we have found out that foreign nurses are very happy in Czech healthcare and they do not notice any significant issues, except a language barrier. They only have pointed out documentation and machines as problematic, because they are not used to them. Further, it was discovered that patients perceive minority nurses rather positively and, again, besides difficult communication, they do not perceive any significant issues. Communication, however, is totally a basic feature of healthcare, and our research has discovered that if a nurse is unable to communicate efficiently, the patient is unhappy, they do not trust the nurse sufficiently and they may even refuse their care.
Muslim patient in Czech healthcare
FRAŇKOVÁ, Kristýna
This bachelor thesis is about a Muslim patient in the Czech healthcare system. The main aim of this thesis is to discover experiences of the Muslim patients in the Czech healthcare system. The author of this thesis determined four research questions based on the main aim of this work. Question 1: Which are the specifics of a nursing care of the Muslim patients? Question 2: Which are the most common problems of the Muslim patients in the Czech healthcare system? Question 3: In the perspective of nurses which are the problems in taking care of the Muslim patients? Question 4: What is the opinion of Muslim patients on the Czech healthcare system? Quality research was chosen for data collection. The author used semi-structured interviews. The research file consisted of Muslim patients with their own personal experiences with the Czech healthcare system and of nurses, who took care of a Muslim patient at least once in their career.The results showed that nurses are aware of the main specifics of a nursing care of the Muslim patients. Another research showed that Czech healthcare system enables the Muslim patients to keep practicing most of their customs, which are connected to their religion. This research also showed that the quality of the Czech healthcare system is on a very high level and that Czech nurses are well qualified. The results pointed out that the communication from the medical staff's side is affected by the language barrier. Nowadays it is common to meet patients from all around the world with different beliefs for example because of the migration. The Muslim patient has got a lot of specifics in ordinary life as well as in his/her healthcare needs. These specifics need to be respected. To be able to give a quality care with respect, it is good to know patients' opinions on the Czech healthcare system. Their experiences and opinions can help with the improvement of the Czech healthcare system. The results of the bachelor's thesis will show the biggest problems faced by Muslim patients in the Czech healthcare system, as well as the nurses themselves, who provide nursing care to Muslim patients.
The response of German school policy to the European migration crisis on the example of four federated states
The bachelor's thesis introduces the reader to the response of the education policy of the Federal Republic of Germany to the issues of migration and school integration. The reader is acquainted with the functioning of the federal republic, the education system in the Federal Republic of Germany and the European migration crisis. The content of legislative documents in the field of education is presented within the selection of four federal states, namely Bavaria, Brandenburg, Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. The thesis presents a view of these documents on the school attendance of migrant students, their school integration and the influence of different religion on common subjects offered in public education. The bachelor's thesis is a comprehensive view of the issue of German school legislative documents in relation to the European Migration Crisis.

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