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The role of the menstrual cycle and its synchronization in a relationship between two women
Nováková, Tereza ; Fanta, Michael (advisor) ; Fučík, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the issue of menstrual synchronization and is designed as a theoretical-practical thesis. The theoretical part describes the physiological menstrual cycle, including its hormonal regulation and hormones involved in this control; all phases of the menstrual cycle and other cyclical changes that regularly occur in the female organism. The thesis also outlines the effect that psychological aspects may have on the character of the menstrual cycle and discusses in detail the issues of premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. The theoretical part is concluded with a chapter focused on menstrual synchronization itself. The main aim of this thesis is to determine whether menstrual synchrony occurs in partner relationships. The sub-objectives of this thesis are to find out whether this synchronization occurs more frequently between female partners or cohabitants, after how long cohabitation synchronization occurs and what symptoms of premenstrual syndrome occur in the respondents. The practical part focuses on the role of menstruation and its synchronisation in the studied groups in the form of a questionnaire survey. The target group is lesbian women, the control group is cohabitants. The questionnaire was posted online on social media from January 1,...
Pubescent girls' awareness about the menstrual cycle
Koukolíková, Magda ; Skřenková, Jana (advisor) ; Poncová, Renata (referee)
The menstrual cycle is a natural process in the life of almost every woman. For this reason, more emphasis should be placed on menstrual cycle education and awareness. Proper education about menstruation and the menstrual cycle positively affects the physical and mental health of the girl. Currently, there are many sources of information about menstruation and menstrual cycle, including books, magazines, websites, and mobile apps. However, it is important that girls have access to reliable sources of information to gain accurate and comprehensive information. This bachelor thesis is designed as a theoretical-practical work. The theoretical part describes the changes during the sexual matur of girls, the physiology and disorders of the menstrual cycle, intimate and menstrual hygiene and methods how to educate girls about the menstrual cycle. The practical part deals with the analysis of an anonymous questionnaire survey involving 106 girls in age between 11-15 years. Prior to the actual distribution of the questionnaires, informed consent for the survey was given to the legal representatives, and due to the young age of the respondents, the anonymity of the participants was mainteained. The questionnaire was divided into two parts. In the first part of the questionnaire, the girls' own experience of...
Knowledge of 8th and 9th grade elementary school students about reproductive health
The Bachelor thesis entitled Knowledge of pupils in 8th and 9th grades in primary schools about reproductive health focuses on the level of awareness of pupils aged 13 -16 about the issues of menstruation, safe sex, contraception, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The theoretical part of the bachelor's thesis describes health and its division into reproductive and sexual. It also describes the reproductive organs of women and men, menstrual periods and menstrual devices, sexual intercourse, and the possibilities offemale and male contraception, as adolescents need to know how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. There are therefore individual chapters devoted precisely to sexually accurate diseases, pregnancy and abortion. The final chapter deals with the education of pupils on reproductive health issues and the role of midwives in the educational process. In the research part of the bachelor s thesis, a quantitative method was chosen as the method of research investigation. The data was collected through a questionnaire distributed to respondents on the social networking site Facebook. The questionnaire consisted of 36 questions, of which 23 were closed, 12 were semi-closed and 1 was open. The data obtained was processed and evaluated using Microsoft Excel and SPSS computer programs. Graphs showing the responses of boys and girls in the 8th and 9th grades of primary schools have been produced for each question. The research pool consisted of 101 respondents. Of the 8th grade, a total of 36 respondents were 7 boys and 29 girls. Of the 9th grade, a total of 65 respondents were 13 boys and 52 girls. The aim of this work was to find out what boys and girls of the 8th and 9th grades had knowledge about reproductive health, i.e. menstruation, safe sex, contraception, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. 3 hypotheses have been established for the research part. The first hypothesis was to determine whether girls in 8th grade had greater knowledge of reproductive health than boys in the same year. This hypothesis has been disproved. The second hypothesiswas to determine whether girls in the 9th grade had greater knowledge of reproductive health than boys in the same year. The second hypothesis was disproved. The third hypothesis looked at whether 9th graders had greater knowledge of reproductive health than 8th graders. This hypothesis has been confirmed.
Education about menstruation at the lower secondary schools by external subjects
Matulíková, Dagmar ; Dvořáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Kobová, Ĺubica (referee)
The master diploma thesis concentrates on the issue of education about menstruation at lower secondary schools. Through qualitative interviews with external subjects who run workshops or lectures related to the topic of menstruation at schools, I have mapped the ways of teaching about this phenomenon. The primary objective of my work is to inform about the topics that are directly connected to the education about menstruation. Last but not least, I believe my work goes beyond the physical education and into the sociocultural area and seeks to destigmatize the natural physical process that menstruation is.
Female consumer view on menstrual stigma in advertising of menstrual products
Malečová, Tereza ; Ježková, Tereza (advisor) ; Schneiderová, Soňa (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the perspective of female consumers on menstrual stigma in advertisements for menstrual products. Firstly, it focuses on how the view of menstruation was changed throughout history and how it formed period stigma. It describes how the advertising world worked with menstrual stigma from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day and how the view of menstruation is shaped today. It deals with the so-called #periodpositive phenomenon, which has been reflected in social discourse and advertising communication for several years, and analyzes several advertisements that were created with the intention of de- tabooing menstruation. Last but not least, part of the theoretical work focuses on the impact of the stigmatization of menstruation on the consumers themselves. The subject of the research part is to understand how Czech female consumers perceive menstrual stigma and how they approach current advertising communication for menstrual products. The thesis examines whether the view of female consumers on the issue differs depending on their age. The method of quantitative collection of data was used for the research.
The effect of lifestyle on the menstrual cycle
Chaloupková, Lucie ; Matulová, Jana (advisor) ; Vachková, Eva (referee)
Name and surname of the author: Lucie Chaloupková Institution: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Department of Non-mediacal Studies Title: The effect of lifestyle on the menstrual cycle Supervisor: Mgr. Jana Matulová Number of pages: 88 Year of defense: 2022 Keywords: Menstrual cycle, menstrual disorders, menstruation, health, healthy lifestyle, diet, sport The bachelor thesis deals with the influence of lifestyle to the menstrual cycle the thesis emphasizes the importance of taking care of a healthy lifestyle which is the key to the overall health of a person as well as the proper functioning of the menstrual cycle. The thesis composes of two parts, the first one describes the physiology of the menstrual cycle and the related hormones, menstrual cycle disorders and selected aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The basis of the empirical part of the thesis is the interpretation of the results of the research survey, for which the method of quantitative research was chosen using a non- standardized questionnaire. The aim of the research was to find out whether a healthy lifestyle can positively influence the function of the menstrual cycle.
"It's something like man flu": Male view on period
Dostálková, Michaela ; Vávra, Martin (advisor) ; Kobová, Ĺubica (referee)
The diploma thesis "It's something like man flu": Male view on period discusses the way men talk about menstruation, what is the level of their communication on that topic and how they view menstruating women. The text also reveals the stereotypes on menstruation in our society, and, last but not least, focuses on men's discourses of periods. The thesis focuses on three age groups classified as generations X, Y and Z. The theoretical part presents the basic concepts used in the text, such as gender, discourse, stereotype, etc. In this section, menstruation is viewed from biological, linguistic, historical and societal perspective which demonstrates the fact that within our society, it is an important part of women's lives. Subsequently, there is a part devoted to the definition of the term generation and the distinctions typical for each generation. The aim of this thesis is to, by using a mixed research, reveal men's approach towards periods. In addition to semi-structured interviews with men from individual generations, the author made use of an on-line questionnaire as well. Keywords Menstruation, generation, discourse, stereotype, cultural studies.
The Effect of Menstruation on Athletics Women's Performance
Petržilková, Tereza ; Červinka, Pavel (advisor) ; Vostatková, Pavlína (referee)
Title: The impact of the menstrual cycle on the performance of the top track and field athletes Objectives: On the base of the survey data determine how and to what extent the menstrual cycle affects the performance of athletes from the national team of the Czech Republic. Methods: The main research method of this work is a non-standardized anonymous questionnaire. Results: According to the results, performance is most often impaired on the first day of menstruation. Performance is generally worse in 40% during menstruation, in 40% is the same and in 20% is better. The female athletes have their best performance during the days following the end of the menses and the first week after the menses. Most female athletes (78%) suffer from premenstrual syndrome, which has significant symptoms and these can subsequently affect the training process. Cases of amenorrhea associated with high training doses were identified in the respondents. Problems with the menstrual cycle most occur sprinters, endurance athletes and multi-combatants. Difficulties with the menstrual cycle (MC) are most commonly manifested by irregular menstruation and an unnaturally painful course of menstruation. 94% of female athletes do not use any contraception. Only 3% of respondents regularly adjust the training process to their...

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