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Optimization of Energy Flow During WWTP Operation - Smart Area Net
Pěcha, Jiří ; Máša, Vítězslav (referee) ; Braciník,, Peter (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
The dissertation work deals with the issue of water treatment and possibilities of energy savings during the operation of sewage treatment plants. The aim of the work is to find the potential of alternative energy use, economical consumption, improvement of the facility system management and quality improvement of the wastewater treatment process. In the first part of the work, operating processes, energy flows and energy savings are discussed. To analyze the problematics, larger sewage treatment plants were chosen. Thanks to their size, it was easier to find critical points and test the usage of renewable sources in operation. After the energy audit, the individual processes were assessed and real operation pitfalls were determined. Further steps led to focusing on smaller facilities up to 2 000 PE. This step was carried out with the intention of preparing these plants for the planned legislative change and helping to create or modernize more energy-efficient solutions. Thanks to the establishment of consortium of Brno University of Technology, the Department of Electric Power Engineering and a company dealing with water treatment and automation control, a solution was created that modernize the electrical, automation and water treatment part of the plant operation. This innovative application was installed in the sewage treatment plant, where the issues were debugged, control algorithms were tested and the entire operation was launched in automatic mode. At the end of the wastewater treatment plant modernization, PV panels were installed on the roof, thus partially suppling the object with renewable energy.
Sociomapping pupils' social relationships and adaptation in a school class
Rábek, Tomáš ; Šípová, Ivana (advisor) ; Wirthová, Jitka (referee)
Sociometric methods can provide early identification of problems within the social realm of a classroom and therefore contribute to a faster and more efficient solution. One of the most used sociometric tools in the Czech Republic is the Sociometric rating questionnaire (SO-RA-D; Slavíková et al., 2007). Yet it was never examined to what extent this tool can predict the risk of ongoing bullying or pupils' social maladaptation (defined here as a subjective feeling of threat, hostility, indifference/apathy, distrust, and intolerance). Moreover, it is not clear if a circular sociogram which is commonly used for visualization of results in SO-RA-D can capture elements of class structure which are important for the following intervention. For these reasons, the following work quantitatively tests out on the sample of 6 classrooms at Prague's private secondary school (n=113) the extent to which the questions used in SO-RA-D can predict social maladaptation (measured by a questionnaire B-3; Braun, 1998) and the risk of ongoing bullying (measured by questionnaire Guess who?; Kolář, 2011). At the same time, this work is testing the relative effectiveness of newly formed relational questions relative to the ones used in SO-RA-D. This work also tests the effectiveness of newly formed questions focusing on...
The impact of the specific physical activity on the physical fitness of children measured by UNIFITTEST
Beránková, Adéla ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Hana (referee)
This thesis deals with the impact of the specific physical activity on the physical fitness of children measured by UNIFITTEST (6-60). Final results were processed based on the UNIFITTEST standarts and the information about physical activity of the children were taken from the questionnaire which have been created specifically for this research. The stated research questions were compared with results from the practical part of the thesis and were discussed in the discussion chapter. By this research we have found out that children form seventh and eighth grade have reached an average value in motoric tests. Due to this work children have found out their physical fitness and so they could compared it with their classmates. Also they have got to know with the physical tests with which they can be part of during physical lessons. This work was made by research form realised at standard nonspecific elementary school Na Výsluní in Brandýs nad Labem. The total amount of the participants were 194 from 12 to14 years. KEYWORDS Physical fitness, measurement, UNIFITTEST, performance, physical activity, testing
Possibilities of Determining NVH Parameters of the Seat Track Release Mechanism in a Passenger Car
Ondriska, Viktor ; Řehák, Kamil (referee) ; Prokop, Aleš (advisor)
The focus of this thesis is the noise produced by a seat track release mechanism used in road vehicles. The goal of this work is exploring the possibilities of determining the radiated sound through experimental and computational means. The introduction is dedicated to different seat track designs. In the next chapter is a summary of computational means used to determine vibrations and noise. Further on, measurement methods of NVH parameters are described. Near the conclusion of the thesis there’s a breakdown of a newly developed seat track mechanism and the results of measurements that were carried out.
Heating of elementary school
Holiš, Martin ; Vendlová, Lucie (referee) ; Topič, Jan (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to design a heating system for a building of an elementary school in Polešovice. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first, theoretical, part discusses heat pumps with the main focus on gas absorption heat pumps. The se-cond part addresses the design of the school heating as well as the design of an ecological heat source. The part consisting calculations introduces the calculation of heat losses, the optimal choice of temperature gradient, the design of heating surfaces, the design of heat sources including the design of the bivalent source, the way of hot water preparation, dimensioning, the security equipment and other calculations. The last part deals with the drawing documentation, the technical report and also some economical questions such as return on investment based on measured efficiency of the heat source.
Measurement of mechanical and electrical quantities of bimetals
Kocian, Štěpán ; Bušov, Bohuslav (referee) ; Valenta, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on bimetals. In the theoretical part is described the principle of operation of bimetals, then important parameters of bimetal, including mathematical equations. Furthermore, methods of heating bimetals are mentioned and mathematically described. The last part in theory concentrates on the standards related to the use of bimetals as circuit breakers and the corresponding agreed breaking currents. The practical part deals with measurements on bimetal. This is measurement of free deflection and the force generated by the bimetal depending on the temperature change. From the measured data, the characteristics and the dependences of the properties for bimetal were processed. The last chapter was devoted to the creation of laboratory work.
Sensitivity Analysis of the Material Parameters Obtained from the Measurements
Fuis, Vladimír
The paper deals with sensitivity analysis of the material parameters of the ceramic material on the dispersion of the measured data from the sensors. Material parameters of ceramic material are calculated from a set of destruction tests of ceramic heads of total hip joint replacements. The standard way of calculation of the ceramic material parameters consists in carrying out a set of 3 (or 4) point bending tests of specimens which were cut out from parts of the ceramic material to be analysed. In case of ceramic heads of the prosthesis, it is not possible to cut out specimens of required dimensions because the heads are too small. On that score, a special testing jig was made, in which 40 heads were destructed. From the measured values of circumferential strains of the head’s external spherical surface under destruction (by the sensors – strain gauges), the state of stress in the head under destruction was established using the finite elements method. From the obtained values the material parameters of the ceramic material were calculated using Weibull’s weakest-link theory. The calculated material parameters (Weibull modulus m and normalized volume strength σo, the last material parameter – stress σu is assumed to be equal 0 and corresponds to the conservative approach) has the dispersion and the influence of this dispersion (in our case the dispersion ± 5 % is assumed) is analysed in detail.
Comparing the Results of Probability of Ceramic Head Fracture According to Weibull's Theory with Inclusion of One or Three Principal Stresses
Kovář, J. ; Fuis, Vladimír
This paper focuses on the assessment of probability of ceramic head hip joint endoprothesis fracture.\nThe Weibull's weakest link theory with inclusion of one or all three principal stresses was used for calculations of probability of failure and the results were compared. The test of head of the hip joint endoprothesis according to ISO 7206 was modelled. Three variants were considered. In the first variant, the head of hip joint endoprothesis ended up without any imperfections from ideal geometry. In other two variants, the ceramic head had shape imperfection from nominal conicity. Principal stresses needed for the calculation of probability of failure were calculated by finite element method. The results with the use of linear and quadratic solid elements were compared and better option was chosen for the next calculations. The influence of allowed penetration, density of the mesh on the results of stresses and probability of failure was assessed. The Gaussian quadrature of 13th order was used for integration over the surface of unit hemisphere in space of principal stresses which was needed for computation of probability of failure with inclusion of all principal stresses. The influence of imperfection from nominal conicity on probability of failure of the head hip joint endoprothesis was calculated and the relative difference between the results of Weibull's weakest link theory with the inclusion of one or all three principal stressed was analyzed.
Effect of stress on pilot performance
Dedinský, Miroslav ; Zikmund, Pavel (referee) ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (advisor)
The main goal of this diploma thesis is to find out whether it is possible to measure stress during piloting. If so, it would be possible to develop systems that could help pilots in stressful situations and thus alleviate the stress, this would have great impact and possitively improve work performance. There are few similar studies in the field, the stress factors that affect the pilots and what physiological changes are observable in such situations. Finally, an experimental measurement is performed during three flights, which is aimed to demonstrate the information obtained and thus the possibility of measuring stress and the metod to do so.
Optimization of ultrasonic leak detector of pneumatic system
Macků, Ondřej ; Mazal, Pavel (referee) ; Vlašic, František (advisor)
The thesis deals with design and optimization of exchangeable modules for localization of air distributable ultrasound in concept of ultrasound probe design. Several series of these modules were manufactured using the technology of rapid prototyping and tested on artificially created source of air leak. Based on these verification experiments two types covering wide use for identification of pneumatic systems leaks were selected and modified. These two types are long range module for more accurate and expended reach of the leak detection and focusing attachment for narrowing the received range of scanning module and elimination of surrounding ultrasound. Part of the thesis is also analysis of the acoustic signal processed by modern acoustic emission analysers which allow besides standard parameters recording also continuous sampling up to 10 MHz and design solution for attachment of add-on modules to the detector. The thesis is beneficial for raising awareness of leak measurements, prototype manufacturing by using the 3D printing and designing and manufacturing of modules.

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