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Optimization of use properties Lead-Acid batteries
Lábus, Radek ; Dostál, Zdeněk (referee) ; Jareš, Petr (referee) ; Křivík, Petr (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the limitations of degradation mechanisms of Lead-Acid batteries, which significantly contributes unequal distribution of current (and therefore internal resistance, charge passed and power loss) on the surface of the electrodes of Lead-Acid battery. The unevenness of distribution of these parameters significantly influences the distribution of current tabs on the electrodes. In this work it was developed realistic model of Lead-Acid battery cell with plate electrodes with different variants of the distribution of current tabs. Measured results obtained in this model were compared with the results found out from the mathematical simulations. Through these simulations, it was possible to take a look deeply into the processes and changes in the electrodes of Lead-Acid batteries during discharge. Goal of this work was for predefined variants of positioning of the current tabs to simulate distribution of current, internal resistance, charge passed and power loss during discharge. Another goal was to compare the different variants and to find the optimal variant of current tabs positioning based on minimizing of unevenness of examined variables distribution.
Experimental determination of the hydrodynamic load of the flooded bridge model
Naiser, Dominik ; Hrdlička, Libor (referee) ; Zubík, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with experimental determination of hydrodynamic load on the overflowed bridge deck model. In the first part of the thesis the author describes the analysis of the problem together with the basic physical laws and principles that are used or assumed in the measurement itself. In the second part the author describes the measurements in the laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and its gradual processing. At the end of the work are described the results of measurement, their comparison with numerical modeling, other authors and their possible use in practice.
Mathematical modelling of HTTP network traffic
Miklica, Jan ; Vajsar, Pavel (referee) ; Molnár, Karol (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to capture network tradic on the HTTP protocol. Then from the captured tradic to analyze parameters using selected models and compare them with the achal properties of real network traffic. This bachelor´s thesis describes the HTTP protokol and mathematical modeling, and simulation models developed for it. The document described the capture of data tradic on HTTP using Wireshark. In the next part are performed elemental analysis of selected models. In conclusion the analysis results of the selected models are described.
Controllability assessment of the Roudnice nad Labem sector weir box at extreme floods
Růžek, Patrik ; Haluza,, Miloslav (referee) ; Šulc, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the determination of the load torque during flood conditions on the hydrostatic sectoral weir in Roudnice nad Labem. Problems are solved due to a glitch in the lowering sector. The aim of this study is to determine the resulting torque, of three selected states, which occurred at the water works. The issue was solved as a plane 2D problem using AutoCAD, in which were read the relevant data. It was also used ANSYS software, which modeled the flow of water over the weir to detect pressures acting on overflow face. All calculations are then counted in Microsoft Excel. Force balance is performed on the one-meter design.
Optimization of rail waste transportation
Ambrozková, Anna ; Hrabec, Dušan (referee) ; Pavlas, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on optimization of rail waste transportation. Theoretical part is about graph theory and optimization, where is introduced for example representation of graphs, network flows or linear programming. Practical part deals with comparison of road and rail networks, motivational example and at least with the application on real data of whole Czech Republic.
Analysis of operation data for purposes of optimization
Slavíček, Martin ; Pavlas, Martin (referee) ; Touš, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with analysis of operation data for purposes of optimization. The thesis is divided into four chapters. First chapter focuses on present and future development in waste management legislation. It mainly deals with prevention, recycling and disposal of waste. Second chapter more closely describes waste-to-energy process. This chapter also describes the technology of municipal waste incinerator in Liberec, Termizo, a.s. Third chapter starts with description of tools used in design of the models based on operation data. Then the models for individual technological nodes are described. The last part is focused on building a complex model of Termizo using previous results.
Mathematical modeling and measuring of motorcycle dynamics
Gellner, Pavel ; Zháňal, Lubor (referee) ; Porteš, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the dynamics of motor vehicles. The introductory part of the thesis outlines basic principles of motorcycle riding dynamics modelling. Furthermore, a methodology of necessary parameters measuring was designed, including a measurement of a selected motorcycle. At the end of the thesis a measuring system for measuring of motorcycle dynamics was designed.
Mathematical Modeling of Problems of Production Planning
Poláchová, Zuzana ; Machala, Ondřej (referee) ; Bobalová, Martina (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is focused on the optimization of production planning using MS Excel. It includes a proposal for extension of the Solver add-in user friendly features that facilitate the optimization of business processes.
Optimization Risk Modelling in Strategic Applications
Kovalčík, Marek ; Štětina, Josef (referee) ; Popela, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to design and efficiently implement a framework to support optimization modelling. The emphasis is placed on two-stage stochastic optimization problems and performing calculations on large data. The computing core uses the GAMS system and with using its application interface and Python programming language, the user will be able to efficiently acquire and process input and output data. The separation of the data logic and the application logic then offers a wide range of options for testing and experimenting with a general model on dynamically changing input data. The thesis is also focused on an evaluation of the framework complexity. The framework performance was evaluated by measuring the time required to complete the required task for various use cases, on the increasing sample size of input data.
Experimental reactors for combustion of biomass and municipal solid waste
Bialožyt, Michal ; Juřena, Tomáš (referee) ; Recman, Milan (advisor)
The main purpose of this thesis is background research about experimental reactors for combustion process research. Mainly semted on reactors with fixed bed for alternative fuels, such as biomass and municipal solid waste. Mathematical modeling of the combustion process with modern software products and its optimalization is not possible without input data gathering from these facilities. Thesis should serve as a source of information for building a new experimental reactor.

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