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Consensual divorce
Kalabis, Radim ; Frinta, Ondřej (referee)
of the dissertation Title: Consensual Divorce Author. Mgr. Radim Kalabis Supervisor: doc. JUDr. Lila Bronislava Pavelková, Ph.D. Discipline: Law Study programme: Civil Law School: Paneuropean University Department of Private Law The dissertation deals with the issue of consensual divorce. Conceptually, it is divided into a historical part, a comparative part and a practical part, which includes a proposal for the legal regulation of consensual divorce in the Czech Republic, which is the focus of the thesis, with regard to the existing legal regulation in Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended. In the historical part, the thesis deals with the development of matrimonial law with a focus on the legal regulation of divorce, both in ancient Rome and then in selected European states in the various stages of development from the early Middle Ages to the modern era. This period is characterised by a rigid legal system based on canon law. In these periods, the supervision of marriage and the family is in the hands of the Church. The comparative part of the thesis compares the current legal regulation of consensual divorce, again in selected European countries and, of course, in the Czech Republic. The regulations are compared in terms of the difficulty or length of the divorce proceedings,...
The property issues resultant from divorce in the Roman Empire
Skoupá, Lenka ; Skřejpek, Michal (advisor) ; Šejdl, Jan (referee)
The property issues resultant from divorce in the Roman Empire Abstract This work deals with the topic of property relationships between married couples in relation to their divorce in the Roman world of the emperors. The main property issues at hand are dowry, property connections between the individual families and presents between the husband and wife. To understand the institutes involved properly, the work first presents the topic of marriage so that the reader may better understand the types of marriage, which naturally influence the divorce proceedings and their actual impact on the couple in question. The prerequisites of marriage are considered as well as the differences between marriage cum in manum conventione and marriage sine in manum conventione. Next, details of property relationships between married couples in times before divorce are discussed, especially as relates to the possible types of marriage. The topic of dowry, bridegift and gifts between spouses are contemplated. In its third chapter, the work deals with other forms of ending the marriage other than divorce, so that the institute of mariage in context of the roman empire can be better understood. The resultant viewpoint is that of marriage as a truly personal institution that must deal with the expectations and needs of the...
Marriage law and today's society
Král, Daniel ; Agha, Petr (advisor) ; Chmel, Jan (referee)
53 Marriage law and today's society Abstract The thesis focuses on the comparison of social advance in the context of family, pointing out the relatively rapid development towards equality and the reduction of stigmas associated with unmarried cohabitation. This societal development is then confronted with the existing legal framework, especially in the Czech Republic. This thesis attempts to point out the rigidity of the legal system and to identify certain injustices resulting from it for the addressees of legal norms. This thesis is divided into 4 parts. The first part deals with the concept of family and how this phenomenon is perceived in terms of sociology. In part two, the thesis focuses on marriage, with particular emphasis on delineating the problems associated with marriage. Part Three then describes marriage in terms of different schools of thought, where marriage is analytically confronted with questions of the meaning and function of its existence in legal orders. Finally, in the fourth part, different directions of legal regulation are presented that could ensure a more just and comprehensive regulation of matrimonial, and therefore family law, so that this regulation meets the requirements of today's society. Overall, the work focuses mainly on property rights, inheritance rights and some...
Same-sex marriage in the context of the Advocacy Coalition Framework
Srníková, Kateřina ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Novotný, Vilém (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the current situation regarding the coexistence of same-sex couples in the Czech Republic. The thesis deals with a proposal to amend Act No. 89/2012 Coll., with closer attention paid to the stenographic record of the 100th meeting of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The entire issue is viewed through the Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF) theory, primarily utilizing the concept of advocacy coalitions. The main goal of the thesis is to analyze the process of discussing the proposal to amend the law aimed at legalizing same-sex marriages in the Czech Republic. The work explains how actors perceive the issue, how they influence the policy-making and decision-making process. The use of the concept of advocacy coalitions contributes to clarifying the formation and development of coalitions in public policy and to subsequently identifying how actors collaborate in promoting their interests. The source of data for the thesis was primarily information from the stenographic record, from other political documents such as parliamentary presses or laws, and also the outputs of involved actors on social networks. The data was supplemented with information from conducted semi-structured interviews. The theoretical background related to the issue of...
A pilot study of efficiency of cognitive behavioral treatment on pacients with anxiety disorders with special focus on intimacy
Hanušová, Nikola ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Klusák, Miroslav (referee)
In my master's thesis, I investigate the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy on patients with anxiety disorders, with a specific focus on the area of intimacy. I examine changes in personality functioning, differences between the control and experimental groups, the influence of program completion under different conditions, and the impact of socio-demographic variables. The pilot study subjects are patients who completed the program in Ward 1 or attended the day clinic at the National Institute of Mental Health. The patients underwent a six- week cognitive-behavioral therapy program with elements that focus on intimacy. Interviews were conducted with patients at the beginning and end of the program to monitor changes in personality functioning. The research tools STiP 5.1 and LPFS-BF 2.0 were used for measurement. The results were subsequently compared with respondents from the intact population (currently not undergoing any psychotherapeutic or psychiatric treatment) who underwent interviews at the same time intervals. It was found that it is possible to measure disruptions in personality functioning of anxious patients based on STiP 5.1 and LPFS-BF 2.0, which differ from the personality functioning of the intact population. Based on the comparison of the first and second assessments of...
The effects of divorce on children and the role of the social worker in this issue
SOSNOVÁ, Veronika
The work deals with the divorce of parents and its effect on children and the role of the social worker in this issue. The theoretical part defines basic terms such as marriage, family, family functions. It also describes divorce, the causes of divorce, how a child reacts to divorce at different developmental stages and what effects divorce has on children. It also includes post-divorce care for children and the role of the social and legal protection of children, which is described in detail here. The practical part contains qualitative research using the semi-structured interview method. The aim of the research is to find out what impact divorce has on children and whether their parents' divorce also affects them in adulthood. A total of four interviewers participated in the research, who had gone through the divorce of their parents in their childhood.
Who divorces whom: unilateral divorce legislation and the educational structure of marriage
Afunts, Geghetsik ; Jurajda, Štěpán
There is evidence that the introduction of unilateral divorce legislation (UDL) starting in the late 1960s increased US divorce rates. We ask whether making divorce easier affected the educational structure of marriage. Based on marriage and divorce certificate data covering 1970-1988, we provide new evidence on the evolution of the educational structure of marriage inflows (newlyweds) and outflows (divorces), and estimate UDL difference-in-differences effects on both flows. While UDL did not contribute to rising homogamy (the tendency towards married partners having the same level of education), it did affect the educational structure of marriage: it made generally unstable hypogamous couples (women marrying less educated partners) less likely to divorce, and it made homogamous couples more stable than hypergamous ones (women marrying more educated partners).

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