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Secured Claims in Czech Insolvency Proceedings
Schwarz, Jaroslav ; Sedláček, Miroslav (referee)
102 Abstract: Secured Claims in Czech Insolvency Proceedings The topic of this thesis are the secured claims in the Czech insolvency proceedings. This topic has been chosen by the author primarily with regard to the importance of the secured, often institutional, creditor for the insolvency proceedings and, therefore, for the market of financing of the business units and for the economy as whole. The aim of this thesis is not a description of the security interests but analysis of chosen practical issues which are often spotted by creditors within the Czech insolvency proceedings. Where appropriate, the author drew his attention primarily to the going concern solution of the corporate debtor's insolvency. In the thesis the author repeatedly comes to an end that mainly in reorganization it is important for the creditors to actively protect their rights and think about potential proceedings strategy. The reason is that the reorganization offers wide possibilities to exercise totally different interests by the creditors. In the thesis the author demonstrates that in spite of many novelizations the insolvency law in many areas does not correspond to the general legal regulation of the security interest and suggests that this discrepancy is being dismissed as soon as possible. The author is convinced that with...
The other armed safety corps IRS in the Czech Republic
Gruber, Vojtěch ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: The other armed safety corps IRS in the Czech Republic Objectives: The aim of this work is summary information about other armed safety corps IRS in the Czech Republic. Methods: For the elaboration of this work was used the search for study sources, their analysis and resulting recherche of these study sources, there were used. Results: The result of this work is a document that provides summary informations and overview about other armed security corps IRS in the Czech Republic and include information about their history, legislation, structure and current working. Keywords: Legislation, threat, help, liquidation, corps, IRS
Ecological evaluation and labeling of electrical products
Kantorová, Aneta ; Šteffan, Pavel (referee) ; Szendiuch, Ivan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the possibilities of reducing the negative effects of electrical products on the environment. After a general description of the current state, including activities aimed at awarding environmental labels, attention is focused on the possibilities of ecological evaluation of electrical products. Legislation according to the standards of the ISO 14020 series is applied for this that are focused on three possibilities of awarding eco-labels. In the practical part a procedure for awarding the ECO mark according to the ISO 14021 standard is proposed. This could be granted by the manufacturers themselves on compliance with the prescribed conditions as in the case of the declaration of conformity for the CE marking.
The Resolution Fund: Is behaviour of the contributing institutions affected by the applied methodology?
Hykl, Daniel ; Pečená, Magda (advisor) ; Džmuráňová, Hana (referee)
Daniel Hykl Bachelor Thesis The Resolution Fund: Is behaviour of the contributing institutions affected by the applied methodology? Abstract The thesis provides theoretical analysis of the Resolution Fund contributions determination policy - the contributions are calculated based on end of year data - and its effects on banks and the financial sector. Several theoretical examples are used to demonstrate the problem of the top-down approach to distribution of the sectoral contributions on the particular institutions. A hypothesis is drawn - do the banks lower their reported liabilities as of end of the year to achieve decreased contributions? Total liabilities of the 7 largest banks in the Czech Republic are analysed and theoretical end of year developments of total liabilities of the banks under no optimisation condition are calculated. Basic annual contributions of the banks are estimated and compared to implied contributions calculated from the theoretical liabilities.
Lapse of financial market participants
Zrůst, Lukáš ; Bakeš, Milan (advisor) ; Boháč, Radim (referee) ; Dřevínek, Karel (referee)
The aim of this work was to analyze complexly the failure of financial market entities, with the accent of a banking institution, comparison with the European legal system, but also with the emphasis on solving the financial crisis of the banking system and its ways of resolving or maintaining the activity, possible insolvency of banking entities. At the end of the thesis, the author also deals with practical aspects of selected banks. From the above point of view, three sub-concepts are key to this work, which deserve a brief explanation as they permeate the work and gradually reveal the basic issues of the subject matter, but also their hypotheses outlining the next direction of research, and at the same time offers some legislative guidance material solution of the given issue. The first term is the "starting point". In this work, there is a detailed survey of research to find answers to the question as to what are the basic points of the financial market entities as well as banking institutions, but above all their failure. The hypothesis in this context is the evolutionary development of the areas concerned, in particular financial law in a broad sense, and the extent of its impact on the current legal regulation of financial market participants and the resolution of their failures. The second...
Bankruptcy models and selected indicators predict the entry of a business corporation into liquidation or insolvency
The work is focused on using bankruptcy models and appropriate selected indicators on the data set used, and it identifies how crucial it can be for an enterprise to use an inappropriate model or indicators to decide whether to enter into liquidation or insolvency, and how these business aid indicators can prevent larger business damages that would occur if the risk was ignored. It adds value to controlling activities and can influence the possible prediction of the development of financial problems in the enterprise. Selected models and indicators are tested on a database of companies, which is divided into two groups - bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy. It compares the results of the model evaluation by including the gray zone intervals in the calculation with the results when these intervals are removed. The individual models' reliability is tested both on individual groups and in individual years 2013 to 2017. Selected indicators are tested on the bankruptcy group, which best correlates with reality and confirms the correct selection of indicators for possible prediction of bankruptcy
Analysis of the process of liquidation of damage events of buildings
Osmanová, Sára ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis is focused mainly on the liquidation process of damage events related to the buildings. The analysis of the whole process and recommendations for limiting of individual risk is involved. Within the insurance discurs, asset insurance is characterized by a new price and the time prize. This difference is described in the practical part of the thesis, where the partial damages caused by the storm on the family house and the overall damage to the cottage after a major fire accident. At the end of the case study, an assessment of the most serious insurance risks is described.
Disposal of Biotic Pests by EMW Radiation
Sobotka, Jindřich ; Klečka,, Tomáš (referee) ; Myslín, Jiří (referee) ; Tomíček,, Oldřich (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The possibility of using high-frequency electromagnetic radiation in the construction sector is a common knowledge. Various experiments have been carried out to dry construction materials, or even to destroy biotic pests. However, the majority of these experiments have been executed in laboratory conditions. It means they have been carried out under exact limiting conditions, often very far off those conditions in real building practice. Therefore, this dissertation aims at exploring the possibility of utilizing microwave technology in drying and heating of construction materials, in disposing of biotic pests and sterilizing building materials under real conditions in building practice. The thesis will explain that microwaves are a term given to a part of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is based on the principle that the radiated energy is absorbed by water molecules present in moist building material. In the mass of the irradiated material, the radiated energy is transformed into thermal energy, where a so-called “motion” of water molecules occurs with the energy then being transformed into kinetic energy. The microwave technology itself offers a very wide range of use, which can be easily achieved, thus making the technology available to use in the future. Part of the experiments and the necessary measurements, too, has been carried out on selected types of building materials in the premises of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Brno University of Technology. They have been executed under conditions which most closely correspond to the conditions in real buildings. Part of the experiments and the necessary measurements were carried out on particular constructions, by the so-called in situ method. As stated in the conclusion of the dissertation, laboratory measurements and the in situ measurements differ considerably in some cases.
Rights and obligations of the liquidator
Pašková, Katarína ; Josková, Lucie (advisor) ; Patěk, Daniel (referee)
The topic of this thesis are rights and obligations of a liquidator. Specifically, there are compared rights and obligations of the liquidator appointed by the court and the liquidator appointed by the company. The topic is restricted to a limited liability company. The first part of the thesis analyses the conditions under which the liquidator is appointed by the company and the court. The main part of the thesis compares rights and obligations that these liquidators do not have in common, but also the rights and obligations that they share, but which differ significantly in their content and meaning. Firstly, the liquidator's right to resign is discussed. Subsequently, it is analysed how the liquidator identifies the company's assets, in particular the contact with the creditors and the right to request co-operation. A significant part of the thesis is devoted to the procedure of the liquidator in the event of bankruptcy of the company in a situation in which it is not possible to pay an advance on the costs of the insolvency proceedings. Furthermore, the liquidator's right to remuneration and the obligation to submit a final report on the liquidation process are discussed. In the conclusion, the main findings of the thesis are summarized.
Bodies of limited companies in liquidation
Havelková, Lenka ; Josková, Lucie (advisor) ; Eichlerová, Kateřina (referee)
Bodies of limited companies in liquidation Abstract This diploma thesis shows the position of the liquidator and the relation with other bodies of the stock corporation in process of liquidation of the stock corporation (further referred as "company"). There is an ambiguous interpretation of current legal regulations about the liquidation of legal entities, liquidator itself and particularly terms of reference of company authorities in liquidation. There are also a lot of arguably legal question about this relation that is answered in this thesis. The purpose of this thesis is not a just definition of liquidator or valuation of problematic areas according to liquidator's position. The thesis is also targeted on the activity of liquidator inside and outside the company related to solving reciprocal relation between liquidator and authorities of the company. The thesis is using critical analysis method of existing law regulations and contemporary legislation, judgments, articles to solve controversial questions which have not been removed during recodification of civil law which united civil and commercial adaptation of liquidation of the company. During this recodification was also changed the mode of acquisition of competence of statutory authority by the liquidator of the company. The diploma thesis...

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